Basketbawful reader Andrew sent in a couple steamy man love videos with the following explanation: "There's been a lot of man love going on in the Basketbawful world lately, so I thought I'd just keep piling it on. If you haven't seen these yet, they're videos from two Wizards' telecasts -- the first one is Steve Buckhantz (play-by-play) kissing Phil Chenier (color commentator) on the arena's "Kiss Cam" during a game, and the second is Phil responding by kissing Steve during a pre-game segment. Soooo much man love. And the awkward banter afterward (especially in the first one) is absolutely priceless."

Thanks, Andrew. Here are the videos. This is from Washington's game against the New Orleans Hornets on March 2. The best quote: "Dick Bavetta has me by about 13 kisses." Okay. I just went to a scary mental place.

This "revenge kiss" video is from Washington's game against the Orlando Magic on March 5. The best quote: "We'll do anything for good luck." Including slobbery makeout sessions, apparently.

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