Oh, how we will miss you all summer, Timberpoops

Well, it's finally the end of the regular season. Time to say goodbye to the bottom-of-the-league garbage teams that have kept us entertained for these past few months. One of those teams was the Excremento Kings. Allegedly Grant "Peaches" Napear had a bizarre, expletive-filled exchange with Tyreke the Freak this year. In honor of this, the fine folks at Sactown Royalty have put together the following dramatic reenactment:

(Warning: Audio NSFW)

If the random dancing doesn't make you laugh, you have no soul.

Worst of the Night in Pictures:
We might not have Mike Dunleavy Sr. in the league anymore, but at least we have Junior!

Skipping the obvious man love jokes here, does this remind anyone else of that one scene in Home Alone? "Ooh, you're missing some teeth..."

Paul Pierce either wants to sell me some autographed shoes, or he's trying to seduce me. Not sure which.

Sonny Weems can't even sell his shoes -- he has to throw them into the crowd for free


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Blogger Will said...
No more Knee-Mac? (I seriously doubt he'll go through with this)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, the hawks get to play themselves in the first round of the playoffs!

...oh wait, what?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
seems like the hawks are playing themselves! sweet!

Blogger Unknown said...
Heat have been described as "surging" on nba.com - does this spell their doom vs delusional Paul and co.?