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Thanks to Michael W. for today's pic.

The Memphis Grizzlies: Despite the temptation, I'm not going to crack on them for letting the Bobcats shoot for the game. I will, however, laugh mockingly at the following facts: They got choke-slammed on the boards (44-28), missed 10 foul shots (25-for-35) and committed 21 turnovers (which led to 23 points for the 'Cats). That combination of flubups sure makes it hard to win. Or, you know, lose with dignity.

Rudy Gay: He recovered from a brutal three-game stretch in which he went 13-for-39 from the field to score 26 points on 10-for-15 shooting. BUT...he had 7 of his team's 21 lost balls. That's a lot of balls to lose. I said balls. Said Gay: "I know personally I turned the ball over a couple of useless times. We just have to play more solid." Notice how quickly he went from "I" to "We"?

Emeka Okafor: I haven't forgotten about The Okafor Watch! Last night, the mighty Oak went off for 20 and 15 to go along with 3 steals and 3 blocked shots. But, of course, he had zero assists. It was the eighth time the last 13 games that he had a goose egg in the assist column. In the other five games, he had 1 assist. So far on the season, he has 25 zero-assist outings and 14 others in which he notched only 1 assist. And that accounts for all but three games! In that other trio of games, he had 2, 3, and 4 assists, respectively. The current Watch standings: 404 shot attempts, 199 free throw attempts, 23 assists and 83 turnovers. His mother obviously didn't teach him to share.

The Toronto Craptors: Bad shooting? Check (42 percent). Beaten on the boards? Check (40-28). Ineffective defense? Check (3 steals, 1 block and an opponent field goal percentage of 50+ percent). Another double-digit road loss? Check (95-76). Seven straight losses? Very check (and 28 overall). Said Raptors coach Jay Triano: "We need to do a better job of fighting through adversity. I don't know why, but when we get down, we seem to lose confidence and hang our heads a little." I'm not a sports psychologist or anything, but not being very good doesn't usually do much to boost team confidence.

Kwame Brown: Basketbawful reader jhaig left the following comment: "Originally from The Raptors Blog by Doug Smith: 'Action: A halftime stroll. Reaction: A strange, telling sight. Maybe this tells you everything you need to know about a guy. Walking down a hallway by the Pistons locker room at halftime, spied Kwame Brown coming out of the press room with a full bag of popcorn. Seems he'd ducked in to grab some food put out for the grunts and others.'"

The Phoenix Suns: Battered by a jillion in Boston and then neutered in New York? That's a sorry two-game stretch for a team that, in theory, has the talent to contend for a title. The Suns have now lost four of five, a slump that includes a home loss to the Timberwolves. Said Steve Nash: "Before this five-game stretch, I was feeling pretty good about our team and I felt like we had turned a corner, and so to take two steps back here lately has been frustrating. I'm not sure I have the answers for it."

Amare Stoudemire: Okay, STAT needs to spend less time filming cutsie videos to convince people he's an All-Star and more time playing like one. He followed up his stinker against the Celtics (3 points on 0-for-7 shooting) by shooting 6-for-17 against one of the league's worst defenses. Oh, and he got posterized by David Lee...

Shaq: The Big Geritol dropped 18 points on the Knicks in the first half but was held to a single field goal in the second as David Lee (25 points, 16 boards) soundly outplayed him. Said Lee: "When [O'Neal] was rested more in the first half, there's nothing I can obviously do to keep him from going where he wants to go. In the second half, I think he got a little worn down. That's what it's like sometimes on a road trip. I was able to keep running up and down a little bit." It sorta seems like teams can game plan for Shaq to quiet down as the game progresses. That's...great. Oh, and Shaq-ovic was only 5-for-13 from the line as the Suns missed 14 free throws in the 5-point loss. I'm just sayin'.

The Miami Heat defense: The fact that the Celtics shot 51 percent and dominated the boards (48-30) isn't all that surprising, I guess. But Eddie House set season-high by scoring 20 points in the second quarter! House finished with 25 on 9-for-15 from the field, which included 7-for-11 shooting accuracy from downtown. (It was Eddie's first 20-point game since -- you guessed it! -- he did it against the Heat in Miami on January 29, 2008.) Speaking of three-point shooting, Ray Allen was 5-for-6 from distance and the Celtics finished a season-best 15-for-25 from beyond the arc. Memo to the Heat: It's called "hand in the face." Try it. You'll like it. I think.

Shawn Marion: I think this snippet from the AP recap says it all: "Shawn Marion, who was limited to eight minutes -- he took treatment for a sore left groin throughout the day but wound up starting -- missed an easy dunk, perhaps the ultimate lowlight for Miami." No wonder Pat Riley's considering trading Marion for Jermaine "The Drain" O'Neal. That, in and of itself, tells you how far Marion has fallen of the "Most-coveted NBA Players" chart. Speaking of signs...

The Dallas Mavericks: A 33-point road loss to a sub-.500 team is a sure sign that this team is so far past it's freshness date that it's time to throw it away and buy a new box of Twinkies. The offense was putrid (36 percent shooting), sure, but the defense, oh dear lord in heaven, the defense! Milwaukee scored 133 points while hitting almost 58 [!!] percent of their shots for the game. Welcome to the NBA, Allas Mavericks! Said Mavs coach Rick Carlisle: "The second quarter they shot 83 percent from the field. The third quarter they shot 74. I am just disappointed particularly in the way the second and third quarters came down. We're better than that, and we should be better than that." Added Dirk Nowitzki: "It's just embarrassing, really. They got whatever they wanted—wide-open shots, drives, layups." Hey, Dirk, here's a copy of that memo I sent the Heat...

Basketbawful reader Mladen added: "The Mavs starters' Plus-Minus scores were: -14, -19, -10, -12, and -22. Mark Cuban might just injure his neck soon. Oh, and in case you were wondering how did Cuban's prized possession Dampier did: 2 points (0-for-3 shooting), 8 rebounds, 1 turnover and 3 fouls. Although, he did get two blocks and he didn't miss a free throw. (The -10 belongs to him, so I guess that makes him the best starter last night.) Certainly worth the money they chose not to invest in Steve Nash."

Mark Cuban: Basketbawful reader Mladen sent this in: "And here's my favorite quote from the AP recap: '...but Dallas never made a run leaving Mavs owner Mark Cuban shaking his head just behind the bench.'" Mladen also noted that the headline on NBA.com was "Bucks Run Past Mavericks In Laugher." I don't think Marky Mark was laughing very much.

Comcast: Basketbawful reader Sam writes in: "I just hope no one from Seattle was watching in the Philly area..."


Update! Comcast, unintentionally dirty cable provider: AK Dave, regarding the above graphic, noted: "Comcast should get an unintentionally dirty mention for the 'Sports Packages' they have listed on that graphic." Seriously. And, uh, doesn't Comcast usually charge $5.99 for those special viewings? That's what I've heard, anyway...

The New Jersey Nets: The Hornets were without David West (back spasms), Tyson Chandler (left ankle) and Chandler's backup Hilton Armstrong (left knee). And, mind you, New Orleans is NOT a deep team. But they still dropped the Nets by double-digits as Chris Paul barely missed a triple-double (29 points, 9 rebounds, 8 assists). Nets coach Lawrence Frank said: "In the third quarter, frustration took over. We missed some easy shots, we got some fouls called against us. At times we did not take great shots."

Vince Carter: Despite the loss, New Jersey's fourth straight defeat, Vinsane was feeling good. "We let one slip away. But the positive I take out of it is that we were able to fight back and not lay down. We lost by 10 points or so, but I think guys continued to fight, continued to play hard just to chip away and try to get ourselves back in it. They just did a great job of closing us out." That's right, Vince! The glass is half full! (Of crap.)

Carlos Boozer: Yes, the Jazz lost, but here was Milsap's line: 20 points (9-for-15) and 12 rebounds despite limited minutes due to foul trouble. So, uh, Carlos who?

The Portland Trail Blazer defense: Rolling over for LeBron James (34 points and 14 assists) is one thing, but giving up a season-high 33 points -- including a career-high six 3-pointers -- to Mo Williams is a little less excusable. The Cavaliers shot almost 53 percent for the game and hit 11-for-19 from the Land of Three. Said Portland coach Nate McMillan: "When you're opposing players like LeBron James and Mo Williams, especially at their best, you've got to be more aggressive." Gee, Nate, ya think?! Can I get that memo I made for the Heat back from Dirk and the Mavs so I can give it to the Blazers? Thanks.

The Sacramento Kings: A few days ago, I named the Kings the Worst Team in the League. And, as if to prove me right, they immediately dropped a home game against the worst team in the East. Way to step down to the challenge, Sacramento! The Kings, by the way, have yet to defeat an Eastern Conference team. It was bad enough that they let the Wiz score 110 points on 52 percent shooting, but here's some added perspective for you from the AP recap: "Having failed to score 100 or more points in 11 of the past 12 games, the Wizards went over the 100-point mark on a Darius Songaila basket with 5:04 left in the game." Wow, huh?

The Los Angeles Clippers: Oh, they are SO who we thought they were. Minus their four best players -- Baron Davis (bruised tailbone), Chris Kaman (strained left arch), Zach Randolph (sore left knee) and Marcus Camby (sprained left ankle) -- the Clippers were forced to let Brian Skinner man the middle with predictably disastrous results: Andrew Bynum scored career-high 42 points (on 17-for-24 shooting) to go along with 15 rebounds. That made Bynum the first Laker other than Kobe Bryant to drop 40 since Shaq had 48 against Boston on March 21, 2003. Speaking of Kobe, he had his second triple-double in three games (18 points, 10 rebounds, 12 assists). It might be time to change the Clippers team name to "The Los Angeles Props."

The Golden State Warriors: It's never good to lose at home. It's even worse to lose to the worst team (record-wise) in the NBA. And it's even WORSTER to do it the way the Warriors did it: After scoring 121 points (which included a mind-boggling 38-for-40 from the charity stripe) on 52 percent shooting. Of course, that'll happen when you give up 122 points, the last 2 of which came on a buzzer-beater from Jeff Green. It was the Thunder's third road win of the season.

Don Nelson, quote machine: Alex B noted a little grumpiness in Nelson's post-game comments: "Not sure if you've seen this one, but here's what Nellie had to say about Jeff Green's buzzer beater that won the game for the Thunder against that lousy team of his. 'I don't believe (Green) called bank on the shot. I believe he shot it so poorly it went in. It was one of those shots.' Now I don't know if that's WotN material, but it sure sounds like a combination of sour grapes and desperately sad trombone to me. Especially since the Warriors had allowed 120 points prior to that game-winning shot. From the Thunder. At home." Alex, that is most definitely WotN material. Thank you.

NBA.com: Thanks to Josh, Gab V. and Pabjor for passing this along. Apparently, Derrick Rose is the most prolific rookie scoring machine in, like, forever. You'd think the Bulls would have a better record with rose averaging more than 1,600 points per game...

Rose scoring

Lacktion report: Chris speaks, er, writes again:

Grizzlies-Bobcats: It looks like the Grizzlies will definitely have a starter for the All-Lacktion Team as Greg Buckner has honed the art of being a regular non-factor, showing up tonight with +1 (turnover) in 3:12. For Charlotte, Mark Cuban's Folly, er, DeSagana Diop proved why he recently earned a one-way ticket out of the Mavs, by grabbing a rebound that interfered with a solid three minutes of mediocrity (where he fouled twice).

Suns-Knicks: The matchup of the two Mike 'antoni squads past and present was full of offense and efense (yep, no D!) with both teams breaking the century mark. So could there still be some stunningly bland statlines? Oh yes -- Alando Tucker gave the ball away once for +1 in 4:02 for Phoenix.

Celtics-Heat: Patrick O'Bryant served as tonight's human victory cigar for Boston, netting Doc Rivers and his squad a solid 2.5 trillion fortune. But this one-time creation of wealth doesn't compare to the consistency of another probable All-Lacktion superstar, Yakhouba Diawara, who keeps the Heat's spot on the lacktion reports nice and warm. Diawara bricked thricely from past the arc for +3 in 7:44, while apparently Jamaal Magloire has become his apprentice, matching his teammate's +3 (in 6:21) via foul, missed shot, and turnover. Since the Heat are still in some way under Pat Riley's watch, the "ffense" approach (no O!) was only fitting, except that that also required a defensive effort that didn't happen, as the Celtics' run through slumpbusting teams continues.

Raptors-Pistons: With Jake Voskuhl not getting any court time this evening in Auburn Hills, Toronto needed a fresh face to live down to low expectations, and they got it in rookie Nathan Jawai, whose first game in the Association saw him losing the ball to the Pistons once for a +1 in 3:05. Jawai, originally picked by the Pacers but then sent along to the Raptors as a traveling companion for The Drain, was until tonight in the NBA D-League. This apparently gave him time to be interviewed by AOL Fanhouse about nearly being eaten by a crocodile. I wonder how many rookies over the years have racked lacktion in their first ever appearance, and how many of those folks have gone the extra mile to take home a bonus trillion. You only get one chance to make an unimpressive first impression after all!

Jazz-Rockets: Jarron Collins bricked once and took a foul to give Utah +2 in 5:20.

Wizards-Kings: Suckramento's Bobby Jackson missed two shots (once from downtown) for +2 in 5:50.

Cavs-Blazers: Tarence Kinsey is to lacktion what King Crab is to scoring - truly elite. And when called upon to do absolutely nothing in the name of bawful, Kinsey delivered this evening at the Rose Garden. He knocked in a 26 second Mario, a fine nonperformance alongside the equally brave effort of fellow Crabolier Darnell Jackson who earned a mention in the lacktion report with two fouls and a brick for +3 in 9:48. This is Kinsey's fourth unproductive game in six days, a very effective way to make a case that he unquestionably should be chosen for the Basketbawful All-Lacktion team. His combined stats in those four appearances? One foul in five minutes and four seconds spread out over 192 minutes of game time. I'm not sure we've ever witnessed a sustained run of pure nothingness like this before, but it is glorious.
Kobe Bryant: Mamba invited all the Lakers over to Luke Walton's place for an after-game party. At one point, he pretended to go to the bathroom but instead filled Luke's underwear drawer with women's panties. He then yelled out, "Hey, everybody! Luke's drawers! They're filled with lady's undies! Come look!" Now the rest of the team believes Luke likes to crossdress.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Anyone watch Dallas walk off the floor after their game? Josh Howard gave a #1 sign to the camera. YOUR TEAM JUST LOST BY 34 TO THE BUCKS. PUT YOUR FINGER BACK IN YOUR POCKET, DOUCHEBAG.

Blogger chris said...
I covered the gutwrenching 4th quarter of the Kings-Generals game in the 1/20 comments, but I gotta add this:

A priceless occurrence - the announcers practically begging Suckramento for a good effort in their own half-court, only to watch their prayers go unanswered as Miller and Salmons amongst others unleashed a steady stream of efense (no D). Antawn Jamison was one of many Generals who benefitted from how wide open the paint got so late, a stoppable force that met a fivesome of resistable objects in white and purple.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
More Seattle despair: I mentioned this before, but the Splits page for NBA players on Yahoo! still shows vs. SEA stats.

Captcha: yourmsom. I love this site.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
And better yet, guess who was the best player on the allas Mavs?
THE evean George with a -7, ruining a 6 trillion with a dime and a slap for . Everyone else achieved double digits. Way to be a teammate.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
It's really sad that Phoenix's best player is only in shape enough to play well for one half, even if given more than a day's rest to prepare. Does Shaq really think he'll keep playing beyond his current contract?

I can't believe that anyone wants to pick up Jermaine O'Neal at this point. As bad as Shawn Marion's been since he left Phoenix, his contract is smaller than The Drain's, it ends this year, and Marion's not playing nearly down to O'Neal's level. Pat Riley must be smarter than that.

I think tony.bluntana may be off the hook for his dumping of Greg Oden from his fantasy squad the other day. Looks like Oden is back to his old lumbering self after getting outplayed at center by Anderson Varejao last night.

The Laker "defense" should get a mention in today's Worst Of. They let little used Clipper rookie DeAndre Jordan get 23 points on 11 of 12 field goals (all dunks, btw).

Am I alone in thinking that Dallas and Phoenix are really battling it out for that 8th playoff seed in the West this year? I think one of them will be in the lottery while the other will get a 1st round beating at the hands of the Lakers. Maybe that's just me.

I can't wait to see the Boston-Magic game tonight. LA-Wizards? Not so much.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The Boston-Magic game is the only thing to be excited about.

Yams, I think it's been shown that Riley has been affected by Alzheimers or something - he probably *doesn't* know that The Drain is a Bad Idea.

I also have a question to put to this community - how can the Jazz win a title? They're always really-damn-good-but-not-good enough. And I'm sick of it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
That absolutely incredible what Emeka Okafor is managing to do. Then again, would you pass the ball to anyone else on the Bobcats if you played for them? Just sayin'...

Don Nelson is so weak. Green was 9/14 on the night and he just hit a "lucky shot" at the end. Give me a break. What a joke of a coach. His only decent feat in the last 5 years is beating a lame Mavs team in the playoffs because they're slow and old.

Blogger Andrei said...
Half watching the Craboliers and Blazers play while consuming Shlitz I also believed that King Crab was destroying them. Later when I looked at the stats, I noticed that it was more of a vintage AI game for him. Sure he scored 34 points, but it took him 30 shots to do it. I would much rather place the game in the hands of Mo Williams' three point shooting than be determined by King Crab drives to the hoop and the subsequent free throw parade. I think the Blazer's plan to contain LeBron worked pretty well...if they could only put a hand in some other people's face instead of hoping they miss open shots.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
I don't think the Jazz are legit title contenders this year, no way. They could win a title if they added some more players, but they don't have a shot right now. My reasoning for this is simple: they had a lot of trouble with the Lakers last year and came surprisingly close to getting swept (the two Utah wins in that series went down to the wire, one in OT); and this year the Lakers are much better than they were a year ago. I think it's possible the Jazz could end up in the WCF (it all depends on seeding), but I don't see them beating LA this year if they weren't even close last year.

For the Jazz to be legit title contenders they need to probably trade Okur, because a perimeter-oriented center is pretty much the antithesis of championship-proven basketball. You need to have a serious post presence on both ends of the floor to win titles, it's that simple. You need that efficient scoring on offense and someone to prevent easy baskets on defense. A center that shoots 3s is an interesting weapon, but it won't bring you a title unless he's coming off the bench.

Boozer is Utah's post presence, but honestly he's too short to really dominate in the low block (same goes for Milsap). He'd be a perfect compliment to a low block guy though because his midrange J is so great. Utah could go with Milsap at center and Boozer at PF, but they'd have trouble against the taller teams out there, especially defensively. Milsap's having a great year, but you can't expect him to guard Yao, Duncan or Bynum effectively (maybe Oden too), let alone Dwight Howard, Ilgauskas or KG/Perkins. Not for a series. Same goes for Boozer, and really it goes even double for Okur, who doesn't like to bang down low anyway.

This is the same reason I don't take New Orleans seriously as a title threat either. Tyson Chandler can block shots, but he's not necessarily a great low post defender, and he can't create his own offense in the post either, relying entirely on alley-oops from CP3 to get involved. You need a post presence on both ends to win titles, period. The teams that have that are in the hunt, the teams that don't, aren't.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Comcast should get an unintentionally dirty mention for the "sports packages" they have listed on that graphic.


Blogger Slopster said...
"Cavs-Blazers: Tarence Kinsey is to lacktion what King Crab is to scoring - truly elite. And when called upon to do absolutely nothing in the name of bawful, Kinsey delivered this evening at the Rose Garden. He knocked in a 26 second Mario, a fine nonperformance alongside the equally brave effort of fellow Crabolier Darnell Jackson who earned a mention in the lacktion report with two fouls and a brick for +3 in 9:48. This is Kinsey's fourth unproductive game in six days, a very effective way to make a case that he unquestionably should be chosen for the Basketbawful All-Lacktion team. His combined stats in those four appearances? One foul in five minutes and four seconds spread out over 192 minutes of game time. I'm not sure we've ever witnessed a sustained run of pure nothingness like this before, but it is glorious."

This was maybe the funniest thing I've ever read. I'm biased, but I gotta suggest that Kinsey's lacktion speaks volumes about how deep the Cavs are this season.

Blogger chris said...
Slopster: Stop the presses, someone just used "deep" and "Cavaliers" in the same sentence? What's next, a game or two in which Shaq made all his charity-stripe shots...oh wait. Crap. Wow.

Monu-freaking-mental, man.

Yep, Mr. Kinsey has been lacktive for four straight games (in just one week), which is probably the longest streak of on-court non-contributing appearances we've got so far in 08-09. It nearly was seven games in a row, except that he ruined a 1.8 trillion against the Grizzlies with a rebound, a 47 second potential Mario against Boston with another unfortunate board, and a possible +2 versus Charlotte with a steal and made shot. Maybe he called up Scott Hastings for advice after three games of choking out of lacktion?

With the Crabs looking to feast on the Warriors tomorrow night - a team clearly affixed to efense, without D, there's a huge risk that Kinsey might fail to maintain his lacktivity if sent in way too early as a human victory cigar (two minutes into the third?), so my fingers are crossed that this epic streak will continue under these challenging circumstances of success that will confront his team at the Oracle.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Jajajajaja... your Mamba jokes are great... I can just imagine Kobe doing such thinga to Luke...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The bulls had the unstoppable post presences of Luc Longley and Bill Wennington, and still won a championship or two. And they whipped teams with pretty damn good centers (Ewing/Smits/Mourning etc...)

So while you are right about the Jazz not having a lot of muscle and size in the paint, I just don't believe that it *CAN'T* be done. In fact, it has been done, about 6 times, by the Bulls.

I know they had MJ, I know, I know. But I'm just sayin'- it has been done before and I'm sure it will be done again sometime.

Do you really think Mehment should go? Why not bring somebody else in to play with him? He creates matchup nightmares and opens up the paint for his guards by drawing the opposing center out to guard him on the perimeter. Why not bring in a Kendrik Perkins or a Joel Pryzbilla to be that physical presence on Defense, and keep a guy who is at the peak of his career and shoots lights-out (42%) from 3. Seems to me like Okur is not the guy you want to trade unless you're going to totally blow up the team.

Your thoughts?

Blogger chris said...
Tonight's Generals-Lakers matchup promises to be chock full of lacktion, specifically if Sun Yue gets any "playing" time. But the more interesting to me is looking at their team's records:

LA - 33-8
Washington - 9-32

near mirror images!

I wonder what the most lopsided "mirror" matchup in NBA history is - did the Bulls face any 60-loss teams late in the season back in the day?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Alonzo Mourning is retiring. I feel like crying...he was the f*cking man in Miami and always will be

bawful if you love me enough, mention this somewhere

Blogger Michael Hsu said...
I already knew Walton was a cross dresser. Look at his face it looks like he is wearing permanant make up.

Blogger Michael Hsu said...
I just saw the top 10 for Wednesday from NBA.com for, 1/22/2009 and the number 10 play was Rudy Gay dunking with NO defense from Charlotte since they were up a million with time winding down. I think that's pretty much sums up how Memphis has to score. Also on the number 1 play they called Jeff Green a rookie. Dang that team is so bad that no one knows anything about their 2nd best player.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
bloo -- Crap, missed that. Anybody got video of that?

chris -- It' always, and I mean always, a bad sign when the hometown announcers lose hope and get frustrated with their team. They're the last line of ungiveupables.

AnacondaHL -- That might be the best CAPTCHA yet. Dude, by the way, drop me an email would ya?

My Mother shook head -- Huh. I guess Mark Cuban really did know what he was doing when he re-signed George. [falls into fit of hysterical laughter]

Yams -- I seriously don't know what Riles could be thinking. That whole "injury" thing that dogged The Drain in Indy is dogging him now, too. The only thing I can think is that Jermaine's skills, such as they are, are more beneficial to a halfcourt game (which Miami relies on) than Marion's (which are better suited to a running style). But I don't care about X's and O's. Acquiring The Drain is not going to make a team better. How can people not realize that by now??

BadDave -- You and I both know that Utah won't win a title until I stop rooting for them.

allthefeeling -- The funniest thing is, if you read the recap from last night's game, it opens up by stating how Larry Brown demands ball movement. Apparently, those demands don't pertain to guys on his team named "Okafor."

Andrei -- But you know, that's the added benefit, beyond his own numbers, of having a LeBron. Teams go crazy double-teaming and collapsing on him, and that creates open shots. Which Mo, unlike some other former Number Two guys I could mention, is knocking down.

Yams -- I've often thought the Jazz needs to bring in a bruising center for defensive purposes. And, with the way Milsap is playing, why not sign-and-trade Boozer in the offseason for just such a center (plus some other piece, probably) and use Mehmet and Milsap in the forward spots. Then they could have a massive frontcourt with one guy who could really stretch the defense.

AK Dave -- Fixed.

Slopster -- I think the Cavs actually are pretty deep...or will be once everybody's healthy.

chris -- See above.

Anonymous #1 -- If Mamba hasn't done that to Luke yet, he will soon. Once he gets around to reading today's WotN, anyway.

AK Dave -- Okay, weird. We were thinking the same thing...freaky.

chris -- Hm. Might have to head over to basketball-reference.com...

kazam92 -- I will have a few words on Zo's behalf tomorrow.

Michael Hsu -- Lalalalalalala!! I'm not thinking about it! Lalalalalala!! [pictures Luke in drag, vomits]

Blogger Wild Yams said...
I've got two totally bawful suggestions for how the Jazz can fix their lack of a center problem:

1. Trade Boozer to the Crabs for Big Z - This gives Utah the center they need and gives the Crabs a chance to have the team doctor euthanize Booz.

2. Try to lure Greg Ostertag out of retirement.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
thanks. I now I have an excuse to why the heat didn't show up against the celts. Wade and haslem were informed in the locker room pre-game

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Basketbawful- get out of my HEAD!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I don't understand the point of publishing +/- stats after blowouts. It's a blowout, they're +/- stats, what do you expect?

Oh, and regarding the dynasty Bulls - They did have post presence. They simply got it from Jordan and Pippen. Not the traditional way to do it, sure, but still a low post threat.

Blogger Mintz... said...
Chris... you have turned the Lacktion report into a form of fine art unparalelled in the known universe.

you're okay too Basketbawful....

Blogger chris said...
Mintz: I'm only providing the canvas, Terence and Jake and Mario provide the art.

Blogger Unknown said...
we need all star voting mentions of how the closest voting races were Yi losing to KG by 250,000 votes in the EC Forward vote and BRUCE BOWEN losing the WC Forward spot to Amare by 68,000 votes.

Bruce Bowen, really? how?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
again NBA should do like the NFL. Fans are retarded. F*cking Knee-mac is starting right? He better drop out

Blogger lordhenry said...
Lord Mamba reads Basketbawful: "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! panties!"

Anonymous Anonymous said...
@Czernobog- yeah, you' make a pretty good point, man. But my point was that you don't *need* a CENTER who does that. They had centers who were neither imposing physical presences on defense nor skilled pivot-players. They were mediocre rebounders and could hit the 10-ft J if they were all alone on the baseline and Jordan spoon-fed them the shot. And they STILL won rings with those mugs.

And besides; Jordan and Pippen both could post-up, sure- but they sure as hell weren't taking the Admiral or Sir Charles or Patrick Ewing down into the box and backing them down for hook shots. They were opportunistic post-players, taking advantage of mismatches on the switch and then posting up the likes of John Starks and Marc Jackson: big difference.

And yeah, I know Jordan blocked Ewing and Pippen blocked God three times in a game once, but those two guys a solid post presence does not make. They play the 2 and 3-spots. And besides... Yao has been blocked by Nate Robinson AND Luke Ridnour, so, you know, that stuff happens... but I digress.

Geez... just thinking of all this makes me sad. I miss the 90's... the golden age of the NBA if you ask me...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Bawful - until WE stop rooting for them. Self centered jerk.

Yams - for #2 you are dead to me.

I was afraid of the big man argument - for two reasons. #1 - they're so rare (talented, worthwhile ones, at least) in the NBA anymore. Getting one is like finding a working DeLorean in your hometown that can actually go 88 MPH!!

#2 - It brings me back to the hopeless what if dream of the series of maneuvers that kept Mutombo from being drafted to Jazz and resulted in Osternutz joining up. Faugh.

Blogger chris said...
Anthony: if Bowen had made it in, would he be the first all star with at least one lacktion-related appearance in the same season? He is also a one-time season trillionaire champion (about a decade ago), according to the 2006 NBA media guide.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Well, I'm a David Lee fan... and that was a nice win for the Knicks and all, but to Amare's defense... if you're gonna be posterized, at least knock the poster-maker to the floor hard so he doesn't do it again without hesitation.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
even more on the Derrick Rose graphic, aren't the rookie leaders usually highlighted in red? So his 1687 PPG doesn't even lead the rookies. lol