"Woah, Marcin! This is kind of the opposite of what I'm used to..."

A quick bit of housekeeping. I mentioned this in the comments on my previous BAD post, but for anyone who didn't see it... My schedule isn't very cooperative on Tuesdays this season, so don't expect any BAD posts from me on those nights. All the other usual nights are still good-to-go however, so you can continue to expect almost all of your usual dose of my really lame action movie references, Caddyshack quotes, and "I can't think of anything funny to say here, so I'll just say something really sarcastic" lines.

Worst of the Night in Pictures:

Yep, that's a Sad Excremento Bench shot if I've ever seen one

You... you mean that our score up there being higher than the other team's... means we won a game??

"You don't have a clue what you're doing, do you?"
"No. No, Chris, I don't."

Nice to see some people still dig The Bangles

Nationally Televised Games:
Mavericks at Celtics, ESPN, 8:00pm: A battle of .500 teams! Wait, what?

Heat at Clippers, ESPN, 10:30pm: Sorry, can't concentrate on this game. I'm still too giddy after last night's fourth quarter Heat meltdown.

All The Other Games:
Hawks at Pacers, 7:00pm: The Hawks have gone crazy and shot 55.3 percent from the field over their past two games. After watching a few Hawks games this season, I have absolutely no explanation for this and am frankly dumbfounded.

Kings at Craptors, 7:00pm: Ready to be depressed? The Excremento Kings haven't won a road game in Toronto since February 22, 2004. That takes a special kind of suck.

76ers at Knicks, 7:30pm: So, uh, how about that Atlantic Division? Did anyone really expect this? I knew the Sixers were going to be decent, but I didn't expect this.

Thunder at Hornets, 8:00pm: Did you know the Hornets haven't broken the 100 point mark this season? Of course you didn't. That would require caring about a Hornets squad featuring Chris Kaman and Jarrett Jack as a couple of its top players.

Wizards Generals at Bulls, 8:00pm: The Bulls are in their third night of a back-to-back-to-back. Teams are 6-1 in that situation this year (which seems completely and totally wrong). The Generals are a decomposing corpse at this point but somehow got their first win of the season. This has all the makings of either the Bulls winning in a 30 point blowout, or a flukey as hell Generals win. There's no in-between, right?

Rockets at Spurs, 8:30pm: After losing to the Bucks -- the freaking "Offense? What the hell is that?" Bucks -- last night, you just know Pops has been giving everyone on the roster an evil death stare. A few of them may have even woken up in the middle of the night feeling his presence looming over their beds. I do not expect anything less than an amazing effort by the Spurs tonight. Fear of being murdered by your coach is a good motivator.

Nyets at Nuggets, 9:00pm: Yes, the Nyets are pretty bad in general at offense. That being said, they are only averaging 18.2 points in the first quarter of games this season. That's a special kind of bawful, folks.

Lakers at Jazz, 9:00pm: Did you realize the Mormon Musicians haven't lost in the 2012 calendar year? This is the same Utah team that went 18-35 in the 2011 calendar year and looked pretty terrible to start this season. Maybe the Mayans were right about the whole end of the world thing?

Magic at Trail Blazers, 10:00pm: Just for the record, Portland is pretty freaking good this year.

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Anonymous Naz said...
I'm listening to the Celtics/Mavericks game right now and Rondo was just called for a technical, and the commentators were arguing that Rondo should get his money back because Rondo was right in what he was complaining about, and the other commentator was saying that that would set a dangerous precedent, and it just made me realize that the referees are wrong so often but if you say that in game you're fined $1000 even if you end up being right the whole time. Personally I think the biggest problem with the NBA right now is the officiating and the staunch refusal of David Stern and the rest of the league to address that issue is enough to make you want to swear off basketball.

I tell you though, some of these refs are so terrible it makes you wonder how many more of them are betting on the games they officiate.

Blogger stephanie g said...
Someone spilled vaseline all over the Clipper's court because people are falling all over the place. Or there's a lot of flopping. One of those.

Blogger kazam92 said...
Heat as a team went under the most brutal Shaqnopsis vs the Clippers. Gruesome, textbook example.

Anonymous Cetti said...
the officiating in the last minutes of the 4th quarter and during the OT in the clippers-heat game ist just horrific. not to mention lebron, who clanked 50% of his freebies, and was 1-6 in the 4th quarter.

Blogger mikeyb said...
Miami's "Big 3" goes 3/15 combined in OT to lose back to back nights! Are the Clippers now the team we thought they were, in a good way?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
That Heat-Clippers game was frustrating to watch. Jeesh.

Anonymous Matt said...
So Dan is going to use the 'scheduling' excuse for why he won't be BAD on Tuesdays? Who does he think he is, an NBA coach?


Anonymous Czernobog said...
Nice reverse stat-curse on the kings.

Also, the Craptors suck mucho ass.