The realization that his team is godawful was very sudden, and very disturbing for poor Monta Ellis

Here's a must-see from Kelly Dwyer on Ball Don't Lie: how Rajon Rondo and Brandon Jennings are rehabilitating. See? Professional athletes aren't so different from the rest of us! They also sit! They just do it, you know, to play a racing arcade game in their damn house, or watch three TVs at once.

Also, solid piece from the Washington Post on Gilbert Arenas and his tired act.

And quickly, I did receive a quick response from Marc Stein about the Frail Blazers nickname thing I mentioned last night: "Will write that somewhere when opening arises". So there you go. I have no idea if we coined the nickname or not (it's so obvious that I doubt it), but it's certainly been around for awhile.

Worst of the Night in Pictures:

Magic Hawks Basketball
"I made Gilbert cry! Mission accomplished."

So delightfully awkward

Someone go tell Rambis he isn't at an Atlanta Braves game

Suns Spurs Basketball
Huh. I figured it would take more than one game for Vince Carter to drive Steve Nash to madness

Nationally Televised Games:
Mavericks at Magic, NBA TV, 7pm: Dallas has won its last four games in Orlando, the Magic are in a slump, and they now have Hedo and Gilbert Arenas. I do not feel particularly optimistic about Orlando's chances tonight...

All The Other Games:
Thunder at Bobcraps, 7pm: The Thunder don't want to lose two consecutive games, and they get to face an offense that's nearly as terrible as Milwaukee's. Not to mention the Bobcraps aren't feeling terribly good about themselves. Per Stephen Jackson: "We're just terrible on all cylinders." Well, there's your problem, Captain Jack. You're a basketball team, not a car! Silly Bobcraps...

76ers at Bulls, 8pm: It's official: ESPN.com has referred to the Sixers as "surging." That is, of course, code for "sucking less than usual."

Nyets at Grizzlies, 8pm: The poor Nyets are about to play 10 of 13 on the road. I'm sure this will go well. Don't waste your time watching this game. You'll get a better sports viewing fix by watching the Lorchcast:

I think I've posted this here before, but the Lorchcast is worth another viewing

Warriors at Kings, 10pm: The Purple Paupers -- winners of five (5!) games this season -- are favored 66% to 34% in this game according to AccuScore computer simulations. Ladies and gentlemen, the Golden State Warriors!

Bucks at Lakers, 10:30pm: The Lakers like to beat up on bad teams. The Bucks are missing Brandon Jennings, Carlos Delfino, and Corey Maggette. I fully expect this game to look something like this:

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Blogger AnacondaHL said...

First 2 game winning streak of the season!

Anonymous Swayze said...

I know this is kinda late but check out number six. Wilson chandler goes all King Crab and walks the ball from the 3pt line for the dunk. I count at least 3 steps.

Anonymous kazam92 said...
Anaconda, I thought the Nets started 2-0

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Oh, right. of the season -> since the beginning of the season.

Also, here's the classic girl getting hit in the head with a phonebook for dicking around while at work video.

Blogger Bing said...
Lakers sucked hard tonight, beaten handily at Staples by an injury-riddled Bucks. LA looked bored from the get-go. Could have subbed in cheerleaders to bring some toughness on D. Sigh. If they play like this Xmas day the cHeaters will destroy them.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
Dan B. was right about what that Lakers - Bucks game would look like, he just didn't figure on the Lakers playing the part of the girl who got smacked in the head. No excuses from me on this one, the Lakers looked like absolute shit tonight.

Anonymous Karc said...
Yams - that took some of the joy away from my rant below. Only posting now because I took too much time on it (like, 5 minutes).

Unknown Laker-killer of the night - Earl freakin' Boykins. Seriously, bad enough that a "defending championship team" at full strength get tripped up by a depleted Bucks team. But then, the smallest guy on the court basically owns them at will in the second half, then pissed Kobe off to the point where he gets tossed (finally, I might add, he was asking for it).

Holding the “number 1 offense” in the league to 33 second-half points was impressive, as in Skiles can coach and Bogut was insane, not as in the Lakers only have those high offense numbers because they “crushed bad teams” (i.e. barely escaped the Clippers on a buzzer-beater and the Nyets in the last 4 minutes).

Seriously, I hope they give out bobbleheads on X-mas day. If it’s anything like the time LeBurnt crushed them last Christmas, this could be glorious.

Anonymous Muertedepepe said...

Anonymous Barry said...
Anyone else cringe when they saw that kid-slaps-girl video?