Tony apparently got a whiff of Al Jefferson's armpit stank

There's just one more night to go in the regular season. Remember when the Memphis Grizzlies were playing well earlier in the season, and Z-Bo and crew had playoff aspirations? The disappointment has finally gotten to coach Lionel Hollins:

Kenyon Martin = DENIED

While we're watching Youtube clips, here's one shared in the WOTN comments by an anonymous reader:

Adonal Foyle, Greatest Basketball Player Ever

And finally before the pictures... While not basketball-related, I know many of our readers will appreciate this moment of fantastic basebawful. Thanks to AnacondaHL for sharing this:

Worst of the Night in Pictures:

The most depressing place on Earth. It's like Bizarro Disneyland

Latrell Sprewell likes Scott Brooks' style

You know it's bad when Mike Woodson skips right over the facepalm and goes straight to the headpalm

(Read this to yourself in a hushed tone like you'd hear in a nature documentary on the Discovery Channel)
"The Birdman swoops down from behind to attack its prey"

Stan Van Gundy isn't excited by the game -- he just didn't believe he could stoop down like this and not split his pants

"You! Get me a celebratory doughnut!"

Nationally Televised Games:
Celtics at Bulls: Can we please put this battle for the 8th seed in the Leastern Conference playoffs out of its misery? I'm tired of pretending like it's relevant.

Nuggets at Suns: The Nuggets are out of contention for the #2 seed in the West, but they can clinch their division and tie the franchise record for most wins in this game. Unfortunately they haven't won a game in Phoenix in years.

All The Other Games:
Jazz at Warriors: And yet another team in the middle of that Western Conference playoff race! And yet another team that is completely and totally irrelevant. I trust you can figure out which one is which. Screw this game. Go read this completely freaking insane article instead.

Kings at Lakers: The Lakers have dropped six of nine. The Kings Purple Paupers are, well, just terrible. So, yay! A final irrelevant battle of California teams! (Wait, the Lakers and Clippers play tomorrow? Shit.)

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Blogger AnacondaHL said...
The game tonight is gonna suck. Carmelo prolly won't shoot under 60%, Amar''''''e will probably be relied on for 35 points, and I will consume much Dos Equis.

BTW, wasn't the 8th in the East battle even worse just two years ago, with the 6th seed Raptors at 41-41, 76ers at 40-42, and Atlanta at 37-45 just edging out the Pacers at 36-46, (and by edge, I mean losing 5 of their last 7 while the Pacers ultimately lost their last 2 of three despite a "surge"), all while GSW missed the playoffs with 48 (could have been 50) wins? Really, this postseason'll be okay.

Blogger chris said...
AnacondaHL: Of course, those same under-500 Hawks nearly eliminated the Geritol bandwagon in the first round!!!!

Blogger Unknown said...
Yeah, I think 07-08 was the same year when every team in the Western Conference won at least 50 games, and Hollinger was writing about how the Spurs would be playing in the Finals after surging in March of that season.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Arnovitz confirming what those at Basketbawful HQ have known for years:


I almost feel like sending him a shitty message saying "Hey asshole, it's called Contract Year Phenomenon" but I couldn't do that to a Clippers' fan :(

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The Seagal Sex Tape: no nudity, just him snapping the forearms of a long line of Asian girls. Why would he hire a personal assistant on Craigslist?

I guess the Warriors decided "miss by an inch, miss by a mile" after '08.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Awesome, glad that Foyle video got linked. I have no idea who made it but it doesn't get nearly enough love.

Blogger Will said...
My favorite Adonal Foyle moment was the time in college when me and my roommates made 4 consecutive 3's with him in an online game of Live '05. I'm pretty sure our opponent quit after that happened.

Blogger Dan B. said...
That's not in the book -- Don't forget that Seagal would have to be overdubbed frequently because he mumbled his lines too quietly. And he'd have to randomly speak in an awful accent.

Blogger Unknown said...
Holy shit. Sheed just choked on a rebound so hard he put it back in the Bulls' basket. Now I've seen it all.

Only two years left with him, Boston!

Blogger chris said...
Adrian: The C's CAN waive him right?

Blogger jim said...

like the commenters on that thread, the first thing i noticed was the "where amazing happens" on the backboard.

Blogger winnetou said...
While looking for a short clip of the events Adrian mentioned, I also came across a longer video mentioning that he had actually done this before, in November 08.
Unfortunately, the video only really celebrates the cAnswer without showing Sheed's bawful moments, so all that I can link is the espn recap.

Blogger Barry said...
"During that stretch, he (Oliver Lafayette) is averaging 24.15 ppg, 8.58 apg, and 5 rpg. And, impressively, he has been doing that against excellent competition in Keith Mcleod, Cedric Jackson, Jackie Manuel (one of the best defenders in the league) and Russell Robinson"

It's right there! Cedric Jackson mentioned as one of the best defenders in any league! What, is this the twilight zone?

Blogger zyth said...
so,Evans got ejected for whining on a no-call. gotta love the ego.

Blogger Silva said...
"When you get older and people say, 'When we get healthy,"' Barkley said Tuesday during a conference call. "Older people die, they don't get healthier."

Blogger Barry said...
Those videos are just glorious. It may be the best pair of videos I've ever seen in one page.

Blogger Will said...
To all those purple pauper fans out there: what is your opinion of Beno Udrih? I had him on my fantasy team this year and I thought he was a solid player. He didn't start, but when he was in my lineup he shot a good percentage (~50%) and gave me 12 and 4 with low TOs and a 3 or a steal here and there. He didn't bring a ton to the table, but nothing came off.

Blogger Silva said...
This is certainly going to be in the next post but no one should have to wait for


That's right, ball don't lie.