Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones? Well, Tiger Woods lives in a diamond-encrusted mansion, so he can do whatever he wants. Watch Tiger take a dig at Chuck's Chris Dudley-esque golf swing.

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Blogger Pete Fresh said...
Is Tiger holding a Nintendo Wii controller? If so, why? And what is he doing on college humor? He sort of misses the 18-25 demographic by being a professional golf player. Sure, he's the hippest thing that has happened to golf since the polo shirt, but having him make fun of Charles Barkley just doesn't seem like something the good people who brought you Trike Accidents: Stupid Kids ( would deem funny. All this said, however, Charles Barkley cannot swing a golf club.

Anonymous Josh said...
But that's the exact reason why I'd golf with Charles more than anyone else, he'd be the most fun to golf with! Tiger is all business and whiny face when he blows a putt, Charles does it in great comedic form.

Anonymous Alexandra said...
It doesn't matter how old you are this is just plain hilarious!

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