30 days
Appetizing, right?

My 30 Previews In 30 Days feature began today on Deadspin. First up: Atlanta's Air Force! Check in every day for a new preview and fabulous cash prizes! (Note: 50 percent of the last sentence was a damn lie.) Each team will be covered in alphabetical order, and every post will be filled with useful information as well as fun facts and historical trivia. Remember: Tips aren't required, but they are appreciated.

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Blogger James said...
50 per cent of that sentence was a lie?

You mean there are no new previews every day?

What a ripoff. Jerk.

Blogger BJ said...
Tips aren't required, but they are appreciated.

Don't leave the MVP wide open at clutch time, always carry jumper cables, and in direct interaction make sure you can run faster than the person you're insulting.

Blogger Jake said...
I love the 30-day countdown. I'm using it myself! But what are you going to do considering that the season actually starts on the 28th? Doubling up on some days, leaving a few teams out, or just rolling previews into the beginning of the season?

Blogger KneeJerkNBA said...
Weird photo of Carlos Boozer.

Blogger Andrei said...
How can you have a Hawks preview and not even mention that there won't be any Super Marios this upcoming season?

Blogger m. Alana said...
Great preview. Do you think Acie will get a lot of minutes this year? Needed more Horford, though.

(Of course, on the other hand, "needs moar Horford" is my answer to everything, so that criticism may not be very valid.)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
50 percent of....
Woohoo! Cash prizes!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
m. alana - totally. I even like it spelled "moar Horford." :)

Anonymous NATZ said...

dude, i hope your previews don't suck like these guys.
MIAMI HEAT as the East Champs?
can't believe it.

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