This video is so awesome that it might just take your virginity. And if you aren't a virgin, it will magically restore your virginity and take it again. Spectacularly missed dunks, hilarious faceplants, painful nutshots, tragic falls, and one mascot leaving the arena Dwyane Wade-style (i.e., in a wheelchair). I never knew the life of a mascot was so freakin' dangerous.

[From Unibrow.]

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Blogger Pete Fresh said...
Somebody needs to fire Bango the Buck, but I guess it's possible that his failures actually increase ticket sales.

Anonymous Alexandra said...
HAHA! I wonder whose idea it was to have those stupid blow up mascots? At one of the mavericks games I went to last season the guy in the blow up costume fell and they had to drag him off the court!

Blogger Brad said...
The Jazz bear is freaking crazy. I can't believe some of the stuff he does.

Looks like he has a rival with the bucks deer. The brazilians would think the mascot is hillarious just because being a buck in portuguese means that your wife is sleeping around behind your back.

Blogger LooseChange said...
brad: how confusing would it be if you were a brazilian who's wife was banging bango the buck behind your back? someone alert dr. seuss's people.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
heh i remember when my cousin, the raptor told me about that fall...he said it hurt to sit down for a week :P

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