I can safely say that the majority of NBA fans did not want the Phoenix Suns to lose in the Conference Semis. Especially the way they did. And I can safely say that I do not want to see the Spurs and the Pistons in a rematch of the 2005 Finals.

Even though that series went the full seven games, at times the '05 Finals were nearly unwatchable. For starters, the first four games were decided by an average of 21 points. In three of those games, the losing team shot 40% or worse.

The remaining three games were competitive, but in the low-scoring, two-dogs-chewing-on-each-other slugfest-style of the 1990's. Do you have fond memories of the 1994 Finals, where the Rockets or Knicks would win handily by barely scoring 90 points?

The high-scoring Phoenix, Denver and Golden State shootouts (insert Stephen Jackson joke) have spoiled us this postseason. This June, mentally prepare yourself for the basketball equivalent of a root canal.

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Anonymous Shady said...
maybe we will see utah and cleveland? *prays*

Anonymous Anonymous said...
What can I say, you're right. You just said what I can guarantee almost every NBA "fan" (and I use that term loosely) thinks. 2005 proved a new low in basketball - in my view, the two worst teams in the league slugging it out in the Finals. I would've rather watched something like Hawks and Celtics, Bobcats and Grizzlies, Britney and Hair, anything but the Spurs and Pistons. Sorry to all fans of the Spurs, but you have either got to either really love your city or you just like boring basketball in general. Tim Duncan, the franchise player, has the charisma equivalent to a struggling centipede. Tony Parker attempted to rap. Ginobili just looks like Raymond off Everybody Loves Raymond. The Pistons wouldn't exactly be labelled "exciting", either...but hey, its ok, the Conference Finals are coming up! Lets enjoy the rest of these 4-0 sweeps! Until the Finals where we can have Double OT 80-78 final scores!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
king of fighters lmao

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm sorry the Suns weren't good enough to win the series.

Anonymous jimcognito said...
Maybe if the Suns played a little defense they would have a chance. All O and no D is great for the regular season, but not a 7 game series against a team that does play defense.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm not a Suns fan or Spurs fan, I like both teams and don't love either, but the league screwed the Suns on this one straight up. Spurs fans or whoever else that are justifying this some other way are full of ish

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