Pau Gasol and tennis star Rafael Nadal would do anything for a TIME FORCE concept wristwatch. And I do mean anything. Would they whack each other in the face with their (tennis and basket) balls? Yes. Would they compete (and lose) in a tricycle race with a chihuahua? Double yes. Would they allow themselves to be terrorized by a rampaging sumo warrior? Oh, hell yes.

These commercials may be in Spanish or whatever, but they're still hilariously worth watching. If you absolutely need words to enjoy them, just imagine the dialogue from any episode of Three's Company. Anyway, Gasol's facial expressions are truly classic. He's like the Spanish Jim Carrey.

Note: Gasol is the 25th highest paid player in the NBA this season ($13,709,375) and Nadal is currently the number two tennis player in the world, but they apparently have summer jobs as bartenders at some Spanish beach. Who knew?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
All I know is at the end the lady says "Hey boys, what time is it?" Judging by her tone, it wasn't a question.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
These jems are ultra classic genius works.
But they've been up on YouTube for a while, what took you so long?

Blogger Flud said...
Go cry-ena corner of the internet somewhere. Ha ha ha ha!! only messin'. Couldn't resist. Happy holidays people.

haha if you understand spanish those videos are hilarious

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Did you see the part where Pau Gasol tries to knock a tennis ball off of Nadal's head using a basketball? Of course you did; that was the point of watching it.

But did you notice that they immediately turned around the camera so all you of Nadal is the back of his head? They paid off some long-haired schmo to take a basketball thrown to the face and fall through a coffee table. Of course, unless that actually WAS Nadal. That would just be hilarious and an example of Nadal taking one for the team.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Federer would never do that. That's why I think he's a pansy.