While you are recovering from your Livin' Large hangover, here are a few Bawfulitos that are worth mentioning:
  • Blue-chipper Mark Madsen is stuck in the middle of a domain name theft investigation, after paying $111,000 for the stolen domain name P2P.com on Ebay. Some news stories are describing Madsen's involvement as "a good faith purchaser" of the stolen goods. Very similar to how the Timberwolves were "good faith purchasers" of talentless goods back in 2005.

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Blogger AnacondaHL said...
I just read about the domain name theft on Slashdot. The news is being brought up again (the civil suit for the P2P.com theft has been around since 2007) because the guy (Daniel Goncalves) was finally arrested, marking the first ever arrest for Domain Name Theft. My first thought was "why the hell is Mark Madsen" in the domain name investing business? But then again it's probably a lot better use for NBA money than what most ballers stereotypically do with it.

Anonymous bob sacamano said...
the richard jefferson thing is no way near as cold hearted as it sounds.

what happened

not quite as amusing/dickish as the initial reports made it sound...

Anonymous bloo said...
That WNBA dunk was horrible. Really. Just turrible.

Barely had anything to do with basketball.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Looking through Truehoop,I got linked to the ClippersBlog entry about the guards still left available out there. From one Clippers' fan:

"J'Rock Said, As bad as it sounds, if sessions is taken, we should reconsider Iverson. Hear me out… 1. Iverson’s ego has been hit with the way teams have been passing him up. 2. Now, the one time scoring champion/ NBA MVP/ Future H.O.F. has something to prove..AGAIN. This means he’s about to go off! I’m talking like 35-40ppg off. 3. Sign him for one year, get camby to help convince him to play along coming off the bench, then take over B-Diddy’s spot if he starts slacking. If Boom doesn’t step up, well have A.I. and E.G. as our starting guards. F* yeah! 4. SPEND THE 5.8 mill, why the hell not. I think we all forget how amazing A.I. really is. (Youtube highlights if you need a recap.) 5. A.I. would possibly help provide the pride and swagger we need (a’la sam cassell). If my theory on #2 is correct, A.I. knows he needs his teammates to win and prove a point to everyone who passed up on him. 6. Go over Foster’s list again. 99% of the guys on that list can’t even shine the patent leather on A.I.s kicks. (Other than possibly sessions if he lives up to the hype) Am I a big A.I. fan? Not so much. I am however, a huge basketball fan. And I do know that this guy is about to tear shit up, especially if he comes to l.a. and is hounded by the media that he has to prove himself in ‘kobe’s town’. We could be passing up something huge here. Besides, its one year! So what, lets put the future hall of famer in a clips jersey. I have a strong feeling it will work itself out."

The thought of a poor Clippers fan desperately holding on to the hope that AI will be a 35-40 ppg scorer for them makes me feel so fortunate that years ago I pegged Kobe to be a future star and not someone like the original Kandi Man. I can empathize though. It wasn't that long ago that I was saying, "But... but... surely the Machine can help Kobe win another ring?? He shoots like machine!"

WV: ststab: Like a stab to the heart, but 50% stronger and longer. Clippers fans will likely be ststabbed if Sterling gets his ticketseller -- errr great contributor AI.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blogger Cortez said...
"...invited to The White House, presumably for the unveiling of Barack Obama's "Cash for Boredom" stimulus package."

You didn't get the official memo? Women's basketball, especially the WNBA, deserves much more than your ridicule (likely based on pure deep seeded jealousy and misogyny). If fact, it deserves your outright respect and admiration.

That dunk was off the charts AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Was that enough exclamation points?)

Blogger Adam said...

That has got to be Big Mat.

Blogger Unknown said...
It's not really that big of a deal. I'm sure the next installment will make up for the wait. You're not making it any better or easier by complaining.

Blogger Unknown said...
Don't write another livin' large, bawful, screw them by moving it to pay per view or somthing.

Anonymous Ruben said...
Yeah, I saw that article about Kwame's house. I immediately noticed that there are 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Five bathrooms! He must the world's weakest bowels. Forget about his gardener, I pity whoever had to clean his toilets. He must have worse stools than Lamar Odom.

Also, since I am being picky, that article about him selling his house had a very misleading error:

"Although Brown lives and owns in Detroit,"
Kwame Brown owning?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
That WNBA dunk is meaningless, since the game itself drew the lowest rating for a WNBA All-star game in history with a 0.4. It's not really a comeback if the ratings continue to plummet. On that note, there were only two WNBA games shown on ABC so far, and it's staying that way. I don't care if I sound sexist, but the only way for the WNBA to get more viewers at this point is to sex them up, like tennis, volleyball, gymnastics, etc. Not Lingerie Football League level, but enough so that both straight men and lesbians can watch beautiful ladies run around on the court (couldn't care less how they actually play). And better uniforms, like the Australian women's team uniform. Sure to draw viewers.

And ABC is showing only 15 regular season games this year, which is the minimum they are required to show according to http://sportsmediawatch.blogspot.com/2009/08/abc-scales-back-nba-coverage-to-bare.html. Only eight teams will actually be shown out of 30 in the league on national TV. I should probably factor in the 5 games they show during the playoffs (2 first round, two second round, maybe one conference final game) I hope that none of those teams reach the Finals, just so that ratings can drop even further.

BTW, those eight teams would be:

Here's hoping for that Jazz-Bulls rematch in the finals...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I love chick hoops fans on the subject of dunking.

They spin it like dunking is just poor fundamental selfish male showboating anyways...

Until a chick actually dunks, and then it's freaking awesome!

Blogger Michapalooza said...
Dear Bawful,

Props on LL mate and all the best on your vacation.

One thing though, may I suggest that to alleviate the angst being experienced by your world wide readers, that you or one of your peeps provide a proposed date that episode 18 will be published. Then we can all set that date in our outlook diaries and leave you to enjoy your well earned break.

Blogger mati said...
f*** me. i came for da livin' larje. 'nd eez nowhere ta be fount.