This one isn't nearly as bad as The Zach Randolph Abomination, but it's still pretty darn craptastic. It even made Basketbawful reader Aram -- who kindly sent in a graphic of the play-by-play -- embarrassed to be a Lakers fan. As well he should be. (But for reasons other than this.)

worst possession ever

I'm also awarding bonus 'bawful points to the Grizzlies for employing a "rebounding optional" defensive strategy. "Hey, I know! If we make them take five or six shots per possession, they'll eventually tire themselves out! Brilliant!" Oh, and for the record, I see this sort of thing happen in pickup basketball all the time.

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Blogger The Dude Abides said...
What that graphic was not able to show:

1:10 LAL Gasol punches net in frustration while screaming "Merda!" **

**original Catalan

Anonymous Anonymous said...
well, if it was one of those plays like rodman used to have where he'd try and tip the ball in from close range several times in a row, is not really that bad. i mean if he couldn't secure the rebound because he was surrounded by defenders and/or did not have a good position, tipping the ball is a much better option than just allowing the defender to grab the rebound. it also shows that the player is working hard to at least try and tip in the ball.

i think this is nowhere nearly as bad as the gordon possession i sent earlier where gordon chucked 3s while OTHER players worked for the offensive rebounds just to watch him shoot the ball again and then throw a bad pass.

again, i don't know if they had the play by play when rodman was still in the league, but i remember seeing him do this little tip-in routine quite often. sometimes he'd score, sometimes he'd somehow end up with the rebound and sometimes in the end the defense managed to finally get a rebound. you gotta at least appreciate the effort.

(for this particular play I can't tell for sure cause I didn't see it, but the play by play suggests it was exactly this kind of thing)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
But still, 4 rebounds in 4 seconds is a nice rebounding pace. He probably wanted to up his totals without doing a 'Ricky Davis'. You know, shooting on your own basket.

Wordverification: Mings. Yao's family.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
I'll put a video of this up on YouTube tonight when I get home, but I have a feeling it's one of those things that reads worse in the play by play than it actually looked. I too saw it listed like that but couldn't really remember the play at all, even though I watched the whole game.

Blogger Dunpizzle said...
Whenever a player gets 3 or more tips/offensive rebounds in a single possession we should call it a "Zydrunas". He virtually pads his stats like that every game. Most of his 10+ rebound games is because he had a possession of about 6 tips.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
The Dude Abides -- They need to have you manning the play-by-play-a-tron.

dunkside -- You are absolutely correct. That Bulls possession was far worse. FAR.

Geert -- Or you could be like JaVale McGee and shoot on your own basket by mistake.

Wild Yams -- Load 'er up.

Dunpizzle -- In all honesty, it should be called a "Moses," since Moses Malone made a career off that kind of action.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually ming is his first name. yao is the family (last) name. only this is how they introduce themselves - last name first, first name last.

can't say if it has to do with the chinese or is just a communist thing, cause this is how the communists had people doing in eastern europe as well. might have had something to do with trying to remove the individuality of a person and make him just one in a group of nearly identical people. sort of like robots or clones. pretty 1984 like.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
@ Dunkside

Yes, you are totally right. I read that once. I don't think it's a communist thing, maybe something Asian? I kind of remember (but not sure) that it's also like this in some other countries. Also, 1984 is great.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
Here's the video of this play. Nothing too spectacular, IMO.

Blogger Preveen said...
Damn, dunkside beat me to it. :(
No, its an Asian thing, its traditionally like that. Stresses on Family or ancestry being more important that self. Even I have a whole string of initials denoting my ancestry, only used in govt forms!

Anyway, now you know why Yao has Yao on his jersey, and not Ming :) And Yi, and Sun, etc

Blogger Murcy said...
@ dunkide: no, it's not a communsit thing, and it's only in a few central-european countries. hungarian has always been like this. nothing about communists in that :)