Basketbawful reader DeWoof01, who sent in the picture of the unhappy younster shown below, wrote in to say: "I was at the Blazers game last night, and as most of you know this was the first game in Portland for the Oklahoma City Thunder. So there were about 15 people in our section as well as hundreds of others around the stadium who were wearing Sonics jerseys. The best thing was they weren't there to cheer on Portland, but rather just to boo the Thunder. I never saw a single one of them react when Portland made a good play...only when the Thunder committed a turnover or made a dumb play."

Thanks again, Clay Bennett! You are the Wicked Destroyer of Dreams and the Icky Bane of Children. I'm very seriously considering adding you to the Mount Rushmore of Basketbawful. I'm thinking four faces, all you...

ruined childhood

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
It's cool, Seattle, we have the "3BA" now, and SHAWN KEMP is playing!!


I actually watched this game... and Kemp can still play, but he wasn't ripping down the backboard like he used to. Oh and his free throw shooting was awful, I saw him miss 4 in a row. You know you're bored when you're watching 3-on-3 basketball with washed up NBA players as the featured performers.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Clay Bennett stole my lunch money, then said if I did his homework he'd give it back, but didn't. And then he ate a kitten.

Blogger Viscant said...
If Hollinger is on the Lakers payroll, then even Kwame Brown and Luke Walton think he's stealing money. He may have avoided ripping the Lakers yesterday, but he's one of the more notorious haters of all things Kobe/Laker related.

Oh and since we're talking Street Fighter, Street Fighter 4 launch party is tonight. If anyone's in the LA area, .

Blogger chris said...
This week, the "Who's a Hall of Fame candidate" stuff has been somewhat at the forefront, making me Bawful's Mt. Rushmore the analogue to a hall of fame, just as the All-Lacktion Team is the bawful take on an efensive collection of stars assembled via ballot stuffing? ;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Curse Clay Bennet and 'the-team-that-shall-not-be-named'

Anonymous Anonymous said...
To me the Mount Rushmore of Basketbawful is the picture at the top of the web page. (That would be EPIC to see that carved at the top of a mountain! I'd settle for a small statue in my living room). There's just way too much bawful in the nba to be limited by 4 heads.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I read somewhere (espn I know that much) that said sessions is a scorer and not a great passer

yea.... how in the hell does this guy put up nash numbers (circa 2006)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
hey, check out the wikipedia entry for 2009 all-star slam dunk contestants. it says nate graham of the cleveland cavaliers was one of the four players in the fan voting. LOL
(i'll provide screenshot later)

Blogger Jim in KFalls said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Still loling on the kid in the pic.

Blogger lordhenry said...
Clay Bennett is the M. Bison of the NBA, where is Akuma at to shun-goku-satsu his fat a$$?!

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
lordhenry: Huh? Wouldn't David Stern be M. Bison and Clay Bennett be Akuma (Japanese for "devil" for you non-SF fans), since Stern just sorta stepped aside, defeated and controlled/collaborating with Bennett, and let this whole Sonics thing happen?


Oh crap, now I'm thinking about which NBA players are which Street Fighter characters...

Ryu: LeBron James
Ken: Dwayne Wade
Guile: Carmelo Anthony
Chun-Li: Allen Iverson
E. Honda: Yao Ming
Blanka: Leandro Barbosa
Zangief: Zydrunas Ilgauskas
Balrog: Dwight Howard
Dhalsim: Shawn Marion (Miami)
Sagat: Tim Duncan
Vega: Bruce Bowen
T. Hawk: Eddy Curry
Cammy: Steve Nash (and all fan art/slash fic associated)
Fei Long: Chris Paul
Dee Jay: The Lopez Twins
Evil Ryu: Kobe Bryant
Dan: Mario West

Anonymous Anonymous said...
AnacondaHL- I think your list is pretty good, I'd make these adjustments, using some former players:

Guile: Marcus Camby
E.Honda: Robert "Tractor" Traylor
T. Hawk: Eduardo Najera
Dhalsim: Manute Bol
Dee Jay: Etan Thomas (with the dreads)
Sagat: Kevin Garnett

I kinda see where you were going with the Yao-Honda thing, but Honda was Japanese, and Yao is Chinese, not to mention the fact that Yao is a stick-figure and I thought Honda should be a "wide body" and the first one to pop into my head was Tractor Traylor.

Sagat was a really intense, really crazy and scary character, and KG's physique resembles his a bit more than the somewhat doughy Duncan.

Also, because of his 2sec charge moves, Guile was pretty much a defensive character. You couldn't press very much with him, you had to let the action come to you and react. Therefore I switched in the Camby man, since Carmelo's defense is suspect.

Great choices though- Dan: Mario West LOL!! Leandro Barbosa as Blanka was also great.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
I picked Yao as E. Honda not for nationality, but because E. Honda is so slow, sometimes surprises you when he jumps, and looks like he has bad knees. Unless you think that I thought Allen Iverson is actually a Chinese female (I have spent my entire life as a Korean-American correcting people's Japanese vs Chinese vs Korean vs whatever mistakes).

I am quite proud of the selections made for the female characters. And if I ever find any Nash-Cammy crossover fan art, I will uninstall the Internet and jump out my window taking my computers with me.

I chose Sagat as Duncan because he was the main bad guy in the original Street Fighter. And when the CPU plays him it's like WTF you can't do that bullshit!

And Ken-Ryu-Guile have to be the 3 from draft class 2003, that's how the list started in my mind. Carmelo also has the most notable hairstyle of the three. With that, Dan might have to be either Darko or Bogut. Can you imagine Dan high-fiving himself before a Round?

Dhalsim, I originally thought Tayshaun Prince, but considering the earlier discussion here of how much his character is weak and sucks and needs to be played without mistakes, Marion was a better fit in my disgruntled-Suns-fan mind, but Bol is good too.

Etan and Najera are spot on.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"Unless you think that I thought Allen Iverson is actually a Chinese female"

Wait... he ISN'T a Chinese female? Whoah... this is a little awkward (/takes down Iverson poster...)

I like your Ryu and Ken (Wade and Lebron are somewhat similar players...), but Guile wasn't anything like those players, so I don't see why you would pick an NBA equivalent who has any connection to them.

Tayshaun would be a good Dhalsim- I didn't even think of him haha! Reggie Miller would most likely agree with that one after "The Block". I was also tempted to go the Shawn Bradley route with Dhalsim...

As for Honda, I just didn't see any similarities to Yao at ALL, other than the asian connection, which is where I thought you were going (apparently I was wrong). Honda was a huge brute with a lot of strength and serious hops. Yao: no hops, no strength, not huge.

Can we agree on Honda = Shaq? (Brute: check, Hops: check, Strength: check, huge ass: check, sumo moves: check)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Zangief = Shaq

After a spinning piledriver, Kobe could tell him how his ass tastes

Blogger Eddie Q said...
I gotta say, I think that...

Sagat = Dwight Howard.

Their builds are IDENTICAL. Tall, slim, broad shoulders.