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It wasn't a good night in Indiana. It's never a good night in Indiana.

The Sacramento Kings: It just keeps getting worser and worser for the poor, pathetic and perpetually putrid Purple Paupers.

With 8:48 left in the third quarter, Donte Green nailed a trey to give the Sactowners a 66-43 lead. And it really, really looked like the Kings were going to punk the Hornets in New Orleans.

Enter Marcus Thornton.

Three! Three! Layup! Layup! Thornton scored 13 of his season-high 19 points in a six-minute stretch as the Hornets used a 20-4 run to get back in the game. That reversal of momentum sparked a 94-91 comeback win for the Buzzing Bugs. And yes, the return from 23 points down was the biggest comeback in Hornets franchise history. And I mean going all the way back to their days in Charlotte.

Said Tyreke Evans: "From the looks of it, we're not all on the same page. We have too much going on. We're out there in the second half, we lose focus. Everybody forgets about the plays. We showed the type of basketball we can play [at times]. We just have to play together."

Paul Westphal, coach of the year candidate: "You could feel it happening. We just couldn't reverse it. The defensive intensity we had earlier wasn't there. Excessive fouling put us in the penalty early. We didn't move the ball effectively. When we did get stops, we didn't do a good job of keeping them off the boards. They got second shots. We didn't have anybody make a big play for us. Maybe it's fatigue, maybe it's inexperience, maybe it's breaks in the game. I tend to think it's a little bit of all of them."

Don't forget bad coaching, Paul. Don't forget that.

The Charlotte Bobcraps: Just how bad were the Bobkittens during their 113-80 loss to the Grizzlies in Memphis? I'll go ahead and let Charlotte coach Larry Brown take this one:

"We were selfish on both ends. We didn't play hard. We acted like we didn't even care. I had to get into them at halftime and beg them to play. That's not what I'm supposed to be doing. There was no effort and no teamwork.

"It was almost like the varsity playing the JV team. It was the plays [the Grizzlies] were making, and we weren't doing anything about it. I had to call timeout just to get them to run down 30.

"I would have been out of timeouts in the first quarter if I had done that [every time]."
Here's more wood for the fire via the AP recap:

By the fourth quarter, the game turned into a Grizzlies highlight reel with one handed-alley-oop dunks, spinning, behind-the-back layups and fast-break baskets. Memphis had a 33-point lead at the midway point of the final period, and the Grizzlies got a technical foul when their bench players got caught up in the excitement and ended up too far on the floor.
When the Care Bears are going all Harlem Globetrotters on you, well, you know things have gone horribly wrong.

On the bright side, Charlotte'd D held three Memphis starters to single digits! Too bad the Care Bears' bench outscored the 'Kitten's reserves 53-32.

The Bobcraps have now lost six of their last nine games. And those three wins were an overtime victory over the Nyets, a two-point win against the Nuggets and a 97-91 triumph over the Craptosaurs.

Bonus stats: Memphis scored 31 points in transition and 62 points in the paint.

The Indiana Pacers: Back on November 28, after beating the Lakers in L.A., the Pacers apparently had a rowdy post-game celebration. In fact, the AP recap claims they "celebrated wildly." Within earshot of the Lakers.

As my buddy Mister P likes to say: Don't shoot a bear in the ass with a BB gun.

Said Phil Jackson: "[The Lakers players] had a real issue about it. I think the Pacers came back and kind of celebrated in the hallways at Staples, and they remembered that, and they came back with that, 'Let's get after them.'"

Despite entering the game with the league's second-best field goal percentage defense, Indy let L.A. shoot 51+ percent and got outrebounded 51-29. Mind you, the Lakers hit 61 percent of their shots and outrebounded the Pacers 27-10 in the first half. Speaking of which, Indiana fell behind by 14 points after a quarter and was down 22 at the halftime break.

Kobe then went out and scored 17 points in the third. The fourth was garbage time.

Said Pacers coach Jim O'Brien: "They were clearly a superior group to our players tonight. They jumped on us and never really gave us a chance to get back in the game. They were obviously going to bring it, and we didn't match their intensity in the first half."

Indy has now lost six of eight games since starting 9-7. And yes, that's putting them on course for "they are who we thought they were" status.

Kobe Bryant, quote machine:"I'm so proud to be chosen as a global brand ambassador for Turkish Airlines. They have been providing travelers with excellent service for 77 years ... Turkey is a country rich in natural beauty and thousands of years of cultural history, and I'm proud to partner with Turkish Airlines to bring that majesty to people around the world."

H/T to Karc.

Click the link for bonus Kobe hate.

The New York Knicks: The Knicks put up quite the fight and were a mere 12.2 seconds away from forcing overtime. The Knicks. 12.2 seconds of defense. You know how this was destined to end...right?

Adding insult to injury, Stoudemire -- the guy Pierce hit his shot over -- swished a potentially game-winning three-pointer...about half a split-second too late.

Sorry, STAT. And Sam Lively noticed Sun Tzu's lack of rebounding down the stretch: "Despite the gaudy numbers, you've got to give Amare some grief for his utter collapse on the defensive boards in crunch time. KG got any board/putback he wanted in the crucial minutes."

It's true. In the final two minutes, on back-to-back possessions, Garnett missed two layups but got the offensive rebound both times. The first time he slammed it home to pull the Celtics to within two (113-111). The second time he drew a foul and hit both freebies to tie the game at 113. And yes, Amar''''''e committed the foul.

Now here's some much-needed perspective on New York's near-upset from KHayes666:

The Knicks gave the Celtics all they could handle and fell 0.1 second short of victory.

I will say Stoudamire is the real deal but I don't see Don Flamingo (Gallinari) going off for 20 second half points against the Celtics again.

I will say that the Knicks earned respect for this game but I won't give them too much credit. The C's are missing Shaq, Perkins, Jermaine and Delonte West and Rondo is playing with a sprained ankle/pulled hamstring. Also the 4th string center Semih Erden is playing with a separated shoulder that requires surgery to fix it.

If the Knicks want real respect, let's get the entire C's roster healthy and then see if the Knicks can hang 116 points on them.

Nate Robinson: Two words: Celebration Fail.

Kevin Garnett, quote machine: "It was great basketball. It was a great Eastside barnyard knockdown, backyard scuffle, if you will. Good basketball, though."

Wilson Chandler: "We had the game all the way until the last minutes of the game. We got to give our hats off to them because they're a veteran team. They've done it in and out, won championships."

There are so many funny things in that quote, my brain is short-circuiting.

The Los Angeles Clippers: Make it 13 straight double-doubles for Blake Superior. But despite Griffin's huge game -- 20 points and a career-high-tying 18 rebounds the Clippers still 105-91 to the 76ers in Philly.

That drops The Other L.A. Team's record to a league-worst 5-21. What's more, the Clips are 0-11 on the road. Going back to the 2009-10 season, the They Are Who We Thought They Were's have lost 15 straight road games. Their last road win was a victory over Houston on March 25.

Against the Sixers last night, the Clippers shot 39 percent and forced only five turnovers. That matched Philly's season low for TOs.

And, really, the game changed when Doug Collins adjusted his team's pick and roll defense at halftime. The Sixers then came out and won the third quarter 34-18.

Said Baron Davis: "In the second half they adjusted on the pick-and-roll and we didn't. In the second half we were trying to force it. When you do that you lose your rhythm. We've got to do a better job of playing five-man basketball."

Actually, Baron, you guys need to take baby steps. Start with playing three-man basketball. Then four-man. Then finally five-man. Smaller, more achievable goals usually work the best.

Vinny Del Negro, coach of the year candidate: "I didn't like our effort at all. We were OK in the first half but in the second half they were much more aggressive. We turned it over too much and they got some layups off breaks. Our execution on defense was poor."

The Minnesota Timberwolves: Jason Richardson scored 29 points. The ancient Grant Hill added 21. Channing Frye drilled seven three-pointers. Steve Nash dished out 19 assists. All of which means...

...the Timberwolves defense has struck again!

Said Kurt Rambis: "We just made a bunch of mistakes in our defensive coverage. Whether it was pick-and-rolls or transition, from the very start of the game guys weren't putting their heads down and running back."

From the very start of the game, Kurt? Try from the very start of the season.

Minnesota scored 122 points on 54 percent shooting and lost. As a team, the Suns -- who entered the game ranked 29th in rebounding -- won the Battle of the Boards 46-39. That included a 14-8 edge on the offensive glass. And the Timberwolves are the best rebounding team in the league.

Said Darko Milicic: "It's happened to us a lot this year. We just can't finish up the games. We had a game we could win, but we just couldn't do it."

Welcome to life as a Timberwolf, Darko.

The Miami Heat: This little blurb from the AP recap says it all:

James flexed his arms after getting fouled and scoring on a drive to the basket, Wade did his arms-flailing, "George Jefferson" celebration again, then looked down and screamed at his right hand after hitting a 3-pointer in the fourth quarter.
Really, guys? After eking out a 101-95 home win over a horrifically depressing Cavaliers squad despite a 41-20 advantage in free throw attempts? Flexing and posturing and talking to your hands?

[shakes head]

Said Heat coach 'Spo: "We got the win, we won 10 straight and that ultimately is the most important thing. I get it, OK?"

Chris Bosh, quote machine: "I've never won 10 games in a row. So I'm happy."

The Milwaukee Bucks: All the Bucks needed to do was play less than 10 seconds of defense to force overtime. And, well, yeah.

Actually, Milwaukee's defense -- ranked 5th in Defensive Rating by the way -- let them down all night. The Spurs shot better than 52 percent and had 22 fast break points. Credit the Bucks for coming back from an 18-point deficit. Actually, don't give them credit for that, since they were the ones who fell behind by so much to begin with. We don't hand out awards for almost overcoming your own suckitude.

Scott Skiles, sour grapes machine: "It was great D. [Mbah a Moute] made [Ginobili] travel. We just looked at it about five times."

Actually, based on rules discussed recently here, Manu didn't travel. Maybe Cortez will come in with the breakdown.

Brandon Roy: In Portland's almost-comeback in Dallas, Roy scored only 4 points on 2-for-5 shooting in 30 minutes. He was very nearly a non-entity on offense...which has been the case for several games.

As you may or may not know, Roy blamed his team and teammates for his recent scoring woes:

However, after Monday's loss in Memphis, when Roy went 3-for-15 and scored seven points, he said his struggles have less to do with his knees and more to do with the Blazers' "rhythm."

"Even when I play good, our rhythm is up and down. Even when I play good, I don't have great hope that tomorrow is going to be the same way," Roy said. "We don't have a good rhythm, even in wins. Nothing has been consistent. It's just game to game, and that's just kinda how we are -- it's game to game."

Roy on Monday suggested that after spending the last three seasons going through him, the Blazers no longer have a plan of attack.

"I think some of it is we have to establish what we want," Roy said. "I don't clearly know what we are trying to establish. I mean, watching the game (against Memphis), do you think I was the go-to guy in the first half?"

When told, no, Roy continued.

"Did you think L.A. (LaMarcus Aldridge) was the go-to guy in the first?"

When told, yes, to an extent, Roy shrugged as if he didn't agree.

"Look, my thing is, I don't mind taking the blame, but at least put me in position to take the blame. In the first quarter ... there's no flow, I'm taking couple last second shots ... I'm playing a Q-Richardson role," Roy said, referring to the Orlando guard who is averaging 7.3 points and 4.3 rebounds. "Then in the second half, I try to be more forceful, and that's not my game."

Roy was asked if he feels his knees are capable of letting him be a go-to player.

"Yeah," Roy said. "But our style of play, with our personnel, it's still going to be tough."
Wow. Roy has since apologized for his comments. But the thing is, he meant what he said, including when he remarked about the Blazers putting "some slow guy" next to him (referring to backcourt mate Andre Miller). The reality is, no change of offensive philosophy or personnel is going to heal Roy's knees, which really are his biggest problem right now. Portland's offense -- which relied so heavily on isolating Roy -- is hobbled by the fact that he doesn't have the explosiveness or lift he used to.

It's a sad story. And so very Frail Blazers.

LaMarcus Aldridge, quote machine: "When we win it's special. Losing is never special."

Sad face.

Chris's Lacktion Report:

Celtics-Knicks: Pretty appropriate for Madison Square Garden - Von Wafer can now afford nosebleeds there after collecting a celebratory 3.45 (3:28) trillion!

Clippers-Sixers: Rasual Butler served Donald Sterling well tonight, taking a rejection in 17:45 and also losing the rock once and bricking twice for a +4, while Jarron Collins joyfully generated 2.1 trillion (2:08).

For Philadelphia, Tony Battie celebrated with a 56-second round of Super Smash Bros. Brawl for a Mario.

Purple Paupers-Hornets: Quincy Pondexter produced two pieces of masonry in 3:28 and a foul for a +3, celebrating Sacramento's biggest choke job in 6 years!!!!!!!!!!!

Rockets-Thunder: Nick Collison smashed down one shot and three boards in 13:10, only to foul four times and lose the rock once for a 5:4 Voskuhl. Royal Ivey added more money to his kingdom's treasure chest via a 1.2 trillion tax (1:11).


Anonymous Kyle said...
Here's my biggest question about Roy. They say that the problem is that he has no cartilage in his knees anymore. Bynum had surgery over the summer to install cartilage in his knee. Would such a procedure be possible on Roy? Would it just require him to sit out a season or so? Not sure how many medical experts we have here though...

Blogger Leland said...
Mr. Bawful, you forgot to mention that the Celtics were perfect from the charity stripe, and STAT alone missed enough free throws himself to swing the victory in favor of the Knicks.

Blogger draftaraujo said...
Antione Walker watch...he is on the hardcore hoops show today.

Blogger Unknown said...
I was in tears from laughing so hard when I saw Nate go tumbling. Despite my seething, unending hatred for the Celtics and disappointment that they won, Nate's an entertaining guy to watch play.

That was a pretty sweet swish by The Apostrophe, though. My brother was like "0.4? Call in Fish!" but alas he was unavailable.

Blogger zyth said...
can anyone tell me what Spike's reaction was after they overruled it as bad? cause it seriously looked like he was going to go and slap someone from boston after Amar'''''es shot

Anonymous The Other Chris said...
Not even a mention of the pounding the Mighty Dinos absorbed from the Bulls? I mean it was a foregone conclusion, but nevertheless.. giving up 40 points in the second quarter, yup, that looks like Raptors basketball.

Jerryd Bayless, Leandro Barbosa, and Ed Davis are the only ones playing with some semblance of consistency and heart for the Craptors right now. Everyone else.. ugh.

Does anyone want the Weems/DeRozan/Kleiza poo-poo platter?

Anonymous The Other Chris said...
Also, Spike Lee is an annoying jock-sniffer. Mark Cuban and him should form a club.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
The Other Chris -- FUCK. I actually typed out an entry and forgot to insert it, but now I can't find it. FUCK.

Blogger Leland said...
@ Kyle

Microfracture is the only option left for Roy at this point. And we all know the mixed results in returning to prior form that this surgery causes. Plus, I don't know how effective it would be since he literally has no cartilage left, and I think it is completely a person to person basis of how much new cartilage the knee will produce after such a surgery.

I don't think they'll perform it on him because it doesn't appear that it would provide that much benefit to him. I feel bad for Roy because he's gonna have serious arthritis at a young age and most likely several knee replacements

Blogger John said...
Manu definitely has his passport at the ready on that play. Traaaaa-vel.

Blogger chris said...
Bawful: Well, you know the one-video replacement that covers All Your Toronto Loss Recap Needs. ;)

CAPTCHA: "thedurt," i.e. "The Purple Paupers are lower than thedurt in terms of skill level, or at least the ability to win games."

Anonymous Stockton said...
Poor Blazers... and to think Oden could be showing off his massive schlong in Oklahoma while Durant was taking the Blazers to the finals... yeah... life's hard!

Blogger chris said...
So I guess this is payback for the Kings' 35-point come-from-behind victory last year.

Oh well.

It's not like the Stern button will ever allow this team to win championships, even if competent management existed and free agents wanted to come to the River City (which they don't).

Would've been nice to have grown up outside of NorCal and in some dynastic area, but eh, what can I do.

Anonymous AK Dave said...
WoTN goes to Joakim Noah's tendons. Apparently he is going to miss 8 weeks for surgery on his right hand to fix some thumb issue- but he also has like 18 sprained fingers as well (Yes- Noah has over 18 fingers).

Will that sweet, sweet jumper of his (The Saturn-Ball!) ever be the same :S Get well, Joaker.

Blogger chris said...
Stockton: At least Portland has a team even without Brittle Oden, unlike the city that originally drafted Kevin Durant, one Seattle, Washington.

Anonymous JJ said...
NBA players acting tough (like LeBron flexing) after a nice play I understand although I might not necessarily agree with it. But, showing total disregard for their teammates after a nice play...I just don't get it. Examples from last night of what I mean is: 1. Nate Robinson jumps on Pierce and Pierce just keeps on running down the court as if he doesn't even notice him (though thanks to that, we got a HILARIOUS clip of Nate just tumbling over), 2. Wade make a shot and when teammates come over to congratulate him, he shakes off their arms like they are his worst enemies diseased with leprosy or something.

Maybe I'm missing something, but has it become uncool to celebrate with your teammates? Is this because NBA focuses so much on individuality? Whatever the reason is, I find it very ironic since NBA players always make it sound like their team is everything.

Blogger Leland said...
What does everyone think about the Truth taunting MSG and his victory lap? He claimed it wasn't a rivalry, but you usually only taunt rivals not "just another team"

Blogger Dick Sullivan said...
Other Chris, apropos Cuban and Spike, what kind of club? A club for people who cheer for their team? I think they're called fans.

Someone tell me how Ginobili's stroll in the park wasn't a travel. His little MC Hammer dance would've gotten the call if his coach wasn't the Jedi mind-warper that he is. Faboritism: it's a Spurs thing.

Blogger The Sports Hayes said...
I will say one thing, that home run trot of Pierce when he hits buzzer beaters is going to come back to haunt him. It's like that stupid "Walker Wiggle"

Anyone that taunts in a certain manner is going to get taunted on right back by anyone who can do the same thing. The last thing I want is Kobe Bryant "trotting" around the court after a potential Game 7 this coming June.

Still, gotta give props to Nate Robinson for almost breaking his neck trying to jump on Pierce.

Leland, the officiating went in New York's favor all night...I thought it was poetic justice the Knicks had the free throw advantage and still lost. That call on Pierce when he "fouled" Gallinari was reaching Ginobli like flop status. Let's not forget the delay of game call against Garnett when all he did was give the ball to the referee lol.

Anonymous Czernobog said...
@John: Not at all. Jean Luc got a piece of it and Manu got it back, so the dribble was still alive, at which point he hops off his left foot, lands on it (established as pivot foot) and then takes the jumpshot.

Anyway, if anyone is even remotely interested in Snooker, John Higgins pretty much redefined "clutch" a couple of nights ago:

Blogger Bakes said...
In regards to Pierce's little trot - Isn't that "excessive celebration"? I mean, trotting around with your arms out over to your bench after the shot is one thing, but he went around most of the court if I remember right. Does it matter that maybe the timeout had been called already? I mean, we've already seen guys get techs this season for virtually shrugging their shoulders and maybe a fist pump after a good shot, but what about the whole "respect for the game" crap? Does that only apply to bitching after a call? Or was this another instance of "we won't call it cause it's in the last 60 or seconds of the game"?

I did indeed say to Adam "Put Fish in!" because I knew that they'd be going to The Apostraphe (I pronounce it "AH-po-straff"). I didn't expect him to go for a three though, I expected a lob for the tie. The play worked beautifully too, or it would have if he had been facing the basket more when he caught it. Real pretty shot, just not a quick enough follow-through.

Oh and Piere's little bow to the Garden after was fairly dickish but it's Paul Pierce - I wouldn't expect any less.

Anonymous The Other Chris said...
Other Chris, apropos Cuban and Spike, what kind of club? A club for people who cheer for their team? I think they're called fans.

I think Spike's little meltdown at the end of the game went well beyond "fandom". If it wasn't Spike, everyone would be asking this morning, "Hey, who was that random lunatic who thinks he's on the Knicks and was screaming stuff at the Celtics like he's some kinda big man?"

Passion for your team is great. Pretending that you're practically a part of it because you happen top have a lot of money is ridiculous.

Blogger chris said...
The Other Chris: Pretending that you're practically a part of it because you happen top have a lot of money is ridiculous.

Basically, all that separates Doin' The Right Thing from Mr. I Got Lucky During The .Com Bubble is...

that the latter bought the team he cheers for.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
This is odd, I mean, did everyone forget Kobe did the "plane" celebration first? Where was the QQ of excessive celebration then?

Non issue.

Anonymous AK Dave said...
Do you think Iverson feels snubbed for not getting the Turkish Airlines deal?

Blogger Bakes said...

The refs weren't calling techs left and right until this season and I don't think Kobe's done it at all this season (so far) so the "QQ" is only in regards to the way the game is being called now.

If Pierce got a tech for doing it, Kobe should too. I think it's a lameass call but, like I pointed out, inconsistency is the problem.

Anonymous Mladen said...
I'm surprised nobody's commenting on Pierce's facial expression, as he glided out under Nate's flailing body. I mean, I laughed watching Nate fall down on his face (which was dangerous, by the way,), but the "Truth"'s face was priceless! He looks like a retarded autistic kid, who didn't even notice somebody was trying to hump his neck.

Anonymous Tree said...
@JJ - I've been noticing that a lot this year too, and Wade looks like the worst offender (though, watching that Celts game last night actually had me wondering if PP hates Nate). This growing trend is part of why the NBA is losing it's appeal for me. I have very little interest in watching entitled douchebags taking douchbaggery to whole new levels (ahem, LeBron, Pierce, Garnett ...). Whatever happened to the good ol' cocky smirk? Is Jesus Shuttlesworth the only guy still doing it?

@chris - I don't like Cuban, but he in no way just got lucky from the dot-com boom. The guy made millions creating software in the '80s, well before the internet. Hate him all you want, but he didn't get lucky - he was just smarter than most people and pioneered some platforms others never thought of.

Anonymous Toby said...
Well, I think just a little more than that separates Spike Lee and Mark Cuban. Yeah, Cuban has been and can be very annoying but he's a smart businessman who has completely turned the Maverick's franchise around. And he has also created a new standard for NBA owners, with his passion and hands on approach. How effective he has been is debatable but his impact on the league has been significant.

Anonymous laddder said...
Wilson Chandler quote machine extraordinaire!

And Nate has become the official cheer captain of the Celtics.

Blogger Ash said...
That Manu play was clearly a travel and if you don't think so you're a Spurs homer.

Blogger Dooj said...

While I am a Spurs homer, go check out Rob Mahoney discussing that move at Hardwood Paroxysm. He's a Mav fan in case you were wondering.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
AnacondaHL - I think when people have seen Kobe do it they were too impressed that he was celebrating in a way that didn't look like he was imitating Michael Jordan to really wonder if it was technical-worthy :) In all seriousness though, I didn't see Pierce's "victory lap". Did he really run all around the court doing that, or did he basically just run back to his bench doing that? AFAIK, Kobe's never done a full lap of the court doing his airplane thing, he typically just runs back to the team's bench doing it.

And Spike Lee deserves a pass, IMO. The guy's been a die-hard fan of a really horrendous team. I can't fault him for being a little over-excited at how the Knicks are playing this year. BTW, I haven't been following the Knicks really at all this year, but I keep seeing people talking about the amazing season Amar'e is having. Since I remember a lot being said about how without Nash there to set him up STAT was gonna flounder, or how people were saying now that D'Antoni and STAT were together without Nash we'd sort of get to see how much D'Antoni vs Nash had to do with Amar'e's performance in Phoenix. As someone who hasn't watched even one minute of Knick basketball this season, is there any kind of new opinion on that, or is it still too early to say anything? I know cause it's me asking this it'll come across like I'm taking a shot at Nash or whatever, but I'm actually just genuinely curious. Again, I haven't seen the Knicks play at all this year so I have no take on it whatsoever, and am just going by what I'm reading (and I'm reading it a lot): is Amar'e looking like he's playing the best ball he ever has? I've always found him to be pretty one-dimensional, so if he's suddenly improved without Nash to help him, that seems totally counterintuitive to me. The one thing even a Suns-hater like me can readily admit that Nash does is make his teammates better, so what's the story? I hope this doesn't start a flame war, I really am genuinely curious.

Anonymous Marc d. said...
Hardwood Paroxysm broke down Ginobili's supposed travel:

Unfortunately I'm at work and I can't watch the video, so I can't give my two cents.

Also, Spike Lee rocks. He Got Game is one of the best basketball movies of all time!

Blogger draftaraujo said...
Would hard to say that Toronto fans aren’t "true fans" besides for the Vincanity period our team has been Mediocore to "Clippers North" We have decent attendance considering we are one of the most expensive games to see in the league (6th i believe) To be honest I am pretty convinced without our fanatical sports culture we wouldn’t have a NBA team anymore. Just look at the leafs, lower bowl seats start at $200 a seat face value, every game is a sellout. Our hideous MLS team is no less than $80 a seat, my raps seats are 22 rows behind the net @ 95 bucks a seat.

Blogger Dan B. said...
Unbelievable. Well, actually very believable, but still sad. Yao Ming, stress fracture. Again.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
At the beginning of the year, Amare was sucking while Felton was expectedly sucking, so people saying he would flounder without Nash were correct.

Then Felton broke out (read: figured out how to PnR), and Amare hit his stride. Now that teams know this, the next steps are locking down his crappy iso game, exploiting his turnovers and crappy defense, and a return to pouty face circa 2004.

The only question is, will the Knicks fans figure it out quickly, or will it take them 8 years. Most NY fans are in "I know the future is grim, but let us have this!" mode, which I find ironic since they were all about long term planning the past decade. I will be there with a big fat "I told you so" when the time comes.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Also, Lebron just called a dude "babe girl" while wishing him Happy Birthday on Twitter. The Internet.

Anonymous The Other Chris said...
@AK Dave

What about BALL? He has Turk in his name for god sakes! I guess even Turkish Airlines has figured out Hedo sucks at this point.


Come join us in the upper deck my friend, you'll have $65 more per game per person to spend on hideously overpriced beer and snacks!

Blogger Wild Yams said...
AnacondaHL - That sounds good to me. As I said, I've never been very impressed with Amar'e's game, and always did assume he probably got a considerable bump from playing the pick n roll with Nash, so I really have been confused as to why he's been playing well without him. The guy isn't that great, can't create his own shot, etc, so I'm sure he'll return to earth soon.

How did Yao fracture anything? The guy hasn't even played in over a month and has played a grand total of 91 minutes all season (in only 5 games). That tweet is sad though cause it's true, we may have seen the last of Yao :(

Blogger Dick Sullivan said...
I have an issue with Ginobili's hypothetical simultaneously landing feet. The point is that I cheer for Dallas, so it follows logically that he traveled.

Cuban got lucky with your mom.

Anonymous JJ said...

I'm not really sure why you'd find it ironic since the fans were never in a long-term mode (are the fans EVER in a long-term mode?). It was the management. And I don't feel like even the management was in a long-term mode except when they were saving up for LeBron sweepstakes.

Regardless, I don't see anything wrong with how Knicks fans are feeling right now. To me, a big part of enjoying sports is living in the moment. Yeah, any sane Knicks fan would admit Knicks are not a championship team at the moment and probably not as good as they seem. But, I think accepting it beforehand basically defeats the whole point of following any team.

By the way, are you maybe unhappy that Amare left Suns, but is still doing a respectable job? I'm just wondering so don't get upset. But, if you are, that's Sarver's fault, not Amare's.

FYI, I'm not a Knicks fan though I'm definitely interested in them due to my proximity and it'd be nice to see them do well. Maybe I'll actually get tempted to pay for a Knicks ticket.

Blogger Wild Yams said...

Blogger Wild Yams said...
JJ - I don't care how good Amar'e is playing right now, Sarver made the right choice to let him go if that was his pricetag cause the Knicks are severely overpaying for a power forward who doesn't like to rebound, play defense or have any post moves and who can't create his own shot. I doubt there's any way AnacondaHL is at all upset that Amar'e left the Suns, as he was (rightfully so) campaigning for them to let him walk for a long time. He's fool's gold cause he looks flashy, but he ain't that good.

I think Sarver screwed up by going after Turkoglu though, but that's another story.

Anonymous Hoser McTouque said...
I'd just like to give you some insight into how shitty it is to be a basketball fan in Canada.

TSN (Canadian version of ESPN) is playing it's only NBA game this week. Heat at Knicks you'd probably suspect. Nope. Maybe Lakers in Philly? Wrong again. They decided instead to air 3 hours of pure bawfulness, Raptors vs. Nets

They do this every week too. Last week they aired Raptors at Pistons and Raptors at Bobcats. Now I understand wanting to show games of the only Canadian team, but in the last week the Raptors played the Nuggets and Bulls. Two teams with players actually worth their multi-million dollar contracts. I swear, TSN must be employing people with an extra chromosome to do their scheduling. That's the only feasible explanation.

I will never understand why they choose to air games nation wide that only a handful of people will even go see live. If Basketbawful was a channel it would be TSN.

Thank God us Canadians have TBJ

Anonymous JJ said...
Wild Yams, I didn't know Anaconda was campaigning against Amare. I guess my comment must be laughable to him then.

I'm not a fan of any big man who doesn't rebound and completely agree that Amare is not worth his price tag. He is a prime example of a guy with a lot of talent who just doesn't work hard.

However, I still think Sarver should've kept him was because they weren't going to get anyone better with the money they saved. And in fact, they didn't get anyone better (maybe Warrick can be justistified, but as you said, Hedo was a screw up). It seems to be a typical theme with Suns management to lose or trade guys who worked well in their system (Joe Johnson, Marion, Amare, Barbosa).

As for the Knicks, they weren't going to get anyone better either once missed out on LeBron. Sure, they overpaid for him. But, I think it's better than coming up empty. And results have been better than expected.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
JJ - But if the Suns had kept Amar'e, then what? They weren't winning any titles with him so why stick with that core of players? I've felt for a while though that the Suns need to blow it up and start over if they really want to give themselves a shot at winning. A lot of teams are like that though, where they don't seem to have a real plan in place to try to get to a championship. I mean, I'd love to hear from Sarver what his plan is to get Phoenix a title at this point, cause it instead seems like they're just content to be a pretty good team, neither bad nor elite. But in the NBA you often need to blow it up and start over to give yourself a chance to compete for titles down the road, and most teams for whatever reason aren't willing to do that.

So many teams seem to be content to just keep trying the same core of players that have failed to win anything year after year, just hoping that one of these years it's gonna click. If you're not really on the verge of winning it all, sometimes going to the bottom of the league for a season or two so you can get a top draft pick is the best way to position yourself for a title. Just look at the Thunder, for instance. If it ain't working, you gotta go back to the drawing board.

Blogger Wild Yams said...

Blogger Dick Sullivan said...
Wild Yams, how many times has that worked? I think none in the past decade; although, I'm uncertain how the Heat got the pick that landed Wade. By that argument, wouldn't Kobe and Pierce be playing for different teams right now?

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Right, I was one of the big supporters of the Camby for Amare trade years ago, or whatever. I can't be mad at the Knicks, they are simply exceeding expectations, but even looking at their young core they'll need more to compete as a Top 4 East team.

I am upset with the mismanagement of what the Suns did afterwards, and similar inconsistent goal targets that occurred in the Knicks FO again isn't a reason for me to hate them. We didn't need anyone to replace Amare. We needed quality 3-9 role players, and instead got a bunch of 6th men.

And the Knicks fans absolutely were in long-term mode. That's why we had stories of free agency 2010 and 2011 since 2008, and I hope everyone realizes that if one contract were different, Eddy Curry's, the teams post free agency 2010 could be totally different.

There are things to watch with Amare beyond his attitude. If he starts showing true effort defensively, and can keep hitting that occasional 3, boy that'd be madness.

But the "Sarver shouldn't have traded Amare because there was no one else better" angle is completely wrong. (As I write this I see Yams has submitted another way of explaining this, although I would have used Atlanta in the example). All PHX fans that weren't complete idiots knew this happened 4 years ago, and going through the bullshit again was not an option.

Finally, out of the guys you mentioned, only JJ was a big loss, and the Suns FO undercutting him was horrible. Barbosa was too much money for a guy that just runs and can't dribble, and Marion was revealed as such a head case that the decision was sadly easy.

Blogger The Dude Abides said...
@Kyle - Bynum's surgery was originally planned to remove the loose/torn cartilage in his knee. Apparently he played the entire 09-10 season with it (it originally occurred when he hurt his MCL in January 09), and then he injured it further in the 1st round of the playoffs against OKC. When they opened him up, they decided they could re-attach the torn cartilage, giving his knee increased stability in the future, but also a much longer recovery time from the surgery. They didn't insert new cartilage.

Blogger Factfinder said...
Achilles Heel... Walton's Foot... Yao's Ankle???

Anonymous kazam92 said...
So wait, Amare isn't rebounding and blocking this year? People it isn't 1985 where every good center will average 15 rebs and 3 blocks. If Amare starts playing shitty soon then call me on this, but the guy is playing his ass off. Take his numbers for what they are. I feel like we're critical of every good big man who doesn't average Moses Malone numbers yet we slobber over Kevin Love who plays no defense on a craptastic team

Anonymous phelan said...
Apostrophe has never really given a damn to rebound or play defense.

K-Love gobbles up rebounds for breakfast, so he at least has that going for him. Which is nice.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
Dick Sullivan - It worked for the Lakers when they traded Shaquille O'Neal. That trade netted them Lamar Odom and Caron Butler (who became Kwame Brown who in turn became Pau Gasol), as well as the financial write-off that was Brian Grant. LA stunk that first post-Shaq year, and went in the lottery where they got Bynum. 5 years later they won another title with a rebuilt team.

The other example to look at is the Thunder. Stuck in mediocrity they blew it up, traded their franchise player (Ray Allen) for draft picks, sucked for a few years and now have one of the brightest futures of any team in the league.

Blogger chris said...
Stuck in mediocrity they blew it up,

Partially influenced by Clay Bennett wanting to gut the team as much as he could (which discouraged Seattle attendance, as fans refused to give him their money) before he made good on his plans to Mayflower the squad to Bricktown.

I don't think that's quite the same scenario as the Lakers simply choosing Kobe over Shaq as a long-term plan.

Of course, then we have the perpetual-lottery Paupers and Clippers, and not much good happens to either (though Evans and Griffin look nice - right now).

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Getting blocks != defence

Anonymous Anonymous said...
@Yams -- watching the Knicks this season can be broken down thusly.

Mike D'Antoni: "Hey y'all. Go that way really fast. If something gets in your way.., turn and dish to Amare.".

Using the mute button is also important, as Clyde and that weepy dipshit Breen have become even more insufferable than Jalen Rose bumbling around trying to figure out where the teleprompter is on the next day's ESPN recap.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
And while stat is pulling down 9.1, D'Antoni pace makes that only 14.1 TRB%, putting him on par with... teammate guard Landry Fields. Look, I'm sorry if I sound grumpy, but for the number of times I've seen this conversation the past 8 years, honestly. Have fun, Knicks fans.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Anon - You shut your whore mouth, Mike Breen and Walt Fraiser rule and are the best part of watching basketball on MSG, except for last night's game of course, and comparing them to anything on ESPN is going to far.

And while we're at it, obviously Mike Fratello and Marv Albert rule miles above the actual content of YES Nets games.

Blogger draftaraujo said...
What was Phx motive for bailing Toronto out of Turkadoodoo's contract? I remember the day that happened, i couldnt believe we didnt have to give a pick to phx for unloading that contract. Still not as bad as JO for marion :( the day that trade went down i knew that was Bosh to Miami :(

its ok phx, only 4 more years of turk....

Blogger Will said...
According to Sir Charles Rondo is "the engine that stirs the drink."

Blogger Wild Yams said...
I too frequently stir my drinks with engines. As you can imagine, I drink my drinks out of bathtubs and swimming pools.

chris - That may have been Bennet's motivation, but the method is sound. Also, I've heard some say that internally with the Lakers back in 2004 that Jerry Buss wanted Shaq gone regardless of whether Kobe stayed or went. He'd just had enough of his BS over the years, and Shaq yelling "pay me" at Buss during a pre-season game that year (when Shaq already had a 3 year extension beginning at the end of that season worth about $30 million a year) was the final straw (or engine, that could be used for stirring a drink, as it were).

For me as a Laker fan, I was in favor of the Lakers trading Shaq during the 2002 offseason after they'd won their third straight title. I figured with Shaq coming off three straight Finals MVPs his trade value would never be that high again, and considering he had one of those grandfathered in pre-CBA insane contracts, he'd soon be getting paid more than he was worth, so it would be better to "sell high". All of my friends thought I was crazy, but I was saying back then they should try to swap Shaq for KG. I still wish they'd done that. Mid-20s Kobe and KG together would have been a hell of a pairing.

Anonymous kazam92 said...
Thoughts on Brandon Roy saying Andre Miller is the reason I'm having a bad year?

Blogger chris said...

Watching Nene posterize Tim Duncan enough to draw a DUNCAN FACE...

ahh, NBA on TNT. It's FANNNNNNNNNNN-tastic.

Blogger Bing said...
Did Manu Ginobili step under Melo to get that game-winning charge? Yes.

Anonymous Armand_A said...
How about this trade:
Cats get Arenas and Haywood
Mavs get Nazi Mohammed
Wizards get Diaw and Diop.

Cats can throw out a Arenas, Jackson, Wallace, Thomas and Haywood lineup; Mavs get rid of Haywood's contract; Wizards get rid of Arenas and don't have to play Hamilton anymore.

Blogger LotharBot said...
A friend made this comment after Manu drew the charge on Melo (despite being airborne) to end the game:

"figures that that's how a game against the spurs is decided.

wouldn't have it any other way." - coronaftw

Anonymous Stockton said...

Oh boy... enough bawfulness there for a week of posts...

Can the NBA change the voting, like Time magazine did in their man of the year poll?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yao, as is his nature, was upbeat in light of a setback that throws a shadow over his future.

"I haven't died," he said. "Right now I'm drinking a beer and eating fried chicken. What were you expecting, a funeral?"

Blogger Robby Boydstun said...
As a Portland fan, I want to kick Roy in the nads. When he plays well he will take the glory but when he scores 4 points and let's Dirk manhandle him on D in the last two minutes, it isn't his fault.

Bull. The man clearly isn't used to not being "the guy". The reality is, he isn't healthy. But he's in denial and has to blame others for his knees. At least Oden doesn't blame anyone.

Roy needs to sit on the bench and Portland needs to put Batum back in the starting line up. He was putting up good numbers before he got benched and produces more a night than Roy with half of the minutes.

Stop being a primadona Brandon. Either be a team player or take the 80 million you are basically stealing from the team now and go home. Face reality.

Just another day as a Blazers fan.

Anonymous JJ said...
Yams, I hear what you're saying, but I'm not really a fan of "blow up" theory. I always feel like if a team is close, they should go for a trade that "puts them over the top" as they say. Getting 1-2 players who will be a difference maker, or blowing up and starting over might both be difficult, but at least trading is just for 1-2 players. Blowing up means (at the very least): you have to get good picks for your assets, there have to be good players to draft, and coaching staff must be willing to develop the young players you're getting. Too many variables I say.

Anaconda, I agree only Joe Johnson was a big loss (only if he didn't get hurt his last year!) since others all had major faults in some way. Still, I really enjoyed watching Suns in D'antoni era and always hoped playing fast could win at least one championship. Instead, the team just got worse and worse... Whatever. I just feel like Nash was wasted, but he won't be the first.

On a different note, it seems like Yao is done.
"An MRI performed today on Rockets center Yao Ming revealed a stress fracture of the Medial Malleolus in his left ankle. The fracture, which is related to his previous injury of the Tarsal Navicular bone, presented itself during the course of his current rehabilitation program. There is no timetable for his return at this time."

Anonymous Czernobog said...
I watched the charge on youtube 3 times. Looks legit to me.

Blogger Solieyu said...
Despite Manu selling the hell out of it by jumping after contact for an Oscar winning flop? Either way, great play by the flop master. Somewhere out there Vlade is shedding tear.