This young Mavs fan helped will the team to victory with a little tough love. Maybe the Kings should hire him as their new coach?

Mere weeks into the season and we've already had a coach firing. Who wants to take a guess at which coach gets canned next? Post your thoughts in the comments. And even better, take a guess at why he'll be fired. You can't just say because the team is a festering pile of fecal matter. There has to be some event that is the last straw. Get creative.

It must suck to be Roy Hibbert: "Roy Hibbert Is Tired of People Asking If He's Hasheem Thabeet." That has to be absolutely demoralizing in a way I can never even begin to fully comprehend.

Tweet of the day? Has to be this one:
adam morrison signing with besiktas in turkey, gives them the "big 3" of morrison, carlos arroyo & pops mensah-bonsu. ball.

Worst of the Night in Pictures:

Good God Kosta Koufos is an unattractive human being

Anthony Tolliver provides our first Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter inspired moment of the season

You wouldn't like Tom Thibodeau when he's angry...

If you didn't know who this guy was, and I asked you to guess which team he coaches, you would probably guess the Generals on the first try, right?

Nationally Televised Games:

Heat at Hawks, TNT, 8:00pm: Revenge game possibilities from the Heat. But Wade is still nursing a bum foot, and LeBron tweaked his left ankle for the 83rd time the other night.

Lakers at Trail Blazers, TNT, 10:30pm: Andrew Bynum's PER this season is 32.42. Look out, you guys! MVP! MVP! Just ignore the whole "he's only played 3 games and hasn't had a devastating knee injury yet" thing.

All The Other Games:

Mavericks at Spurs, 8:30pm: The Mavericks are looking better and have seen both struggling recent acquisitions Vince Carter and Lamar Odom post season high points totals lately. The bad news is those games were only 14 points and 15 points respectively. This should surprise no one who reads this blog.

Bucks at Kings, 10:00pm: Well, we all knew it was just a matter of time until Westphal was sent packing. And not because of the Boogie Cousins thing. It had more to do with him, you know, not being a good coach and the team being underwhelming at best. So... dead coach bounce?

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Anonymous Geert said...
Is it me or does Nene look like Harold Perrineau in Oz, who played Augustus, the guy in the wheelchair.

Also, I laughed about Roy Hibberts coupons in that interview. And I liked him because of it. Seems like a sensible dude, which the nba seems to have too few of.

And I hate injuries. Poor Manu, poor Spurs.

Blogger kazam92 said...
LeBron and Wade both out tonight. Mario Chalmers will end up on WOTN for something tomorrow. I guarantee it.

Anonymous Stockton said...
Can you make a body count, Rambo-style?
I count Manu, Randolph, Curry, Williams, Ex-Kardashian Humphries, Nene... wait, Boozer is still healthy?

Next coach to be fired is Corbin (well, he won't be fired, just promoted to assistant) because Sloan is making a comeback.

Blogger Mean1 said...
How long until Flip brings a gun to work?

Blogger LotharBot said...
A bunch of coaches have been fired in the past couple years immediately after getting destroyed by the Nuggets. I remember the Raptors firing their coach after a 39-point loss, and then 2 weeks later some other team fired their coach right after the same sort of "we got keeeeeeled at altitude" game. And now we've got Westphal.

So I'm gonna say Avery Johnson leaves the Nets after their January 11 game in Denver, with a still gimpy Deron Williams' public complaints about the offense acting as the catalyst.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Flip Saunders of the Generals will go next simply because you can't amnesty the entire roster except for John Wall and start over, which they need to do.

So instead they'll just get somebody else to sit on the bench looking pained as the Generals lose again and again.

Anonymous avoozl said...
Reggie Miller says Spoelstra taking the "cautionary tale" by keeping Lebron and Wade out of the game.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Just watched the bawful Hawks Heat game. Charles said it best: (after Reggie said the loss was a black eye for the Hawks) "I wish I could punch them in the other eye."

Anonymous What?! said...
How in the flying fucking flaming fucks does Al Horford only get 7 looks in 40 minutes of PT?!? What the fucking fuck fuck?

Blogger mikeyb said...
From ESPN: "Sacramento overcame a 21-point halftime deficit to stun the Milwaukee Bucks 103-100 on Thursday night hours after the Kings fired coach Paul Westphal."

Dead Coach Bounce. Dan B. totally called it.

Anonymous BasketDane said...
Mike Brown will get fired because he asks Kobe to pass the ball

Blogger mikeyb said...
Epic Mavs Bawfulness:

The Mavericks went 1-19 from 3-point range tonight against the Spurs. That was their worst 3-point shooting in franchise history in a game with more than 10 attempts.

Lamar Odom was once again held to single digits, finishing with 6 points on 3-10 shooting. Despite shooting just 3-for-10, he actually raised his field goal percentage for the season. Last year, Odom scored in double figures in all but one of his first eight games.

Anonymous Silvio said...
Yeah, Mavs 1-19 for 3 points. And Spurs 16-33, that's 48-3, SA scored more than half of their points (93) from behind the arc.
Didn't watch it, but from boxscore it looks like Spurs played roulette and won, meanwhile Mavs playing Russian roulette ... with predictable outcome.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous Matt said...
Everything about that picture of the little kid is awesome. He needs to go on the banner.

Blogger Gökhan said...
i'm going to dc for business next week. and washington-toronto will be the first nba game i'll ever watch.

if that's not bawful idk what is.

Anonymous Adrià said...
Gökhan, you've got all my condolences -_-

Blogger Wormboy said...
Just curious: is Flip sporting a mullet there? Looks like it might be getting close.