That's right: We're talking about playoffs! Here's where I predict what's going to happen in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs with such infallible and unerring accuracy that you don't even need to watch.

Atlanta versus Boston: The Execution Series

Philadelphia versus Detroit: The Feel Good Killer Series

Toronto versus Orlando: The "Now Here's A Series" Series

Washington versus Cleveland: The "LeBron Gets Knocked Out In The First Round?!" Series

The Western Conference previews will be out later today.

Quick pimping: Many of you have commented on our nifty new banner, and if you read the playoff previews, you'll notice the totally sweet graphics. They were created by Basketbawful reader Stephen, who recently started a blog called Stephen's Designs. The dude rocks. Go check out his site. He does custom designs.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
so HE did that manlove between lebron and his teammate LOL
I was wondering where you got those banners

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Completely unrelated, but Greg Ostertag's NBA profile photo looks an awful lot like the guy who played the mummy in "The Mummy."

Anyway, I've been reading for a few months now and wanted to say great job! You've made it into my daily rotation, especially since you are a fellow Kobe-hater. The bastard.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
this has nothing to do with this topic but I'm feeling the banner you've got on the top of your page. You keep changing them so is there a link where your peeps can go to see your impressive collection? Also could you do that thing, whatever it's called, where you have the same pic side by side where one is just oulines of the people and numbers on them corresponding to a list with their names?

Blogger Stephen Robbins said...

I will put links to all the basketbawful banners on my site here shortly, and will work on putting together a key for each of them.


Blogger Tonewise said...
irrational enthusiasm you say?

Thats fine, we take that as a compliment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Love the new, new banner.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
You gonna do a piece on the vote today? If it goes through and everyone's least favorite tub of lard gets the OKC move, it will rank pretty high on the Awful scale. Up there with Kylie Korver's defending skills.

Oh, and the new banner is sick. *gives thumbs up*

Blogger Basketbawful said...
shrugz -- Yup. It was him.

cw -- Thanks for the kind words. Kobe Haters are always welcome here. So are Kobe lovers, though. I need targets. (I'm kidding.) (But not really.)

deej -- See Stephen's response. He sent me a key. I'm gonna try to post it later.

tonewise -- And I really did mean it as a compliment. I totally dig how much Toronto fans get into their team.

hoffman -- Thank you, sir. Or, thank Stephen...

rainbow bright -- Yeah, I'm kind of laying low and waiting to see what happens with the vote. I might have to cry a little and drink a few beers first...but yeah, I'll probably have a few not-so-nice things to say.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
the holy trinity of suck is gone?!?! how can a basketbawful banner not have hughes, marbury and "coach" isiah thomas?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
ahhh, i see. it's the playoff version. the holy trinity of suck knows nothing of these... playoffs of which you speak.

Blogger starang said...
Since when is Bakset Bawful two words?

Kobe's gay.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
28-2, with Mark Cuban and Paul Allen being the only ones with common sense. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to join my Northwest brethren and drown my sorrows in beer whilst watching Shawn Kemp highlights on Youtube. Just won't be the same without 'em.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
kyle -- Exactly, my friend. Only playoff participants in this banner.

starang -- I know...I know. They flubbed that.

And yes, he is. I've missed you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Who's that in the bottom left of the banner? All I can come up with is Bubz from The Wire.