Dagger (dag'-uhr) noun. A shot that puts the final score of a basketball game out of reach and therefore symbolically represents the losing team's defeat.

Usage example: Reggie Miller's specialty was planting Daggers in the hearts of his opponents, especially the New York Knicks.

Word Trivia: Basketball players love to plant a Dagger, usually in the form of a three-point shot. Unfortunately, certain players (::cough::
Antione Walker::cough::) take utterly outrageous shots during the final minutes of a game in the hope of landing a Dagger. In most cases, the shot doesn't have a prayer and the end result is almost as bad as a turnover. In fact, many of these poorly considered bombs turn into a fast break for the other team. Additionally, some players try to plant a Dagger when there are still several minutes left in the game. Consequently, they often suffer a defensive letdown after the faux Dagger and allow the other team to make a run.

Reggie plants another Dagger in the Knicks, right in front of Spike Lee.