I'm not gonna lie. I loved this All-Star game. After all the injuries and with such a disappointing dunk contest, I wasn't expected miracles, but miracles are exactly what I got. Chris Paul MVP? Check. The game ending with LeBron getting dramatically blocked twice? Check.

Chris Bosh shooting at least 3 airballs and getting nutmeged twice? You bet your ass that's a check. CP3 and Tony Parker had no problem providing that particular item from my make a wish list.

The beautiful thing about the nutmegs, besides the fact they happened and gave me an excuse for saying nutmeg, was how fully the broadcast focused on them. The audience was treated to numerous replays of the ball being thrown through the Boshtridge's thin arching legs, bolstered by shots of players laughing on the bench.

After that, Marv and crew debated the proper term for this maneuver before a producer informed them it was 'nutmeg' (nutmeg), then we were treated to a sideline interview about it with CP3. When asked why he did Bosh like that, CP3 responded that he and Tony Parker had been discussing the idea on the bench.

It was also a night where a lot of people got to shine. First time All-Stars Joakim Noah, Paul George, James Harden, Tyson Chandler and Jrue Hill all got moments to show their stuff (but not in a way that would get them arrested), while Kyrie Irving spent the whole weekend transitioning into super-stardom.

How good was the game? I didn't even mind that Reggie Miller was announcing. That's right, I said it.

* Bonus Notes: Another victory for Team Chuck in the Rookie-Sophomore game neatly complements Kenneth Faried being an absolute monster. Terrible dunk contest, just terrible. But still better than last year.

What the hell was Gerald Green thinking with that 2nd dunk? This could've been his night. Faried with the dunk of the night.

I also enjoyed Ross as Carter and Green's first one.


Blogger Wormboy said...

I love how the NBA play-acting doesn't go away even in the All-star game. On the first Bron block, he grimaces like he's fouled. On the second, Kobe does the empty hands bit to show the ref he didn't knock it out of bounds. Playing the refs is bone deep in these dudes.

Gotta say though, neither of them could do much with it. Too bad. And even LeBron smiled for a semi-second.

PS Notice how people don't harsh on LeBron so much anymore? Internet usage of "LeDouche" has declined precipitously.

Blogger Wormboy said...
Soccer nutmeg compilation (awesome ending):

Anonymous MM said...
To Kobe's credit, the ball went off LeBron's left hand so it was supposed to be West's ball.

Did anyone notice LeBron gave up at the end of the game? Everyone else on the East was still trying to force a steal while LeDouche stands around.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
missing the null-star game... been waiting for it

Blogger Glenn said...
I have noticed this alarming decline in the internet usage of LeDouche.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Nice to see that Sisquo was able to put aside his differences with the other members of Jrue Hill to perform successfully at the All-Star game.