Via Yahoo's Ball Don't Lie: A Lakers-centric music video so amazingly funny and well done that I actually stopped hating Kobe Bryant for, like, two seconds. And that has to be a personal record, unless you count the time a falling piano knocked me unconscious.

The video was created by by Erkki Corpuz, with lyrics by Mike McCalla and music performed by Dick Banks.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Wow! It's like Queen, Lakers' style! Or maybe it's the Lakers, queen style?

Wait a second...

Anyway, very cool - thanks for sharing!

Rock on.

Blogger Flud said...
As I look at the 34" Freddie Mercury statue on my desk (Which sings a medley of classics)... I feel good. And no, it's not one of them sit-on-me statues. Queen and Basketball. Two things that rock. nice one Mr. Bawful

Blogger Christian Angelo said...

Nice one man. :D

Blogger reuben said...
Awesome. Seriously, just awesome. Great find.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Nope, didn't work...not for one second while watching that thing did I not want to punch Kobe in the face.

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