LeBron came to Milwaukee to chew bubblegum and kick ass sit on the bench in street clothes

Put on your Snuggie -- it's time for BAD.

And actually, it's almost vacation week for me! I'm out of here after tomorrow night bowling in a tournament in Reno and will be back next week. No, I don't expect to do particularly well, but it'll be a fun vacation. I'm just not looking forward to waiting to see what kind of mood the TSA agent will be when I get to the airport. Hopefully they'll let me bring a couple of my bowling balls on as carry-on luggage to avoid checking them (which costs $50 and puts them at risk of being cracked or damaged). Southwest is fine with it. However, TSA doesn't specifically have any stance on bowling balls, so sometimes they allow it, and sometimes they don't, just depending on the particular TSA agent at the checkpoint. It's a crap shoot. I'm not even going to be in Reno before I have to start gambling!

As noted by AnacondaHL, "It's Monday 2pm EST, you know what that means: MORE NBA JAM VOTING. This week: Lakers, Does voting for Vince Carter mean 2001 Carter, and a hilariously bad list of Wizards"

Worst of the Night in Pictures:

I guess we finally have an explanation for why the Bobcats have owned the Lakers -- the power of Ric Flair. Woo

"C'mon! I've got $5000 on this game!!"

Drew Gooden skips right over the facepalm and goes right for the headpalm

Look, two reanimated corpses hanging out together! Can we go ahead and bury them together? Thanks.

"I love your eyes"

Woah! When did The Great One become The Scary Looking One?

Don Nelson reminisces about the two foot sandwich he ate earlier that day

Nothing says "intimidation" quite like a couple Utah Jazz fans

Rick Adelman uses his mind powers to control the refs

Nationally Televised Games:
Spurs at Crabs: LeBron might sit out this game with a sore ankle. Well, I'm sure that will go well. It's not like he's the only source of offense on the Crabs, right?


All The Other Games:
Hawks at Knicks: For whatever reason, the Bricks have managed to beat Atlanta four of their last five meetings. This somehow makes even less sense than the Bobcats owning the Lakers.

Warriors at Hornets: Both of these teams have lost four straight. However, the Warriors are the Warriors, and Don Nelson is Don Nelson, so I think we can declare the Hornets the favorites in this one.

Mavericks at Timberwolves: The Mavs are on an 11-game winning streak, but are playing their third game in four days with a depleted roster. When your winning streak is in doubt, the Timberpoops are here to save the day!

at Grizzlies: Uh oh. The Grizzlies haven't won at home in five weeks. The Nyets have won three consecutive road games. What the hell is going on here? Memphis, PLEASE restore some sense of normalcy! Keep the dream alive!

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Blogger AnacondaHL said...
I forgot to mention it, but it becomes immediately clear that Gilbert Arenas is not on the voting poll. My dreams of Zero doing the smoking gun after every "he's on fire!" shot are ruined!

Blogger chris said...
AnacondaHL: I wonder if the available choices include folks who got fined for the pre-game skit...

Blogger Bing said...
You know when people say something half-joking but its really spot on the truth?

Nike Brown talking about resting LBJ: "We miss a lot when he's not in there," Brown said. "He makes me look like I know how to coach a little bit better."

Oh the humanity!

Anonymous Czernobog said...
So the Spurs got smoked by the kingless Craboliers despite an adequate performance by Hill and a huge game by Manu. They are d.u.n done.

Captcha: spord. I guess it's what an old viking eats porridge with.

Blogger chris said...
Czernoblog: You mean Brett "I Can't Retire" Favvv-ruh?


Whew, Nyets return to form tonight in a Loss That Isn't As Bad As Others.

Blogger jim said...
holy shit where was the defense? the hornets over the warriors 135-131 in regulation?!

also, a nomination for woty: every team after the bucks who passed on darren collison. once he stops turning the ball over so much, he'll be scary.

Blogger chris said...
Just had to say...

The Nyets are FOUR LOSSES AWAY from reaching a full century of defeats since Devin Harris became Reverse-Nostradamus!!!!!!!

I know in this day and age, the word "epic" is overused, but frankly if they get there soon enough, it will be the understatement of the year.

Blogger chris said...
Drew Gooden's jersey # - how one feels when they realize they've been forced into Donald Sterling's lair of lame for an extended period of time.

Anonymous Czernobog said...
@Chris: I'm Mid-Eastern, who is this "Brett Favre"? Does he play baseball?

(Kidding, I'm familiar with the name but I doubt I've ever seen him play.)

Blogger chris said...
Czernobog: He's the NFL's career leader in interceptions, including two game-losing picks in three years in the NFC Championship Game!

Anonymous heechul said...

When did the great one become Clay Aiken is much better

Blogger Silva said...
I voted for Ron Artest to be in Jam. We should be able to go into the stands in the new Jam. And for Gasol, it will be awesome to elbow him to the ground. Also voted for Carter. I did't vote for any Wizard.

Why was David Lee extremely happy that Horford shot was after time expired? He won the game sure but does it mean anything for his team?

Anonymous StottsEra said...
Georgia Senator Jack Hill (possibly watching the hawks lose to the Knicks)

Anonymous Story said...
The policeman sitting behind Finley and Sheed's corpses looks like he's covering his nose at the stench.

Also, captcha for this comment was 'vornag', which is probably the sound the cop made before ralphing.