Like I mentioned a few days ago, I've gotten a handful of amusing submissions that I hadn't had time to do anything with. So I figured I'd mash them all together into one big basketbawfully stew...kind of like a nice Hungarian goulash.

First, here's O.J. Mayo getting a little booty love after a very manly dunk on the Hornets in summer league action. [From Caleb.]

mayo love

Next up is an example of what happens when somebody hijacks a Wikipedia page. See if you can figure out what's what with Tim Duncan's biography. It has since been fixed. You can go here for a larger version. [From Michael.]

Duncan wiki small

Did you know the WNBA keeps track of who's hot and who's not? I presume they're talking about stats and not, uh, other stuff, but still. [From Rich.]


Is Dirk Nowitzki a fan of the movie Men In Black? Because he's got Will Smith's subtle flip-off technique down pat. The question is: What did Chris Kaman do to piss Dirk off? Maybe he's just jealous that Chris gets to play for the Clippers. [From Anne.]

Dirk and Chris

This next one is from Martin, who said: "We know nobody likes the Pacers and the Oklahoma team needs a logo and all. I guess that's the reason the SI team decided to stick Oklahoma season ticket holders story to the Pacers' tab. Or maybe after Bennett stole a whole team, now he will just steal another team's logo."

My buddy Craig from The Association -- a big-time Lakers fan -- was a little, shall we say, displeased when he ran across this t-shirt. "I am constantly haunted by the 2008 NBA Finals. I saw this and other Celtics gear at the Adidas Outlet near my house...IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA!! You can use this email as evidence against me after I firebomb the place." That, my friends, is what we call bitterness.

Beat LA shirt

BadDave emailed me this link to a blog post called The Utah Jazz: A Stiff White Retrospective. Funny stuff. The most stunning thing about the post, however, is that I hadn't already written it. To celebrate that post, I submit a Greg Ostertag man love special. (I'm not sure, but I think he might have found the link at Ball Don't Lie. Update! Actually, he found it at TrueHoop.)

Tag love

And finally, here's a screen capture of the official Web site of NBA officials. [From Stephanie G.]


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Anonymous Anonymous said...
So there are now rumors that Biedrins, Landry, Vujacic, and Delonte West could head over to Europe...Jason Kidd even hinted at playing in Europe when he's done in the NBA. What are your thoughts about this European craze?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Well I can't for remember for sure but I think all the ladies under 'who's hot' kinda are all hot....

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I see the European emigration as a neat little experiment.

- How will they adapt to the different cultures?
- Will the concept of "team" used in Europe through their egos into a meltdown?
- What happens when the dollar recovers and they "big" salaries are suddenly a joke when they return to the US?
- Again, what's an NBA player going to do in a team system?

Blogger Evil Ted said...
Hey Craigers,

Pick me up that Celtics Pride T-shirt in a Large, will ya?

Evil Ted

P.S.> on second thought, make it an XXL. I need a cute night shirt for wintertime.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
When I first saw that picture under "Who's Not", I thought it was a picture of Mike Miller.

I'm not even joking.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
They can claim they were talking about statistics, but if I were to draw up a list of "Who's hot in the WNBA" it would probably also begin with Becky Hammon, Candace Parker, Lauren Jackson and Sue Bird. So that's one helluva coincidence there, or something.

Blogger Unknown said...
Just remember that $20M in Europe (after taxes) equals to $30M in US (before taxes). That's a freakin $10M/season and I believe there will be more players wanting that kind of money (though life in Europe is generally more expensive, starting with $9-$10/gallon for gas). Also (as realgm reports) Olympiacos first approached Deng and wanted to offer him even more money. True, its one of the richest clubs in Europe, but it's still impressive.

My guess is that the next step (if dollar stays low, and it looks like it will) would be to get a real superstar to Europe - something like Dominique Wilkins playing in Greece in 1995-96. Would e.g. Iverson (with an expiring contract next year) turn down a $15M/season offer?