As we've mentioned, the NBA is starting to look more like professional wrestling than basketball. Fights, locker room chases, evil nicknames, drug abuse, kidnappings...we're not saying for sure that Vince McMahon is scripting the 2005-06 season, but we wouldn't be surprised to find out that Shaq and Kobe were going to face off at the upcoming Royal Rumble.

In fact, just last week
Shaq got into a fight with WWE wrestling goon Carlito Cool, which ended rather quickly after Shaq hit Cool in the back with a steel chair. Cool apparently attended a Heat game for the sole purpose of taunting the injured Jason Williams, which, while completely warranted, probably isn't advisable since Jason has a giant teammate who can kill you with one clubbing blow.

The sneak attack must have inspired Shaq, because The Big
Maravich hit ten freethrows in a row in a Sunday night win over the Rockets. Said teammate Dwayne Wade:
"He wasn't missing and he was looking good. He had that confident look. His eyes were real big and when that happens, you know he's confident."
And here we just thought it meant he was scanning the crowd for something large and chocolatey to eat. This is good information to have, though. Now front row spectators will know they don't have to duck away in fear when Shaq shoots freethrows as long as his eyes are "real big."

Shaq FT
Just call him "The Big Freethrow."