Repent! Repent, while you still can!

You can see the date next to this post. It's December, 8th... and not a sound has been stirring. Not even a Birdmas carol. The ghosts never appeared to Ebenezer Scrooge. Tiny Tim wasn't saved. In Bedford Falls, George Bailey jumped off a bridge and drowned in the icy cold water. And because he took his own life, the insurance company did not honor his life insurance policy and bequeathed nothing to his widow and children. And worst of all, Bill Laimbeer is smiling right now.

All we can hope to do, is offer this belated celebration of the Basketball Gods' one and only son. I'm gonna cue up some highlights, because no words of mine can replicate the poetry of Larry Legend on the court.

Larry personified greatness in so many instances, I could be on youtube until next Birdmas and not get past the iceberg's tip.

I hope this post has done something to mollify the rage of the Basketball Gods. Oh, Lords of the roundball, forgive us this heinous delay in celebrating your prodigious progeny. We recognize thy son's greatness, and we seek to sing his praises. Since nobody can do Birdmas justice like Bawful himself, I close with his words.

Before Garnett and Allen and Pierce restored glory,
A bumpkin named Larry was the Celtics’ best story.
Though hardly a specimen rippling with muscle,
He could beat his opponents with resolve and with hustle.

He shot with precision and was fierce under pressure,
There was no doubt at all he was the Celtics’ great treasure.

He showed from the start he was a very tough cookie,
Improving the Green by 32 games as a rookie.

But a winning record did not make Larry feel graced,
Without rings he deemed his career was a waste.

With Kevin and Robert and Max in the mix,
He earned banner fourteen ‘gainst the Rockets in six.

But beating the Sixers, down 3-1, was a story much greater,
“Moses really does eat sh*t,” Bird told adoring fans later.

Superlatives came over land and sea,
‘Bout the Celtics’ forward who wore thirty-three.

Who passed like he had eyes all over his head,
And caused teams ‘cross the league to quiver with dread.

Though he drained more game-winners than there are stars in the sky,
The next ring eluded him and no one knew why.

Perhaps he needed just the right rival on just the right day,
a power of destiny to stand in his way.

The ’84 Finals brought an opponent of old,
The Lakers all dressed in their purple and gold.

This time no Wilt and no Jerry to fight,
But Kareem and Magic would show plenty of might.

The Lakers went up two games to one as expected,
Running the "showtime" offense they'd perfected.

But the Celtics played blue-collar ball in game four,
Marked by the sound of Kurt Rambis hitting the floor.

Larry and the Celts won the series in seven,
Sending Beantown faithful to basketball heaven.

And perhaps those heroics were the cause to be heard,
One Magic Johnson say: "I fear no one - but Bird."

OK, I'll spare you this year. But get your shit together.