Rockets Bucks Basketball
Worst face of the season? Worst face of the season.

This is amazing. (h/t Chris)

That's what you get for making a another crappy 3d/real action crossover!!

Oh, and if you didn't already see it, check out Bawful's first item in his Christmas list.

Worst of the Weekend in Pictures:

Nuggets Raptors Basketball
Caption This!
What is Jay Triano doing?

Knicks Wizards Basketball
The hand on the hip classes the joint up a little

Pistons Timberwolves Basketball
Ooooooookay then

Magic Jazz Basketball
Sad bench

Magic Jazz Basketball

Sadder bench

APTOPIX Magic Jazz Basketball
"Oh God please don't let him hit me with an atomic elbow!"

Well, I suppose that's one way to celebrate a victory

Nationally Televised Games:
Pacers at Bulls, NBA TV, 8pm: The Pacers have dropped four straight road games, and their effort has looked similar to this video of the hardest game known to man. (h/t JE Skeets)

Seriously, watch this video. My face hurts from laughing

All the Other Games:
Hornets at Heat, 7:30pm: The Hornets just got the ever-living hell beaten out of them by the fucking Sixers. I don't care if the Heat aren't as good as people initially expected -- I don't expect anything at all out of the Hornets in this game.

Frail Blazers at Grizzlies, 8pm: Christmas came early for the Blazers -- the NBA has granted them an injury exception, which of course means they can acquire another big man who will promptly obliterate his knees and ruin the Blazers' season.

Bucks at Mavericks, 8:30pm: League-worst offense + one of the NBA's best defenses going against it = unwatchable game.

Warriors at Jazz, 9pm: And we go from fantastic defense to... whatever the hell it is the Warriors do when they don't have possession of the ball.


Anonymous Stockton said...
Ostertag returns in a Blazer's uniform?

Blogger Dan B. said...
Stockton -- We can only hope...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"You have got to be licking my nipples with a tongue of an elephant."


Anonymous Ian said...
Triano: I'm trying out this move I saw in my copy of NBA Elite 11...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Jay Triano is performing an exorcism of Vag Carter's plaque of bawful.

Anonymous The Other Chris said...
Guys, check it out, Vladimir Radmanovic has cloned himself and is playing two Radmanovics at once:

Unfortunately, two wrongs don't make a right.. and he still sucks.

Anonymous The Other Chris said...
Uhhh... OK.. what the hell?

I applaud their bravery. Slash.. stupidity?

I can't take this. I'm goin' to bed.

Anonymous Czernobog said...
Everyone is a winner!

Anonymous Dave M said...
Portland's front office is no doubt sending smoke signals to Tokyo Apache - send us Robert Swift.

Anonymous Cameron said...
Some great commentary by the Heat broadcoaster:

"Belinelli takes a three and makes a two."

Anonymous Benjamin Grenier said...
News about D League team Maine Red Claws

The Red Claws host Antoine Walker and the Stampede on Thursday (7 p.m.) and Sunday (5 p.m.), while also sandwiching a visit to Springfield Friday night. Keep an eye on this space for more on Walker's return later this week.

I live 45 minutes from Portland, Maine, you can be sure I will be going to one, maybe both of these games.

also in the same article

"Maine also announced that Jan. 6 will be Mario West Bobblehead Night, with the first 1,000 fans receiving the collectible courtesy of Wright Express.

'In addition to being a fan-favorite and one of the hardest working players on the team, Mario West’s name will forever be in the Red Claws’ history books as the first player in team history to earn a call-up to the NBA,' said Red Claws president and general manager Jon Jennings. 'We wanted to do something that, not only the fans would enjoy, but that would honor Mario’s unique place in Red Claws’ history.'"

Anonymous Mladen said...
25-20 game from Z-Bo?!? Excuse me, I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Also, upon checking out Tokyo Apache's roster, I can only ask: why the hell am I not playing basketball in Japan?

P.S.:I bet the Mario West bobblehead is going on the Christmas List.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This cracked my shit up. Yes your 2010 Heat. Are playing defense not to win to to make their team better but for the license to chuck.

Almost too good to be true. Can't wait till Joel Anthony and Dampier decide to join the fun after a block or rebound.

Anonymous Barry said...
That QWOP game is so freaking hilarious.

I QWOP'ed my way to 15.1 meters before trying an outrageous backflip and landing on my head.

Anonymous Stockton said...
two years until Griffin is a free man...

Anonymous The Other Chris said...
Tony Allen, quote machine:

"It ain't Chinese algebra," said reserve guard Tony Allen, who was part of the Grizzlies' defensive effort with a pair of steals in the fourth. "If you get stops, and you execute on offense, normally that teams wins."

That's good, because my faith in the ability of Z-Bo to handle "Chinese algebra" is.. limited.

Anonymous Dave M said...
Mladen - did you notice that Bob Hill's coaching that team? Swift can't escape him, even in Japan, haha!

Anonymous Mladen said...
@Dave M:

Oh my God, you're right! Also, are my eyes fooling me, or did he bring his son along to be his assistant? Only in Japan.

On a side note, the Apache have some bitchin' cheerleaders.

Oh, and I couldn't stop laughing when I noticed that the league is actually called "BJ League"!?!? I'm not sure anyone, not even Robert Swift, would like to be the MVP of that competition. =)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
So, how 'bout the N(y)ets trading for SASHA VUJACIC? I am a N(y)ets fan and have been since the um.., Sherman Douglas days, and I don't post on any of the N(y)ets-related sites as discourse with fellow N(y)et fans tends to cause brain hemorrhaging. Anyway, this pisses me off more than the fact that my hot water heater died tonight and it's 22 degrees out. I hate Sasha Vujacic more than I hate Snooki, Marmite, stepping on gum, living in New Jersey, and how much it used to suck walking across that Goddamned tunnel over Route 3 to get to N(y)ets games at the Meadowlands (and then still stepping on gum). Anyway, thank you for listening to me bitch. Please feel free to rag on me/us and especially Sasha Freakin' Vujacic after he leads us to even more epic fail-i-tude before we don't get Carmelo and our team bails on us and goes on to bankruptcy in Brooklyn.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Other Chris: I love that it says "Game Summary" on that picture. It's like it came with its own Bawful caption from this site!

Also, that picture of Michael Beasley makes me think we really need an All-WNBA team on this site. Early season Dirk and Beasley are starting, and Vujacic is coming off the bench, so far.

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