Ok, let's put aside for the moment:
  • My search for a talented somebody to supplement our posts (still waiting on that playoff analysis, Jason. See? Not so easy to keep pumping out pure gold, is it? ;)
  • That Dwight Howard may be the most self-absorbed human being on the face of the earth
  • That Ray Allen stuck a dagger into my soul
  • That my homey, Steve Nash, is now a Laker
Out of pure curiosity, I must know, what in the ever-loving hell are you doing with your free time, Mr. Nash? Bawful and I both love Nash (Bawful even placed him above Larry Bird in his "Favorite Player of all time" category - to which I think he's plum loco. Nash remains numero deux in my book by a great margin), but it's stuff like this that makes me think hanging with Nash would be like hanging out with Jim Carrey or Robin Williams on a lemme-show-you-my-schtick day - really, really cool and fun for about an hour, and then mind-churningly annoying:

And what in the hell is he doin outside that bathroom stall? For a second it looks like he's stroking more than threes...

Nash is at his best with well-produced stuff like this:

But Stevy-baby, don't just turn on the camera and film every time you've had a few drinks and get a "goofy" idea...it takes away from the mystery and majesty of Steve Nash, even more than becoming a Laker does...
Blogger Vladamir said...
yeah those all suck. Did Vujacic's leather headstring get retired? Nasha Vujacic?

Blogger Vladamir said...
...The Nashine?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I think we all know who is going to be starring in the Kazaam reboot.

Anonymous Mike M said...
My friends asked me a couple months back "if you were to have lunch with anyone, who would it be?" I answered Steve Nash. They were surprised it wasn't Jordan or a Celt. I grew up watching the Celts as my home team and Jordan doing amazing things in the 90s. Nash won back to back MVPs but I didn't care. There were articles saying he more or less won by default.

THEN, I discovered basketbawful. I found the intricacies of Nash very admirable...he would love to win it all but doesn't want to sell his soul to do it; he plays through horrific injuries while other players crumble to the floor (Tony Parker); he doesn't show his pain publicly during playoff losses but him crying in the locker room proves how much he cares; his awesome sense of humor (his Most Ridiculous Man ads, silliness with Boom Dizzle, Nicki Minaj grinding him on stage, etc); his fundraising campaigns (Showdown in Chinatown soccer exhibitions); never demanding a trade from a downward spiral team. These are all bonuses on top of his playmaking abilities on court...the deft shooting, acrobatic layups for a non-athletic guy, and of course his assists.

Anyway, as a Steve Nash fan, I'm glad to see him leave Phoenix but it's impossible for me to support the Lakers. Fredo...you broke my heart http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcFlp6kl508

Ray Allen...possibly quite as painful to see him in a Heat uni. http://content.usatoday.com/communities/gameon/post/2012/07/judas-shuttlesworth-t-shirts-are-now-on-sale/1#.T_267PXIFBl