If there were two guys in the 80s you wouldn't have expected to find dunking on each other in a solitary game of one-on-one, it would have been Dennis Johnson and Danny Ainge. But Reebok begged to differ, to the point where they made an entire commercial that centered around such a dubious scenario. The "dunks" are filmed in that sad, look-away manner that suggests poor DJ probably had to jump off a folding chair just to reach the rim.

The best part of this particular commercial is the ending, where the two men smile and pull into an embrace that's gayer than a fanny pack full of rainbows. I guess Danny is just a better man than me, because I'm not sure I could hug a guy who just dunked all over me.

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Blogger B-Will said...
First, Danny Ainge doesn't get to score at all? WTF, was he known as a killer defender or something? At least they ended it with a layup and not a dunk. The music and styles of the 70's always make me think of gay stuff anyway so the hugs definitely don't help. Where do you find this stuff?

Playing Basketball in the day or night?

Blogger MCBias said...
The black and white Reeboks/LA Gears of the 80's are missed, though. I found a pair of 80's LA Gear's with the super high tops a few years ago in my attic, and wore them around...great shoes.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
It's blog posts like these that are the reason why this is my favorite blog. :)

Sorry for being away and all, but I HAVE been reading the posts...work has taken its toll on me, though...

Blogger Basketbawful said...
brad -- Danny was just showing his respect for DJ, who was himself one of the great defensive guards of the 80s (although moreso in the early 80s, but still).

mcbias -- The only bad thing about those shoes, they were freaking heavy. It was like wearing bricks on your feet.

josh -- Glad you're back. Those guys in the black ski masks? No, we didn't really send them out looking for you. That's crazy talk.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Wow. Those are even uglier than the Weapons.

At exactly 13.5 seconds, Ainge plays a little grab ass.

Classic Ainge (I couldn't find the video of when Horry threw his towel in Ainge's face while coach of the Suns):


How is that even a foul on Ainge? If you look real closely, you can see Al McCoy.

Magic has to be the second worst color ever, next to Walon of course.

Blogger Ben Q. Rock said...
I'm sad I missed this video; YouTube informs me that it's no longer available.

Anonymous KHayes666 said...
Did DJ ever dunk for real? I've seen about 100 old games from the 80's and I don't recall seeing him ever slam a ball home.