Okay, people. Here's something you can give me that will only cost a few extra clicks with your keyboard-callused fingers: Vote for Basketbawful in the 2008 Sports Blogger of the Year Tournament running over at Busted Coverage. But hurry. The first round ends Friday night at 11 p.m. EST.


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Anonymous stoney said...
must find more computers to vote on!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Bawful must win!

Anonymous kazam92 said...
its 50% 50%!!!!!!!

and I had no idea these things became competitions

Anonymous myarvydas said...
Only 10th seed? You should teach those suckers a lesson, Mr. Bawful!

Blogger Junior said...
Oh yeah, we have Mario Quadruples for Atlanta tonight

Acie Law, Randolph Morris, Solomon Jones and of course, the kings of the Marios, Mario "The Mario" West

Blogger Jarret said...
Seriously. 10th Seed? You're like Butler or Davidson. Or maybe a George Mason with more moxie.

Anonymous mydougie said...
Not trying to be a conspiracy theorist but look at the LA/Grizzlies game. Realistically the Lakers should have blown the Grizzlies out but they only won by 9. The Vegas spread was 11 or so might have been lower for certain places...he didn't get it off on time but they credit him the basket anyways. On top of that they only say they're going to review it but don't show any actual footage so fans can see for themselves.

I know its Kobe, but really why would he do that? Was he trying to get to the spread?

Why would they say theyre going to review it but then not show footage and then give them the point anyways?

Is this a Vegas influence in Stern's NBA?

Blogger Clifton said...
Suns sign Dee Brown, Dragic could be headed to the Dee League for a stint...


It scares me a little that Washington cut Brown in favor of... gulp... Mike James and Javaris Crittenton. But hey... he can't be any worse than the current backup PG. Really. He can't. Neither could I.

Maybe Brown will get to wear #11 again, and then his website address will make sense again. "I invite everyone to check out my official website if you got love for your boy." -- DB.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
It's nice to see the Association knew how to simmer some home cookin':


What about this nickname for Boris Diaw after the Wizards game : Diawful ? Kind of mascot for Bawful^^

Merry X-Mas


Anonymous Nick F. (Buck Nasty) said...
Glory to the unfairly low seeded Bawful. Surely your ballot will be stuffed. No one suspected fans AND a blog owner caring about a fake award!

I thought I would also mention that Robert Parish was on Mike and Mike this morning and said that his 86-87(?) Celtics would beat today's Celtics because they had a better bench.

I demand another post on the comically bad Celtics bench. I know they had the great Walton, who played for the love of the game, and Ainge at that point (?). But two guys a bench does not make.

"Of course we would have beaten these young guns of today. We were like statues, legends I say! Chiseled of marble by Michael Angelo himself was Larry Bird, and we, we were his squires. Living in loving servitude. Some nights I would dream of the day to come, wondering, sometimes aloud, to my wife, about if Bird would touch me during practice. Oh, the ecstasy I would feel! Of course my wife questioned my sexuality for a while after that, fortunately I knew that no man could resist the true basketball beauty, the greatness that was Bird. What a life.....I lived, for those years at the Celtics were the only time a Walton truly lived."

- Bill Walton

Blogger eljpeman said...
is it me or are Larry and Magic having some "trophy love"?

Anonymous PicWiz said...
Foreplay: http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/gallery;_ylt=ApMQoP2omToiNLklB7MjN4i8vLYF#photoViewer=urn%3Anewsml%3Asports.yahoo%2Cgetty%3A20050301%3Anba%2Cphoto%2C920633a679e176226894ee788cc72620-getty-82991980sc018_thunder_hawks%3A1

WTF???: http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/gallery;_ylt=ApMQoP2omToiNLklB7MjN4i8vLYF#photoViewer=urn%3Anewsml%3Asports.yahoo%2Cgetty%3A20050301%3Anba%2Cphoto%2Cf2d033cf880f974da866d94503c2b52d-getty-82991980sc017_thunder_hawks%3A1

Most Confusing Picture Ever: http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/gallery;_ylt=ApMQoP2omToiNLklB7MjN4i8vLYF#photoViewer=urn%3Anewsml%3Asports.yahoo%2Cgetty%3A20050301%3Anba%2Cphoto%2C0c9e1a8b6ea38d75ee6f7c993e9bbe7b-getty-82991980sc024_thunder_hawks%3A1

You're on the same team guys..: http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/gallery;_ylt=ApMQoP2omToiNLklB7MjN4i8vLYF#photoViewer=urn%3Anewsml%3Asports.yahoo%2Cgetty%3A20050301%3Anba%2Cphoto%2Ca80948fc38e267e7ed1d590de6501e67-getty-82991980sc020_thunder_hawks%3A1

UHHHHHH!!!!: http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/gallery;_ylt=ApMQoP2omToiNLklB7MjN4i8vLYF#photoViewer=urn%3Anewsml%3Asports.yahoo%2Cgetty%3A20050301%3Anba%2Cphoto%2C40144285871f8ff431bedee33560d56f-getty-82991980sc023_thunder_hawks%3A1

Discretion when trying to get away with a foul is useful Nene: http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/gallery;_ylt=ApMQoP2omToiNLklB7MjN4i8vLYF#photoViewer=urn%3Anewsml%3Asports.yahoo%2Cap%3A20050301%3Anba%2Cphoto%2C28e739ee59eb43369c54fcc9a09e749f.nuggets_trail_blazers_basketball_pda106%3A1

And Up We Go: http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/gallery;_ylt=ApMQoP2omToiNLklB7MjN4i8vLYF#photoViewer=urn%3Anewsml%3Asports.yahoo%2Cgetty%3A20050301%3Anba%2Cphoto%2Cc82e9fc6da7e2d92e818858cf3d56cab-getty-82991920gj019_grizzlies_mavericks%3A1

Blogger starang said...
Buiscuitbawful for MVP!

But I might have to put a vote in for the delightfully inspiring blog:


Blogger stephanie g said...
Steve Nash makes a playful joke about the Spurs:


More Nash, more!

Anonymous Derek said...

See post 11 onwards

Blogger lordhenry said...
A. 10th. Seed. Seriously? I'm insulted on your behalf. Lord Mamba would be insulted on your behalf too, but you hate him, and he has his own probs today.....Anyway, merry Christmas! (And yes, I did vote, I'd list a tally, but I don't want to stat curse you) And now I must wish you luck, Celtics fan. As a Laker fan I'm just hoping for a good game. (hopefully we don't see the human victory cigar in this game, cuz that would mean my team lost, brutally)

enjoy the game, Lord Bawful.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
Not to worry Mr. Bawful, you seem to be running away with it right now with a little more than 70% of the vote.

Blogger chris said...
Just found a list of epic Oliver Miller fat jokes:


Blogger Andrei said...
Merry Christmas Bawful, I give you my vote. Also, a Reggie Miller quote machine submission. Discussing the Kidd, Harris trade, the great quoter said "The trade has given Harris a new leash on life."

Blogger chris said...
Watching the late game...a very distracted ref just stood in the way of a possible Dallas fast break and took the worst of it. Ouch!

Anonymous kazam92 said...
hmm... A trillion for Vladimir Radmanovic

Anonymous hrem said...
'bout gasol

he's a douchebag

with his damn verbal flopping and all... damn.

he was good, but if it werent't for his damn verbal flopping


grow up and be a man.


Anonymous hh said...
ahh, damn, didn see that approval thingie, dont approve all of this, bawful.

you have common sense, you'll see the double, triple, quadruple post. mmkay.

you know the drill

sorryr 'bout the multiple postin man, quite drunk

Blogger chris said...
And, the final statistics on the voting:

Bawful thwacks World of Isaac 73% to 27%, with a 723-271 vote margin. Wow! Good work.

Blogger eljpeman said...
scalabrine alert! http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/photo;_ylt=As9iA0gaaLZUmzNwIA8vHhSQvLYF?slug=ea6a42c2c6a3478faebbfa1d0109a320.celtics_warriors_basketball_oas113&prov=ap

Blogger chris said...
Kevin Durant's sense of fashion must have disappeared in the move from Seattle to Klahma, as seen with these new clown shoes:


Anonymous Anonymous said...
wow, how about Greg Buckner against the Spurs? He played in almost 12 minutes of lacktion and score a suck differential of +2 with a 0-1 FG and a personal foul.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Joakim Noah and C. Simmons had a 5 and 4 trillion respectively against the Hawks. Solomon Jones and Mario West had a Mario in return with 50 and 38 seconds of playing time. Robert Swift had a 5 trillion against the Wizards. Kris Humpries had a 35 second Mario while teammate Jake Voskhul had an 18 second Mario with a personal foul for a +1 suck differential.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
"Verbal flopping"? Could be a word of the day. That is, if you can give some kind of indication for what that means.

Blogger lordhenry said...
I believe "verbal flop" already is a word of the day.....

Sorry about the celtics, bawful. THough, I think the celtics, like a resiliant movie franchise villain, will only come back stronger. The real test is to see how L.A. does in boston. If boston has the best record come playoff time, (which they likely will) then L.A. still needs a garden win, to get a trophy. Not that it matters, there is still over 1/2 a season of a$$holery to be played.....At least it was a great basketball game. (and I would still say that if boston had won)

Anonymous elHans said...
check out james singleton sweet defense on warrick

Anonymous your favourite sun said...

It wasn't without consequence Christmas game for Virtus Bologna. Earl Boykins (168-G-76, college: E.Michigan) was scoreless in 17' with only a field goal attempted. The pointguard, in the past days, asked to come back home for 4 days to have some Holydays, but the team denied his request. So, his bad performance, was seen like a kind of strike.

Boykins - started likewise to the Usa after the game - and Virtus Bologna will part away in the next days. When agents and team staff will find a deal.

Take your pick--awful because of
(a)Earl's lackluster performance,
(b)it may have been intentional retaliation for not being allowed to go home for Xmas, or
(c)the Babel Fish translation?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Antoine Wright of the Mavs played 10 minutes for a +5 suck differential with 0-3 FG, 0-2 from the 3pt line with two personal fouls and one shot attempt blocked. Steve Novak of the Clippers returned the favor with a trillion.

Anonymous Basketball Basic said...
The picture is very funny. I can't stop laughing.

Blogger chris said...
your favorite sun: is this basketball's version of "Operation Shutdown?" Granted, I think on that level, it has much less of an impact.

And man, if anyone witnessed the fail that was the Suckrament Kings on Sunday night...the commentators were pretty displeased with the lack of motivation as the home team proved to be a great rebound game for the slightly faltering world champs - a 45 point victory for Boston!

Blogger chris said...
Hey look, B-Dizzle already wants back in the Bay Area, after realizing the realities of life under Dunleavy and Sterling:



CAPTCHA: "wisero" - I guess Baron's now wiser to the despair that is the Lakers' co-tenant down the hallway.

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