The Onion SportsDome is a brilliant show that will confuse people, because it's blatant absurdity that refuses to use a laugh track. It's like John Cleese took over ESPN. We're Americans, people. We need to be told when to laugh.

Here, Sportsdome again flirts with brilliance, with an unprovoked ribbing of Kwame Brown. Has he been in the league nine seasons already? I feel ill.

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Blogger Fishy said...
That video just made my day... and almost killed me! I have been coughing my life up all week and ended up having an hysterical laughing/coughing fit all at once...

In other words, thanks for posting!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
gj lakers. way to box out on the last few possessions.

Blogger Brandon said...
Arrested Development, The Office and 30 Rock have tuned me to where I HATE laugh tracks and live studio audiences. They actively grate on me.

Good move, The Onion. Consistently the smartest writers out there.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

DomeFacts: The Truly Disgusting Career Of Kwame Brown

- Would have done the same thing LeBron did.
- Plants wither and die when he touches them.

Blogger Dan B. said...
Brandon -- Box set of Arrested Development sitting on my desk waiting to finally be watched since I didn't see the show when it was on TV, and I haven't had time to get to it yet. But beyond that, yeah, I'm not a fan of the laugh track anymore. Curb Your Enthusiasm would be impossible to watch with a laugh track, but since it doesn't have one, it can properly use awkward pauses alternated with rapid-fire pace to develop perfect comedic sense. Same goes for cartoons like Home Movies and Dr. Katz that had lots of improvised dialogue.

Blogger Ragib said...
Dangerous Observation:

The Wizards are currently at a league worst 0-25 on the road, almost historic (they need to reach 29 to tie the record). They are 4 games at home, and then guess who their next road opponent is? The Cavs.

If the Cavs lose their next 5 games (certainly feasible), they'll face off the Wizards at home. Two epic streaks will be on the line. Wizards will be at 0-25 on the road, trying to reach 26, while the Cavs will be at 27 consecutive losses, attempting to make it 28.

It will be bawfulness of epic proportions. It makes me sad that one of those streaks has to end so soon...I really hope the Cavs can get to 30, I know they can do it.

Blogger chris said...
It's sad that I genuinely was happy that the Kings weren't saddled with Kwame in this clip, even though I knew it was all satire.

Yeah, it's gotten that low.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

in ur face kwame brown!

Anonymous broken_teacup said...
Seriously, this is one of the funniest videos I've ever seen. Those two anchor guys are straight up killing me with their amazingly absurd and hilarious lines every time I watch this!

By the way I been following this thing for a while, and it's completely awesome(one of the few RSS feeds I subscribe to and actually regularly check), and should never ever end as long as such bawfulness exists. Props!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
The guy who plays Doug Keller in this is my Uncle, believe it or not! LOL! XD

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