Hey Kuester, shouldn't you be coaching instead of eating an invisible sandwich during timeouts?

Suckramento assistant coach Mario Elie has been arrested for carrying on the tradition of getting arrested for drunken driving. George Maloof Jr, Antoine Wright, Andres Nocioni, and Eric Musselman must be proud. (h/t Chris)

Via Deadspin, here is a video of Antoine Walker airballing a free throw in his NBA D-League debut last night.

Good ol' Antoine. It's like he never left our lives...

Worst of the Night in Pictures:
Thunder Timberwolves BasketballThunder Timberwolves Basketball
"You're weirdin' me out, Durant"

Speaking of awkward...

Warriors Spurs Basketball
Keith Smart must have watched his Warriors play

Blake Griffin may be awesome, but this picture still summarizes the Clippers organization

Wizards Kings Basketball
Holy crap, this is almost as bad as yesterday's Yao/Knee-Mac man hug

Nationally Televised Games:
Celtics at 76ers, TNT, 8pm: The Sixers have won five in a row at home, but that's a bit of fool's gold. The closest thing to real competition they've seen in that stretch is a low-scoring grind against the Frail Blazers. They're like a poor man's version of the Knicks, and that is just truly sad because the Knicks are already the poor man's version of a mediocre to decent basketball team.

Also, three words (or one big hyphenated word): Shaq-A-Claus.

Magic at Frail Blazers, TNT, 10:30pm: Stat of the day: Vinsanity put up an amazing 2-for-21 shooting performance against the Blazers last season. I dread the day Vinsanity retires -- this blog will be deprived of so much content.

All The Other Games:
Nyets at Mavericks, 8:30pm: You know, the Nyets aren't as soul-crushingly horrible as last year. They are still, however, at least soul-bruisingly horrible.

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Blogger Wild Yams said...
I'm guessing there was no Antoine Walker shimmy after that airballed free throw.

Anonymous Czernobog said...
I'd place the Nets at soul-maulingly horrible, myself.

Blogger zyth said...

Blogger chris said...

One day after his first appearance of the year in the lacktion ledger, Jeff Adrien gets waived in Oakland.

Do the movers and shakers of the Association read this blog? ;)

Blogger chris said...
Good news for you, Dan:

Louisville basketball backers now have a "anonymous billionaire" ready to fund any team purchase!

Of course, when I find out a month from now that he has bought the Purple Paupers for $20 to keep the Maloofs from starving inside of their Bentleys, I'll facepalm.

Anonymous The Other Chris said...
LeBron James' Ego Twitter.

You're welcome.



Blogger Dick Sullivan said...
Neglected in today's bawful news:


THAT is manna from heaven.

Blogger Will said...
I'm glad Antoine showed them what an NBA player looks like.

Blogger Boris Tilov said...
Yo, nice pics today. I like the caption for the Griffin pic, but honestly think it's a perfect candidate for "Ball". Think about it.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
The Other Chris - I posted that in this morning's comments, but that Twitter feed is so great it should be reposted as often as possible :)

Anonymous Nick said...
so, *in addition* to the link mentioned above by dick sullivan, here is yet another ridiculous artest article (artesticle? yes. that is the official name of all print coverage of number 37). the title: 16 hours in the mind of ron artest.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blogger Wild Yams said...
Nick - He changed his number again this year, he's now number 15. I forget what his reasoning for that was though (assuming there was some reasoning for it, of course, which with Artest is never a good assumption).

Anonymous Marc d. said...
Can we start a petition to get 'Toine back in the NBA? Bonus points if he plays for the Heat.

Anonymous Bryan said...
Quality announcing by Reggie Miller after Ray Allens 3-pointer with a minute to go: "You dont leave him wide open on a wide open 3-pointer."

Anonymous kazam92 said...
Marc D. I agree both for the humor and for the guy.

Humor because he's Antoine Walker and he plays a hell of a weird game with absurd 3's and crazy drives to the rim. The league needs him back

But seriously, I think he's a good guy at heart who had a shitload of bad stuff happen to him (and Jordan jumpstarted his gambling, people don't mention that). If the guy can be a role player in the league, let him be.

Anonymous AK Dave said...
Yams: that link made my day.

Especially this picture of the 'Toine Shimmy

That armor's too strong for blasters! Rogue group: use your harpoons and tow cables- GO FOR THE LEGS!

Blogger Wild Yams said...
This is pertaining to college ball, but here's a great screenshot of some unintentionally dirty writing over at ESPN.

AK Dave - There used to be so many of those photoshop threads of Toine's shimmying out there on the web, but alas, many of them have disappeared :(

Still, my greatest disappointment when it comes to the internet is that there appears to be nowhere online where you can see Rasheed Wallace's full "both teams played hard" press conference, but rather just the excepts for every time Sheed said it. Nobody saved that? Really? I am disappoint.

Blogger chris said...
I loved it when the TNT commentators brought up this amazing stat:

Vinsanity is 2-28 on the road when taking shots from downtown.

That is all.

Anonymous KHayes666 said...
Antoine Shimmy? I remember on FoxSports net like 8 years ago Mike Gorman called it the "Walker Wiggle".

Tonight's Celtics game against the Sixers can be summed up easily: Watch Clippers/Lakers the previous night, same thing.

As for Antoine returning, put him on the Cavaliers...they're desperate for star power.

Anonymous Barry said...
Oh Antoine. Get this man back to the NBA.