Here's an early-morning dose of soul-soothing man love via Matt from Hardwood Paroxysm. Hopefully, it'll curb your Basketbawful craving until we publish the Powerless Rankings later today.

Two observations: 1. Timmy totally hearts Turkoglu. 2. I think that's Duncan's O-face -- rarer even than Bigfoot's power scepter -- captured on film for perhaps the first time. Also, is it just me or does it look like Hedo's left hand is doing something decidedly naughty? If so, that's definitely Tim's O-face. Why else would Mr. Stone Face finally crack a smile?


Anti-man love sentiment from The following commentary and image were provided by Basketbawful reader Sun Devil: "The man love feature seems to have upset the blogspot Gods. Check out my word verification.


Sorry, blogspot Gods. You can't stop our man love. Nothing can. It's here to stay.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
f u gayz

muhaha.. classic

Blogger slyguy183 said...
Worst of the night please!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
AHHAHA that's pretty funny
Timmy looks like he's enjoying himself too much staring into space

Anonymous Anonymous said...
^^^not the james kobe lover

fugayz tho... that is hilarious!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Gay jokes on a sports blog....that's something fresh and new.