Another super-deluxe man love special from m. Alana of Billie Basquetbaäl. Praise her name.

High Five-001

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Anonymous Shrugz said...
damn it she's got three!! I must start trying to find some

Blogger Wild Yams said...
That one is fantastic! Thank you, I needed that :)

Anonymous Sports Tsar said...
Barry: "It was horrible being shipped away to Seattle. Oh how I missed being DP'd by you and Manu. 3 more weeks... 3 more weeks..."

Blogger Shrugz said...
never thought I'd live to see the day people CHEER for Scalabrine

Anonymous Anonymous said...
made my day

thanks a lot

Anonymous Anonymous said...
If anyone actually watched the Chi/Bos game for more than 3 minutes - did you see when they showed random beards in the crowd? And to be more specific - when they showed one guy with a white beard, and the girl in the background was feeling herself up? Those 3 seconds made the game worth watching.

Anonymous Wormboy said...
Yo Bawful:

The Big Cactus indeed.

Phoenix actually pulls off a win against a hot San Antonio, and their offense didn't like like crap whenever Shaq was on the floor. Maybe there is hope after all.

Anonymous Farfa said...
-- wormboy

No, there isn't. We are all doomed. Prepare to see next year Suns (with Shaq frequently injured and then bought out and Nash broken down, running on fumes; without Mike D, without draft picks and without bench) win around 30 games, with Scott Skiles on the pine. You've been warned.

Robert Sarver is going to be to the Suns what George W. Bush has been to US. But don't worry, the whole situation can get worse. For every Bush there is a Berlusconi.

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