Sadly, B-Diddy's life hasn't been all roller skating
and boom boxing since he arrived in L.A.

Well. That didn't take long. Tom Ziller reported on NBA Fanhouse that Baron Davis told Stephen Jackson that he wants to come back to the Golden State Warriors. Because, you know, his time in Oakland ended all sunshine and giggles.

According to Captan Jack: "That's all we talked about. I went to his house, spent some time with his mom and his grandmother. He wants to come back. And if he wants to come back, I want him back. I think that would be great for us. Coach loves him. Him and (guard) Monta (Ellis) have good chemistry. If they could work that out, that would be great for the organization."

Forget the fact that it's never, ever going to happen, and that Jackson is so nutty that he's as likely to have gotten that information from a sock puppet as the actual B-Diddy. However, this is -- if it is indeed true -- yet another example of a top-notch player wanting the frick out of Clipperland. Remember back in 1994 when Ron Harper was due to become an unrestriced free agent at the end of the season? He was fined and suspended for stating the obvious truth: "I'm just doing my jail time. In about 65 or 70 more days, my time is up and I'll be out on GB, good behavior."

And those comments were nothing compared to what Lamar Odom had to say at the end of his tenure with the other L.A. team. Here's a sampling:

"I feel like my relationship with the Clippers is over. I don't really feel like they committed to me. If they were, this wouldn't be going on like this. I just feel like this is my time and my place and my chance to get out of there.

"At the end of this year, I pretty much wanted out. I'm tired of not having a place to practice, a place to get better. I think it's just my time to get out of there. I've been trying to express myself as humble as possible, but I just want to get...out of there.

"I know they did the thing with Elton Brand, but that was the obvious. They had to do that. I don't want to go through this again with the perception of Lamar Odom and having to win [Dunleavy] over and try to show him that I'm a good dude.

"I don't see how far we could go. From my understanding, no one wants to hire a disgruntled employee or bring a disgruntled employee back. I would not be happy coming back. I think my career is going to take off with the Heat. I'm running in muddy waters with the Clippers.

"This is about me coming to play for a coach that I should have been playing with a long time ago, since my rookie season. He tried to make the moves to come get me then [in a trade], and now it's time for him to come get me out of the basketball hell."

Asked if he was worried the Clippers would match the Heat's offer simply out of spite, Odom said: "To sign somebody back out of spite is gutless and is sorry. I just want to get as far away from the Clippers as possible."
Of course, that situation was mitigated somewhat by the fact that Odom is as crazy as an athlete's foot sandwich. But he wasn't exactly wrong either. Being on the Clippers really IS basketball hell, one unusually successful season a few years ago notwithstanding. Many players have been a Clipper. But nobody -- and I mean nobody -- ever willingly chooses to remain a Clipper. Let me put it this way. There are exactly five teams in the NBA that don't have a single retired jersey number: The Charlotte Bobcats, the Los Angeles Clippers, the Memphis Grizzlies, the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Toronto Raptors. You'll notice that the other teams are relatively recent expansion teams. The oldest of them, Toronto, is 11 years younger than the Clips (since they've been in L.A. anyway). And considering how many extremely high draft picks they've had over the years, that's astounding. It may take a few years, but eventually everybody wants out of that nuthouse. Which is why it was so strange to read that Jason Williams retired as a Clipper. Of course, he never played a game for them.

Anyway, Davis made his bed. Now, for good or ill, he's gonna have to squirm in it.

Update! Basketbawful reader Drake also pointed out that, in 1985, Bill Walton agreed to buy out part of HIS OWN contract with the Clippers to facilitate a trade to the Celtics. (Can you imagine Antoine Walker doing something like that? Ha!) And Wild Yams said: "You forgot to add what the late, great Malik Sealy said after he finally got away from the Clippers in 1997: 'It's good to be back in the NBA.' The Clippers: They are who we thought they were." Yes they are.

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Blogger Drake said...
Don't forget Bill Walton's buying his own contract out from the Clippers to play with the Celtics. And I think it was a pretty hefty contract.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
how fitting ricky davis is rotting on the clippers and the heat have already exceeded last years win total

Blogger chris said...
It looks like Ricky Davis has learned from another Miami-based Ricky...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
whoops! ricky davis suspended for....POT


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Not only do the Clippers have no retired jerseys they don't have a single banner. Of anything. Lakers, Sparks, Kings, even the Avengers have banners. Looking around the Staples Center you could hardly tell the clippers played there.

Blogger chris said...
Jon: If the "Hallway Series" had happened in 06 (if the Lakers hadn't melted down against Phoenix), the "Clippers home games" would have been one of the most surreal playoff series of all time. It would have essentially been 7 home games for Kobe and company - but the funny thing that we all missed out would've been everyone trying to pretend that that wasn't the case, even with all those Lakers banners hanging up there (and the likely sea of purple and yellow in the stands)! Kinda like this whole "Giants Stadium"/"Meadowlands" business up in New Jersey.

Blogger Dr. Pym said...
Has it really been since the Larry Brown era that the Clippers have had more than one winning season in a row? Yowza.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
WTF is up with that picture? That is not the way a grown man conducts himself...Just embarrasing on his part

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Heat only Jordan number 23 isn't the same:

But still this retired jersey point is quite good.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Baron Davis Pic: Dub. Tee. Eff?!?

Is he doing his impression of what he thinks David Lee Roth imagines when he sings "California Girls"?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
We talked about this when I asked you guys for help, to tell me whose jersey should I buy on my way to a Clippers game. (I ended up buying nothing.)

They really are a disgrace as a team and as a organization.

I think the NBA should have 24 teams. Period. More superstars playing together, more sellout games, more rivalries, etc.

Anyway, BD was obviously pissed off when Brand took off to Philly, so it was a matter of time to him to bolt.

The problem is: I dont see him going anywhere. Orlando? Miami? It would be cool, but I dont think it will happen.

Maybe he should stick with his movies and stuff.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
Mr. Bawful, you forgot to add what the late, great Malik Sealy said after he finally got away from the Clippers in 1997: "It's good to be back in the NBA." The Clippers: they are who we thought they were :)

Blogger Ignarus said...
Let's not leave out that the Suns played terribly on defense and it WASN'T NASH'S FAULT!

just sayin'...