Jason Kidd Triple Double (ja'-sun kid trip'-ul dub'-ul) noun. A triple double in which the player barely reaches double figures in points, rebounds, and assists.

Usage example: Lebron almost had a Jason Kidd Triple Double last night: 10 points, 10 rebounds, and 9 assists.

Word Trivia: Jason Kidd is the NBA's foremost master of the triple double. He's third on the all-time list (behind only Oscar Robertson and Magic Johnson) with 87. However, Kidd has never been a great scorer -- as evidenced by his lifetime averages of 15 PPG on 40 percent shooting -- so there are times he barely squeezes into double figures in points. Of his 87 triple doubles, 38 of them have featured a total of 15 points or less, 45 of 16 points or less, and 54 of 19 points or less. In fact, he's only scored more than 15 points in four of his last 20 triple doubles. A standard Jason Kidd Triple Double looks something like this: 10/11/11, 13/10/12, 12/10/11, 13/14/11, and so on.

Mind you, this term isn't meant to detract from Kidd's amazing versatility. Kidd averaged a career high 8.2 RPG this season (to go along with his 13 PPG and 9.2 APG) and actually led his team in rebounding...as a point guard. By the way, that 8.2 RPG average was good enough for 17th in the league, putting Kidd ahead of starting centers like Chris Kaman, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Erick Dampier, Mehmet Okur, and Eddy Curry. Amazingly, nobody really talks about this, probably because the Nets aren't a very good team. Did I mention Kidd got jobbed out of the 2002 MVP award? Well, he did.

[All triple double statistics were retrieved from Basketball-Reference.com.]

Jason Kidd TD
What fuels this triple double machine? Jersey.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Kidd totally got shafted in 2002. He took a 26 win team to 52 wins and the Finals. Not an MVP, wtf? Does anyone remember what New Jersey was like before Kidd?

As Sir Charles put it, if you don't like Jason Kidd, you don't like basketball.

Blogger Jesse said...
When Kidd got number 77 and tied Wilt for #3 against the Suns, Nash walked over and told him, "You've only got 75 more than me."

I always thought him leading the Nets in rebounds was odd. I don't watch them often, but you'd think the forwards would be a bit embarassed getting out boarded by their PG.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
And Kidd has been a great defender, as well.