If you looked up "mondo hunky stud" in the dictionary right now, you'd find this picture of Bradley Alan Miller:

Brad Miller

Not only did this seven-foot heap of certified beefsteak lose 25 pounds over the summer, he also unveiled a suave, parted-down-the-center haircut with sweeping bangs and a striking, come-hither gaze that could retroactively take your virginity away (so be warned).

Brad Miller Fun Facts: Here's some fun trivia from Brad's Wikipedia entry:

Brad's mother's name is Rosie and his father's name is Maurice.

Brad has three uncles who played college basketball: Jim Heitz University of Oklahoma, Mike Heitz West Virginia University, and Tom Heitz University of Kentucky.

He has a Black Dodge truck with an Indiana license plate.

Brad has a love for the outdoors.

In his spare time, he enjoys hunting, fishing, and ATV riding.

He is also an avid bowhunter; turkey, bear, and deer tags are in his wallet.

Brad looked like this in college:

Brad college

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Anonymous BigBadCarter said...
So.....EVERYBODY in Indiana either drives a Black Dodge Ram, or is friends with someone who does.

Anonymous jeet said...
That's not brad miller, it's shawn from boy meets world!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
good one jeet! But I say he looks like a fag

Anonymous starang said...
Definatley a peter-puffer. Lets not forget that I brought his "camera of shame" hilight to the world.


The clip is short, and doesn't show his, and Mike Bibby's, kindergarden complete meltdown. He eventually kicks the ball into the stands and jumps up and down like a 5 year old.

Then he gets down on his knees and blows Mike. Its disturbing.

Anonymous sterrapin said...
I'm so not into him.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Did you see his cornrow wearing ass get beat up last night by Dwight Howard? He looks even gayer in cornrows