So, it's been a little while since I've posted my last NBA 2K10 My Player career update. I know, I'm sorry. Despite the fact that this feels incredibly self-absorbed (come on, I'm writing about my exploits playing a friggin' video game), the people have spoken: there is a lot of entertaining bawful in this game, and many of you want to hear about it. Since we had a lot of material to write about for the end of the season and the playoffs, I wanted to save this stuff for the off-season. However, thanks to some computer troubles (thanks for randomly starting to die, video card!) and lack of interest thanks to warm weather and summer sports, I've gotten a little sidetracked. However, with NBA 2K11 hitting stores right now, it would be nice to finish off whatever I had left from my NBA2K10 writings before moving on to the new version. Eh, I'm tired of playing for the Magic anyway.

Above all else mentioned in the following recap, I'd like to stress that NBA 2K10 does not accurately simulate true NBA-style defense. There are infinitely fewer trips to the charity stripe, since AI defenders are more willing to let you score in the paint rather than foul you to prevent the easy bucket. Therefore, compared to a real NBA game, I will have fewer points from free throws, but more points from layups and a larger number of shots attempted. (So yes, I put up a disgusting number of shots in all of these games, but it's not quite as horrific as it sounds. But hey, it's a video game. What do you want me to do? Pass to my inept teammates and watch them brick shots and turn the ball over? Screw that!) I'm interested to see how NBA 2K11 handles that glaring issue.

Picking up where my last update left off...

Knicks 90 at Magic 123
So it turns out Zydrunas Ilgauskas was somehow aquired by the Knicks in my game. How delightfully goofy! Also, Starbury isn't eating Vaseline on a webcam and killing time in China in this virtual land; he's still surprisingly playing for the Knickerbockers. The Knicks (particularly Nate Robinson) were on fire the first half. The team hit a combined seven first half three-pointers. Then they remembered "oh crap, we're the Knicks!" and proceeded to brick every single attempt from downtown in the second half. Realism! Also, highlight of the game? I drew a blocking foul on Nate Robinson AND dunked on David Lee in the span of half a second.

Way to make me look good, Knicks defense!

Bobcats 100 at Magic 112
My teammates are worthless. After watching Ryan Anderson dribble the ball out of bounds for absolutely no reason (there were no defenders around him!), I finally decided to just take over on offense and let my teammates just stand around and not screw up too much. I only dished out 6 assists, but had 54 points. (Being a ball-hog in a virtual world where there aren't repercussions for being a dick is fun!) Meanwhile, Vinsanity managed to turn the ball over and get a 3-second call on consecutive possessions in the third quarter. And you wonder why I don't let my teammates touch the ball some days...

However, I do have one video to share from this game: a sweet layup over Raymond Felton that finishes with the ball bouncing off Felton's head. Plus it's capped off with...

Respek Knuckles

Jazz 94 at Magic 104
Remember what I said about hating my teammates? Here's a nice example. Dorell Myers was open behind the arc, so I fed him the ball. He didn't shoot. I got the ball back and saw Myers in motion toward the basket with no defenders in sight, so I dished it into him. He didn't shoot again. Instead, he tried to force a pass and turned it over. Facepalm. Meanwhile, in transactional news, Joakim Noah is now on the Jazz in my virtual career.

Injury update: Kevin Martin tore his Achilles tendon -- he's done for the season. Way to go, Discount Store. Now you're almost as worthless as the real K-mart!

Blazers 110 at Magic 111
I laid down a monsterous 44-6-16 line for my 25th double-double of the season. And we absolutely dominated this game. Well, until garbage time. After Virtual Van Gundy put me on the bench with a significant double digit lead late in the game, my teammates decided to just quit playing basketball, and the Blazers rallied all the way back to make it a one point game. And yet Stan Van Gundy never put me back in the game! What the hell??? I mean, I get that the coaching in the NBA is pretty bawful at times, but that's just absurd. The other bawful moment of the game: Ryan Anderson stood in the lane like a statue and took a whistle for a 3-second violation and bobbled the ball away while dribbling aimlessly in just a handful of possessions. Can I interest anyone in a trade? Please??

Also, I flattened a dude on the sidelines. Awesome.

Coaching transactional news: The Mavericks fired Rick Carlisle. On Christmas Eve! That's cold. Who would ever do that? Oh, wait. Yeah. Carlisle's replacement is Everett Tinsley, whoever that is.

Magic 113 at Nyets 107
What a fantastic Christmas Day matchup! (The Prokhorov surely approves.) Some big transactional news: Jameer Nelson = traded! In exchange, we acqured something called a "Hans Meier." Hurray? Whatever. Also, Joe Johnson is now on the Nyets. I would say "poor guy," but the Nyets are actually doing very well in this virtual season for reasons beyond human comprehension.

Anyway, this was an exciting game. The Nyets were a bad matchup for me -- Devin Harris is very fast and agile in this game, and it's hard for me to drive the lane against quick guards, so I have to rely more on my teammates. And we all know how well that usually goes in this game. Check out some of the action that occurred late in this game: I forced Harris to dribble out of bounds with five minutes left. I was in foul trouble after getting a couple charging calls and taking a couple really ticky-tacky reach-in calls, so this was surprising. After that, Vinsanity immediately bricked a wide-open trey. Then Pumaman Dwight Howard got double-teamed and predictably turned it over. Then Vinsanity forced me to dribble out of bounds with three minutes left since he stepped directly into my path on the baseline. After that, my teammates ball-hogged for the final three minutes and I didn't get to touch the ball. What a painful game.

Pacers 109 at Magic 113
Well, I got lucky to win this game. In the first quarter, Steve Blake went supernova on my ass and dropped 18 points. I have no idea. Then in the second quarter, I went ice cold and missed 8 consecutive shots. And these weren't contested shots either. These were wide-open jumpers and layups. Horrific. And I played the entire first half of the game, so I had no legs left to do anything on offense or defense by the time halftime came. Thanks a bunch, Virtual Coach.

At the start of the third quarter, the Pumaman forgot how to move and got nailed on the rarely-seen defensive three-second violation. On the next possession, I was whistled for charging. Then I was called for charging again two possessions later. Coach Van Gundy sat me since I was getting into foul trouble. After being reinserted into the game in the fourth quarter, I got called for ANOTHER charge just two possessions later. Ridiculous. I only played something like four minutes in the second half thanks to all the fouls I racked up on just charging calls. I have no idea what changed, considering I rarely got called for charging in previous games. I like to think that 2K Sports simply modeled a virtual Tim Donaghy refereeing scandal. Sound good? Good. Just so long as I get a cut.

Magic 102 at Hornets 88
Chris Paul came to play. He put down a nice 29/3/9 line. However, I was not about to let myself get outshown by my competition's point guard! I went into total shot-jacking mode and took an unholy 47 shots, but scored a team-record 63 points, then stole the ball from Chris Paul twice late in the game and buried a fast-break three just because I could. Now I see why Kobe likes to put up ridiculous shots all the time -- it's fun! (God, I feel dirty.)

That being said, I did totally whiff trying to block one of his layups:

Defensive FAIL.

Magic 108 at Mavericks 86
Another me-first game led to a 58 point outing, including shooting 3-for-8 from downtown. Hey, we're winning, aren't we? I'll stop ball-hogging when my teammates start complaining about getting the number one seed in the East. Meanwhile, I forced Jason Kidd into a backcourt violation in the first quarter. Not to be outdone, my teammate Ryan Anderson took a backcourt violation shortly after this. I'm not sure, but I think my virtual doppelganger gave him a "I'm this close to breaking your neck and raping your soul" Kobe stare.

Wizards Generals Bullets 113 at Magic 126
I only played 16 minutes thanks to foul trouble. Gilbert Arenas was just way too fast (faster than a speeding bullet, as it were), and I couldn't stay in front of him on defense. The result? I fouled him. A lot. Hey, it wasn't pretty, but it worked.

Heat 90 at Magic 102
In perhaps the greatest one-on-one battle since Dr. J versus Bird was commemorated in 8-bit form, Dwyane Wade and my polygonal, pixelated version of myself battled all game long in a back-and-forth contest of hot streaks. For every ridiculous, contested jumper D-Wade drained from the top of the key, I countered with an obscene reverse layup in traffic. And vice versa. Our teammates seemed content to stand in awe and just watch us battle for much of the game. It finally culminated in the closest thing you'll ever see in NBA 2K10 to a hard foul:

It's not quite the McHale/Rambis clothesline, but it's still pretty friggin' sweet if you ask me

This was the first game that I played with the patch, and it was a decided improvement over the previous unpatched version of the game. Layups became infinitely more difficult, new animations were added, etc. However, after this point, I lost my notes I took on later games, so I think we'll call this the end of the NBA 2K10 Diaries. My copy of NBA 2K11 (and a new video card for my PC) have arrived and are waiting to be installed, so I should be able to get back to gaming later this week with a brand new -- and hopefully improved -- game. We'll have to see just how much bawful it has.

In closing, I'll leave you with this glorious video of Vince Carter failing. Enjoy.

Never change, Virtual Vinsanity

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Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Last video just made this post. Amazing.

Anonymous Marc d. said...
How does 2K11 run on a PC? I've got the PS3 version (rawks my sawks!!) and I heard the PC version is a bit buggy.

Blogger Dan B. said...
AnacondaHL -- Gotta save the best for last, right?

Marc d. -- I'll find out tonight I suppose once I get my new video card and the game installed. If I'm reviewing the bawful of the game, I suppose it's only appropriate that I get the buggiest version of the game. Do you by chance know what bugs are the most commonly mentioned for the PC version?

Anonymous Geert said...
Is it really such a bad thing that the computer fouls less then in the real game? I'm all for realism, but when I play an nba videogame I don't want to be on the freethrowline all the time. I hate it when it happens in real games, same goes for videogames.

Also: Artest gets the key to Vegas? How can this possibly end well?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blogger Dan B. said...
Geert -- While it's not necessarily bad, I'd prefer if that was something you could really adjust easily with a slider because it has a huge effect on gameplay. The reason there are fewer fouls is because the AI doesn't attempt to defend as tightly on layup attempts, meaning you can attempt a higher number of shots, you are more likely to convert those attempts, and not as many players get into foul trouble. It completely alters the balance of the game and how you have to play compared to real life.

Blogger Murcy said...
well hello, agent ego, nice to see you acting differently this season. arenas really, really makes me hate the wizards, whom I would otherwise quite like

Anonymous Anonymous said...
2K11 is way better than 2K10. Well, at least on my system. None of the freezing issues, no graphical errors, although there were occasional framerate issues. It has crashed twice, but it was against the Clippers both times, so it was probably because there was a division by zero when it was calculating Clippers' rating.
Driving to the hoop is much more difficult, I usually have to settle for long contested fadeaway jumpers because none of the iso moves work. Your teammates are pretty bawful, I got drafted to the Nets and Favors was pretty much useless (Around 40% from the field and 55% from the line). And, like it was in 2K10, the team I was on ranked dead last in FTA, fouls and turnovers. Defense kinda sucks, though. You get stuck behind screens all the time(without the animation even starting), your player's acceleration is barely above 0 and your player feels very slippery on D. I suggest you avoid playing C or PF, because steals are amazingly easy to come by and there is a good chance that you will average 7 turnovers, even if you have the highest ball security attainable. Passing is also very different, AI will intercept way more passes than it did in 2K10.
Also, players fall over almost every time after a jumpshot.

Blogger Dan B. said...
It has crashed twice, but it was against the Clippers both times, so it was probably because there was a division by zero when it was calculating Clippers' rating.

That's fantastic. Well done, sir.

Blogger Will said...
You titled a video "Slam it home, run over mop dude"? I think was already taken by a John Holmes outtake video.
WV scisham- a bad Phillip K Dick ripoff.

Blogger Dan B. said...
Will -- I really tried hard to avoid laughing out loud at my desk when I read that, but I couldn't help myself.

Blogger Sorbo said...
@Will - Holy shit, that's the funniest thing I've read all week.

@Dan B. - Let us know if SVG has to wear in tie in 2K11, since them's the rules now. I'm curious how the Vanster (The Gunder?) is going to look.

Blogger DeuceGort said...
Awesome...I really, really love video game replays for some reason. It's probably why I LOVE 2K11. The plethora of post-game replays goggles my PS2/Xbox 2000s oriented brain.

Was there a dunk contest in 2k10? In 2K11, you'll get great videos by wiping out when trying to dunk over a car...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm currently a Spur (after bouncing around between the Raptors and the D-League), and the most irritating teammate I've encountered thus far is Ginobili.

In the event that he receives an inbounds pass, he will more often than not loll around at half court precariously dribbling until he gets called for an over and back..

Anonymous Marc d. said...
I just heard there was more frame rate issues in the PC version than the console versions. Nothing too out of hand, I don't think.

Pretty much everything that Anonymous says is true in the PS3 version as well. I definitely noticed the slipperyness on D but I'm starting to get used to it now by under compensating when I get beat. My turnover rate is also currently off the charts, but I think it was an intentional move on the developers part to make you have to be more careful with your passes.

My biggest beef is with the passing. It often goes to someone you are totally not intending to pass to. Very frustrating. Time to start learning how to use the icon passing, I guess.

Besides all that, the game is awesome. So much smoother than previous iterations.

Blogger Dan B. said...
Let us know if SVG has to wear in tie in 2K11, since them's the rules now. I'm curious how the Vanster (The Gunder?) is going to look.

The Gunder? I like it. The way it sounds somehow just brings the mental imagery of Stan Van Gundy. Anyway, he already was wearing a tie most of the time in 2K10 since the programmers were just too lazy to do one-off attire for just him I suppose. And yes, it looked every bit of terrible that you imagine it would.

Blogger winnetou said...
As a Pg who lacked it up in the draft combine, but still survived summer camp to get drafted by the Magic (1st round, 29th pick), I can confirm SVG wears a suit. In fact, at the draft I thought "what an ugly suit they gave me for that occasion" only to see coach wear the same one in the pre-game 1 footage.

Game 1 was a "key matchup" in several ways: versus a local rival (Heat) and versus a superstar at my position (they ran Wade at PG...). Not a great start that didn't let me get much use out of the key game multiplier.

Turned down the difficulty after that. And figured it was time to get used to icon passing. The problem with that is the magic rotation. Fortunately, coach doesn't imitate Ron Jeremy in the 4th quarter anymore (in,out,in,...), but plays me quite a few minutes at SG. The same thing happens to other players and so it's impossible to tell in advance during a your first fast break on the floor what icon the players running on your sides have. Well, that's my excuse for an ugly number of turnovers. And it still feels like the ball gets passed to players I didn't intend to hit.

Anyway, since you haven't created your player yet, one of the complaints I've read was that plays aren't properly implemented in my player mode. AI called plays aren't er displayed and apparently only PG players will be able to call them once the coach/team trusts them to.

Apart from that, it feels like every game is followed by a press conference, that should allow for plenty of video material for you. Often, arrogant seems like quite a good choice, too.

The erratic behaviour on defense might be due to much more sensitive controls than in 2k10 where the choice was full speed or turbo.

Anonymous Nick said...
I'm not a fan of all this "NBA 2k11 is the best sports game ever made" thing, but I have to agree.

The My Player mode is awesome!
At first you really have to get used to the new controls and the AI's crazy passing defense, but once that is done, it feels like actually playing a real game of basketball. Defense is much better, you can't drive to the basket at will, actually played 30 games by now (missed 28 games due to injury, which seems to happen pretty often) and only dunked on someone 2-3 times.
Putting up ridiculous 60-10-10 games is nearly impossible.
What has improved is that you will hit more of your jump shots, which was a bit unfair in 2k10 cause you would end up with a 25% FG% if you just settle for jumpers.
Playing the Xbox 360 version and never had frame rate or control issues!

Blogger Dan B. said...
Nick -- Just curious then... what is the best sports game ever made?

Blogger -Josh said...
Hey, what happened to the word of the day you posted earlier? I thought it was one of the best ones (as a student of social-psychology and a guy who SWEARS he was a great player back in the day...)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I know that this doesn't have to do with the article, but I feel like this espn article warrants reading.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
Hey, what happened to the word of the day you posted earlier? I thought it was one of the best ones (as a student of social-psychology and a guy who SWEARS he was a great player back in the day...)

I didn't want to step on the toes of Dan B.'s fantastic post. The new WotD post will be re-published and open to discussion tomorrow.

For the record, Dan, I have to agree with AnacondaHL: The last video is amazing. I just watched it five times in a row. If it had an ear, I would be nuzzling it right now.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
Dan, if you're not planning an NBA 2K11 diary, I have to say:

Don't let it end
I'm begging you, don't let it end this way
Don't let it end
I'm begging you, don't let it end this way!!

Blogger Dan B. said...
NBA 2K11 diary will happen. I only ended specifically the 2K10 diary. ;) Actually I'm interested to see what happens because I've been reading the 2KSports forums today, and I see a lot of people on all systems seem to be having some troubles with My Player mode freezing and their save game files getting corrupted. Hopefully that is addressed soon in a patch and/or I don't run into that bug. Not to mention I also need to (obviously) play the Jordan challenges. Maybe I'll start with those and then do My Player. Hmm...

Blogger Sorbo said...
The best part of the last video is Vince slapping his hands at the ref, as if to say, "Call that backboard for goaltending!"

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Did you delete your recall bias article?

Blogger Basketbawful said...
Did you delete your recall bias article?

No. I wanted this post to get top billing for the day. I will re-publish tomorrow.

Blogger Dan B. said...
The best part of the last video is Vince slapping his hands at the ref, as if to say, "Call that backboard for goaltending!"

I disagree. The best part is the brief pause BEFORE he slaps his hands. It makes me laugh every single time I see it.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...

Blogger chris said...
Dan B. - Ya know, I really hope Vinsanity blows a playoff game the same way he offers up that FAIL in the last video. I really do.

Anonymous Azreous said...
The only thing better than knocking over the mop guy is getting someone else to do it. In my 2K11 association, my center caught a pass on the baseline and upfaked Chris Kaman so hard that he left a clear path to the basket as he flew by -- and plowed through the mop guy in the process.

Good to see the diaries will still be around.

Blogger Dan B. said...
My initial NBA 2K11 thoughts, bearing in mind I am NOT used to playing as the full team (it's quite different from playing as just yourself in My Player!) and I haven't gotten the options configured to my liking yet, and I'm still trying to get used to the controls...

Holy shit this game is hard. I set the game style to simulation, but left the difficulty at Pro (which is only one step above Rookie, out of about 5 difficulty levels), and I still am getting absolutely destroyed. Creating any kind of space to shoot is very difficult, and getting by your defender to drive the paint is stupid hard. Defense is much harder than I remember it being as well. Oh, and yes, the AI are friggin' mind-readers and can steal any pass at any time. I can see there will be a steep learning curve here...

(But in good news, I finally got my PC running well again after installing a new graphics card and swapping out power cables. 60+fps even with all graphics settings on high at 1920x1080 resolution and MSAA at 8x. Oh so sweet.)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The gameplay in NBA 2K11 is indeed much harder but it's more realistic. There are a lot more free throws and jump shots being taken and you can actually miss shots from the post. No more 13-15 FGs for the likes of Al Jefferson or Chris Bosh.

One thing they did mess up, unfortunately, is the My Player mode. As someone said earlier, you can't call plays unless you're a point guard, and there is no auto play calling either. Most of the times your teammates will randomly run around and take horrible jump shots as the shot clock expires. Needless to say, your team will lose a lot of games. Also the rotation system is weird. A 6'1" SG should not be played at the PF position, guarding Dirk Nowitzki.

Blogger don said...
Hilarious - Vince Carter caption and video where Vince gives that infamous look of his after some form of debauchery.

The takedown of the sideliner was gangster.

Good stuff.

Blogger winnetou said...
Good to hear it's running that well, leaving the bawful on the court.
A few video links for 2k11: defensive pressure/passing and movement advice.
press conference bawful potential (commercial); a plea to add playvision to my player for the non-pg's sake, which I forgot to include in my last post.

Blogger winnetou said...
It seems durability is more relevant in 2k11 than it used to be: My Player got injured when failing to take a proper charge. The insider offered to rest and heal for 7 days or to play through it with lowered stats for 15 days (which now seems like a bad choice).
Anyway, in my current game against the Hawks, Dwight already added Bibby and Josh Smith to the injured list, with Smith headbutting the basket stand. That puts his season total to 3 hits.

Blogger Dan B. said...
anonymous and winnetou -- Awesome. I look forward to losing 72 games and blowing out my ACL in my first season in the NBA, assuming I even make it out of the D-League.

Anonymous Cetti said...
Off topic: Did anyone see The Drain's T he got against the Sixers? Poor NBA...

Blogger Dan B. said...
Cetti -- Wojnarowski wrote a great article about the ridiculous new technical foul rules and the current state of the NBA in general. It's well worth the read, and it will make you nearly as angry as seeing such ridiculous technical fouls being called.

Anonymous Cetti said...
Yes, lets remove all emotions from basketball. I like Wojnarowskis article. Maybe next season you'll get a T for being happy about an +1 late in the game? I know many of you won't like to hear that but that reminds me of things happening in soccer here in Europe. First, you were not allowed to shoe any kind of "message" on the shirt under the jersey. Then, you got a yellow card for "expressive and inappropriate celebration" which included leaving the pitch, pulling your jersey off, celebrating too long, in front of the rival's stand or things like that. I know, celebrating and being upset with a call are two different things but somehow belong together. There is no way that players and fans will ever accept those rules.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Off topic but maybe the first unintentional dirty quote for the season and therefore too good not to include. This one is an instant classic.

Fast forward to the 1min 45sec mark;_ylt=AmmnYHHdPzaQACvYVjslBA28vLYF#nba/22397254

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
"Wojnarowski wrote a great article ..."

...wait, what?

*clicks link*

Oh, you mean when he actually stays on topic discussing the techs then yes. Otherwise, it's all the same Woj oped. Ugh, I'm surprised he didn't somehow make LeBron the blame.

fake edit: Though he does bring up superstars as the ones who could really test it.

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