Hopefully you've recovered from Cheap Shot Bob and Horrygate in time to watch the Bulls postseason come to a painful, screeching halt.

Over the last few days, I've heard more iterations of "Ben Gordon has finally figured out the Pistons zone", "The Bulls are one of the best home teams in the league", "The Bulls are back...I'm callin' a game seven" than I care to mention. That made tonight's game quite possibly the most heavily stat-cursed sporting event since Buster Douglas punched-out Mike Tyson, sending him on a downward spiral towards unprecedented insanity (much like my college graduation).

Although the Bulls stayed competitive, things went wrong immediately. Kirk Hinrich suddenly turned into Randy Brown. At one point Tyrus Thomas had more fouls than minutes. It took a career night from PJ Brown to keep it close; he was the only Bull in double figures well into the 3rd quarter. Even 'Sheed's imminent meltdown (which was awesome; he nearly swallowed his mouthpiece on an obvious traveling call) didn't get him booted! Murphy's Law in full effect.

The Bulls offseason should be an interesting one. Back in the Jerry Krause days I'd be worried Luol Deng would be dealt to Utah for Rafael Araujo and a conditional second rounder. But John Paxson is smarter than that. Unless he resigns Mike Sweetney, then I'll have to edit this post.

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Blogger Tiffany said...
you always have the best posts. i'm just waiting for an entry on the suns-spurs game 6 now.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Just thought I'd tell you that ESPN copied you. Page 2 of ESPN just released an article that explains different types of pick-up game streetballers. Basketbawful's version was much better, though.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
Dude, I saw that. I've never been ripped off by ESPN before...sweet!