The WWE visited Dallas, and the humble and reclusive Mark Cuban was the guest host on "Monday Night Raw". Cuban was warmly greeted by fans, but not so much by the wrestlers. One wrestler quipped, "You are just like your basketball team. You are all talk. Don't you guys want to do something memorable in this arena, besides lose in the playoffs?" Truer words were never spoken.

After some not-so-light-hearted banter, Cuban would later referee a match. A longtime critic of sports officiating, Cuban the Ref is both biased and incapable of making a three-second call, which are some of the exact gripes he's had with NBA refs over the years.

Cuban would later receive payback from a juiced-up Rick Astley-lookalike named Sheamus. But not for pulling a Tim Donaghy in the earlier match. He just felt Cuban was full of himself, and he kind of hated him. No argument there.

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Anonymous horacethegrey said...
Should we expect a money in the bank match between Cuban and David Stern over who gets to run the NBA next time around? Or maybe Magic and Isiah could settle their man-love differences in a hardcore match?

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
HQ video of the whole end or watch Part 9/10

Blogger chris said...
horacethegrey: How about Bill Simmons vs. Zeke...oh wait, THEY'RE BEST BUDS NOW ACCORDING TO THE BOOK, RIGHT!??!?! :P

Blogger jim said...
god, what i would pay to see robert sarver get bodyslammed like that...

Blogger The Dude Abides said...
Reply to Geert from a previous thread, who wrote:
Geert (Netherlands) said...
I think this deserves a mention:

"The eight-episode half-hour series will show the wives and girlfriends of players Shaquille O'Neal, Eric Williams, Antoine Walker, Jermaine O'Neal and Udonis Haslem."

Antoine Walker? Really? Maybe we see him shimmy'ing his girl.

12/08/2009 12:25 PM

Geert, I'll only watch that show if Gilbert Arenas' fiancee is on it.

Anonymous Geert (Netherlands) said...
@ The Dude Abides: yes, that would make for some serious drama. Not to mention the possible bitchfights. What were the stats on women vs. women violence again?

Maybe Dirks criminal pregnant (or was she?) ex could make an appearance also.

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