Sometimes, something happens in your life that reminds you there are still some good folks walking amongst us in the human race. That happened to me, Evil Ted, over the summer.

But let me take you back: years ago, I would annually attend one of my local art fairs. One of those years, I met Jerome Fulton, an artist whose work drew me immediately for its unique style, not to mention it's basketball angle. Jerome would take pro basketball imagery and integrate it into his painted outdoor scenes...tough to explain, easier to show...

Here's one of Jordan, rightfully head and shoulders above Barkley and Rodman.

One year, I said to Jerome "You should do that with Larry Bird. It's a perfect style, with Larry being a country boy from Indiana and all." (I quietly added "and with me being a huge Larry Bird fan and all."). Jerome told me to find him some cool pictures of Larry, and said he might give it a try. On the off chance that something would come of it, I noted Jerome's address on my receipt, left the pictures in his mailbox, and forgot about it.

Jerome disappeared from my local art fair very soon after, moving on to bigger and better things. Then, one day a few months ago, I received a call. It was Jerome. After lo those many years, he re-opened an envelope he hadn't touched since after he had first received it. Inside, he found those Larry Bird pictures, a note from me, and some inspiration. The rest is history.

On the phone, Jerome told me of an art fair where he was presenting that weekend, and he wanted me to have the original painting he had made from the pictures I had left in his mailbox so long ago. I was stunned and thrilled.

"Art In Motion"

Look close and you'll see Larry and Magic fighting for position on the lower right, Larry and Dr. J on the lower left (Basketbawful loves the image of Larry grabbing at Dr. J's wrist, as it shows some of the "dirty work" Larry had to do). What does Mona Lisa have to do with basketball? Beauty. Art. The art of the game. Call it what you want. Larry's playing was a work of art to me, so the connection easily holds up.

Thanks to Jerome. And to the rest of you bawful readers out there, I hope you have the good fortune to come across at least one Jerome in your lifetime.

Jerome ( told me he would manage to ship orders to anyone who is interested in purchasing a print. And if you tell him Evil Ted sent you, he will give you a whopping zero percent discount.

Ok, time for me to slither into a corner, weep like an infant, and watch Little House on the Prairie.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Just found one of his prints with rodman. Love it. Trying to find who else he has done but can't find him. Real cool. Hope he's still drawing

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thank you for featuring my work, Ted. For more, check out my new page-

Hope all is well! How are your kids doing? catch up!

Anonymous Anonymous said...