This commerical for Turkey's Dimes Fruit Juice truly redefines the word "korkunç." Forget Russell versus Chamberlain or Magic versus Bird; this is Mehmet Okur versus Mehmet Okur. I hate to ruin the surprise for you, but Mehmet Okur wins.

Of course, the real winner is anybody who drinks Dimes. Seriously, I think Memo had a drinkgasm at the end of this clip. Have you ever in your entire life seen a look of such totally refreshed satisfaction on a human face? If you said yes, you're lying.

I always thought that the Pistons gave up on Okur too soon, and the way he's played for Utah has pretty much confirmed that. Not only has he given the Jazz a solid 18 and 8 over the last couple years, he's also provided some clutch heroics. Case in point: The following game winning shot against the Bulls:

Mehmet also hit a game-winner against the Spurs. Listen to those Turkish broadcasters go absolutely crazy. I think Memo must be a Turkish Elvis or something. Or maybe Elvis was really just an American Memo.

And let's not forget when Memo blocked Rip Hamilton's last second shot to secure a win for Utah. He even plays defense. Who knew?

Speaking of blocks, I think we need to give Mehmet a new nickname: "The Duncan Stopper." Okay, maybe not.

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Blogger Scott said...
The pistons would've liked to keep Memo-- they could not afford to, especially as a 6th man. I'm glad he's kicking so much butt in Utah, where's he gets his minutes

Anonymous Mike said...
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Blogger brendan said...
Memo is the shit. I was also bummed when left the pistons, but at least he got a ring and a fat contract. He is a badass because he always looks like he just rolled out of bed before games and regularly has a five o' clock shadow. And he does look like he just bust a nut after he drank that juice....

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I drank that Dimes in Iraq. Who knew great tasting oranges grew in Turkey and not Florida? I bet NBAers will view the first video and learn how to defend all of his one moves