Sorry on Bawful's behalf for the lack of a WOTW post, and sorry on my behalf for getting this BAD post up halfway through the early games. Long weekends always make things weird, you know? I still feel like I should be busting my butt at my Clark Kent job right now. Instead I'm nearly in a food coma from eating too many chicken wings at lunch.

Worst of the Weekend in Pictures:

Avery Johnson would like you to know that his team blows

So, uh... this happened. Go away, Tebow.
/bitter Steelers fan


When did Paul Silas turn into a zombie?

Okay then.

I cannot find the words to describe the expression Keith Smart is making here...

Hand in the face, in its most literal form

Wait a minute, that sign is silent. Shouldn't it just say "TEXT"?

Nationally Televised Games:

Bulls at Grizzlies, ESPN, 1:00pm: Just a reminder... when these teams met on New Year's Day, the Bulls won by 40 points. Revenge game possibilities here?

Craptors at Hawks, NBA TV, 4:00pm: Yeah... There's a reason this game is on NBA TV instead of ESPN or TNT.

Thunder at Celtics, TNT, 8:00pm: Kendrick Perkins makes his return to Boston! I bet he's starting to feel like it might not be such a bad thing to have gotten away from that aging trainwreck of a team, eh?

Mavericks at Lakers, TNT, 10:30pm: Saturday night, Dallas annhiliated Excremento 99-60, setting a franchise record for fewest points allowed. They held the Purple Paupers to 25.6% shooting. Then again, Excremento doesn't have Kobe Bryant, Andrew Bynum, or Pau Gasol. But then again, the Lakers have Bynum and Gasol but they haven't had to do much lately since Kobe's gone into full ball-hog mode.

All The Other Games:

Magic at Knicks, 1:00pm: The game preview I read at for this mentioned "The Magic (8-3) come to New York as a well-rested team," but they sadly didn't tack on the joke "because everyone just got to stand around while Dwight shot free throws last time they played." This is why we're here, folks. You're welcome.

Bucks at 76ers, 2:00pm: Here's an exchange I had on Facebook yesterday with Basketbawful reader Timmothy Merath:

Tim: Bucks? Not familiar with them... Do they play that game with the orange ball?
Me: The Bucks are present at games where they use the orange ball, but I don't believe they actually play in said games.

Rockets at Wizards Generals, 2:00pm: Wow. Accuscore doesn't think very highly of the Rockets. They project the Generals have a 44% chance of winning this game. I'd like to remind everyone the Rockets are 5-7, while the Generals are 1-11. Just in case you somehow forgot. And if you did forget, how did you manage to log onto the Internet, much less find your way here?

Cavaliers at Bobcraps, 2:00pm: You know, Kyrie Irving might just be kinda sorta good at basketball. Unlike anybody on the Bobcraps.

Trail Blazers at Hornets, 3:00pm: Both of these teams are on three game losing streaks. Accordingly, I will give you three guesses as to which team's losing streak is more of an anomaly. (Wait, three guesses? There's only two teams. I think I need to go back to bed.)

Nyets at Clippers, 3:30pm: The Clips are entering a back-to-back-to-back situation. Not the best of times for Chris Paul to hurt his leg. Then again, they're playing the Nyets at home. Maybe it's not so bad after all?

Kings at Timberwolves, 8:00pm: Ricky Rubio might have a 15 assist game tonight. Just saying.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Looks like Silas is trying to shoot Force lightning (whether at his Bobcraps or the other team, it doesn't really matter).

Anonymous Silvio said...
Hornets 0-9 for 3 points. After 13 games (3-10), they're at 26.5% for 3 points, 44-166, 10 more misses and they'll be at nice round 25%.

There was one sole not bawful thing about Hornets tonight ... but it didn't last for long. With around 3 minutes to go, Jarrett Jack took hard fall. I winced, team cancer seemed to be hurt ... but after few moments, he got up, shook off the dust and, unfortunately, continued to play.

Anonymous Stockton said...
Brandon Jennings plays like a deer blinded by headlights!
How the hell can a team put control of the game in his hands and expect to win?

Anonymous Ebb said...
Has anyone else besides me noticed how much Perkins has improved with his FTs this season? Dude is coming into this game with 78% of FTs made at the line. This guy was averaging around 58% before the season and it's not like he's taking less FTs than before. Losing weight must help with FTs!

Also he's smiling in his espn profile page. WTF. This is a changed man.

Blogger Dan B. said...
Ebb -- Are we sure he really is Kendrick Perkins and it's not like a pod person or something?

Anonymous Team_BC said...
So I saw the "Top Performers" on the espn recap for the Min-Sac game and instantly thought that someone must have a 'Reke-crush, but then I looked at the box score and realized that yes, 9pts for a gunner was probably the best Sac line. (To be fair, almost a Jason Kidd triple double).

Top Performers
Sacramento: T. Evans 9 Pts, 8 Reb, 10 Ast, 1 Stl
Minnesota: K. Love 33 Pts, 11 Reb, 3 Ast, 2 Stl

Blogger Bing said...
An ovation for Odom in LA today. And people say that crowd is unclassy.

Blogger Mean1 said...
Thank god Fisher hit that shot and Vince missed the game-tying 3. I knew I was in for some bawful when I not only saw that Delonte West was in the starting lineup but the graphic that TNT put up for the started had West, Kidd, Kobe, and Fisher as the starting forwards and Dirk, Marion, Barnes, and Gasol as the starting guards. It's a shame that they both couldn't lose this game.

Blogger Jason D said...
As a Laker fan, I was shocked to see Kobe pass that ball considering the shooting frenzy he's been in lately. I'd bet we see that again in around 2 seasons.

Anonymous Stockton said...
Vince missing a crunch 3 and leaving the court limping.. cliche anyone?

In case people haven't noticed, Ivan the Terrible is now getting 20+ minutes a night for the Horford-less Hawks.

Ivan Johnson, the 27 year old rookie who played for 4 different college teams and has been banned from the Korean league for life, is playing more on a per night basis than Joakim Noah. I think that says all that needs to be said about both the Atlanta Hawks and Joakim Noah.

Blogger kazam92 said...
Ivan the turrible continues to haunt me even though Miami managed to win the triple OT game. He still looks like a warlord.

Anonymous Ebb said...
@ Dan

That or he sold his soul to the FT gods during the NBA lockout. Either way, I improve of this new and improved Perk!