Here's a hypothetical situation for you:

1. Your old man is the most famous basketball player of all time.

2. As a consequence, you're filthy freaking rich.

3. Oh, and you're high school age.

Now let me ask you this: Think you might go out and do a little partying? Yeah, I thought so. Apparently Michael Jordan's sons are just like you and me...and they have gone wild. MediaTakeOut has published photos of Marcus Jordan smoking, drinking beer, and passed out in a puddle of his own puke involuntary personal protein spill. There are also several photos of Jeffrey "dancing suggestively" with various hot babes and eyeing a bottle of Grey Goose vodka. Oh. My. God. I can hardly stand it.

Maybe their parents' divorce is hitting them harder than we thought, or maybe they're just normal kids doing normal, stupid kid things. I'll let you be the judge.

Jordan son dance
He's...dancing with a girl! Scandalous!!

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