...the Livin' Large epilogue post should have been published already. I'm sorry. Really. However, I'm trying to dig up additional information for a "Where Are They Now" type of thing. This includes getting actual writeups from characters in the story. That, more than anything else, it what's causing the delay. Hopefully, it'll be worth it when I publish next week.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
thanks basket, really looking forward to it! regards from England!

Blogger Unknown said...
Please, take your time. Make it awesome.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Are we gonna get a writeup from Mat?

Blogger chris said...
Matholomew, seriously...that is so many shades of awesome that...delay it as long as you need to.

(then give us all a sneak preview of the movie version!)

CAPTCHA: "woristle", as in "Tim Donaghy blows a 'woristle' whenever the spread gets too large."

Blogger Unknown said...
Oh hell yea. Take your time getting all that info together for us! I look forward to reading it.

Anonymous Dewoof01 said...

Evidentaly someone couldn't figure it out:


Anonymous Leo said...
If you ask me, Jordan's induction speech was pretty basketbawful. I mean it was funny and entertaining but it came across quite crass and tasteless. He pretty much threw everybody under the bus (except maybe the family he grew up with and Pippen). You could sorta tell everybody else felt the same way. I think he even cussed on live television (and got away with it) when he was mentioning how when he chose Thompson to introduce him it probably "shocked the shit out of him".

But because he is Jordan, he can get away with it. Just like he gets away with things that Kobe does these days. I'm not saying that in defense of Kobe, but it's probably true. If it was Jordan that was skipping handshakes and avoiding players and the press like LeBron, you KNOW AS HELL he would have gotten away with that too. The press would have probably described it as something awesome, like "beware of Jordan's wrath next year!!!!11111!!"

And who the hell was that bitch sitting next to Jordan? It's almost as if people totally forgot he got a messy divorce and has a gambling addiction. On top of that he's a shitty basketball executive. That's cause Jordan is Jordan.

Don't get me wrong, I still think he's the greatest of all time, but I hate how he gets a free pass for stuff like this.

Anonymous RT said...
The Admiral's speech was what you would've gotten if you remember Jordan's speech, and picture the EXACT opposite of it.

Blogger Michapalooza said...
Leo, you suffer from the intellectual form of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Bawful, props on the research, take as long as you like bud.

Blogger Fi said...
Since you're apologising, I may as well do so too... in advance for unsubscribing from your feed after I've read the final installment. I've LOVED reading it - your writing is fantastic, and for an English girl it's been an, er, entertaining insight into what a nightmare shared university accomodation must be. Sadly, however, I know sweet FA about basketball, and, let's be honest, don't give a F about it A anyway, so it is with deep regret but equally deep thanks that I shall be leaving. Happy writing and I hope the blog, and the ballin', goes from strength to strength. Thanks for all the giggles. xx

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I hope Ten Dam finds you and gives you the beat down you deserve! Fag!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Take your time Matt, we can and we can't wait all at once.

Blogger CassavaLeaf.com said...
How nice of Leo to call Michael Jordan's fiance a bitch.
Also Leo, let me know when you get divorced and let us know if it was messy or not. Every divorce I've seen is messy.

Anonymous kazam92 said...
Ok the NFL season has started and Footbawful is still inactive. I hate to be "that guy" but I felt it was worth noting

Blogger Cortez said...
"It's almost as if people totally forgot he got a messy divorce and has a gambling addiction."

So fucking what? They werem't inducting him into the Happy Husband Hall of Fame.

I assure you, Juanita Jordan is as happy as a monkey on a banana farm.

"And who the hell was that bitch sitting next to Jordan?"

Most assuredly some chick who was on deck to give MJ an outstanding blowski later on that night. Good for her.

...and him!

Blogger Sean said...
I also just wanted to say what an absolutely amazing read this story has been. I do read your nightly NBA lowlights, I love the pickup stories and the constantly growing word-of-the-day dictionary. But bawful, this saga is far and away the best and funniest thing I've ever seen on this site. Happy to have been following along, sad to see it go, I guess.

Please take all the time you need to give this epic tale the fitting send-off it deserves. And I'd wait until hell freezes over to be able to read Mat's take on this story, but sadly I have a feeling it's just not in the cards. Ah well, ya can't have everything. But thanks again -- you really do have a gift for storytelling... you always left me satisfied and smiling.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mat can write?

Anonymous Boudicca's daughter said...
The Livin' Large saga has taught us all the value of "deferred gratification" in more ways than one:-). Thanks loads Matt, looking forward to the epilogue.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Dewoof01: That's amazing. You know you've made it on the Internet when people resort to Yahoo Freaking Answers to solve your story. link for the lazy.

Word verification: cosine. Fuck yea math.

Cortez: wait there's a Happy Husband Hall of Fame? that one is pretty empty isn't it?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
kazam - I think I remember bawful mentioning that he would not be updating footbawful. After all, he's already really busy as it is, and cranking out posts about how Jay Cutler threw 58 interceptions (note: may be an overestimate by 54) and the Rams getting dehorned is pretty time consuming.

AnacondaHL - WV: const. C++ baby!
const char *PlayOfClippers()
{ return "Not good";}

Anonymous kazam92 said...
Fair enough but its kinda odd to see the site just....sitting there.

and as hard as it is to believe NBA preseason starts n a mere few weeks.

Blogger chuck_wagon said...
I can't wait for the epilogue of "Livin' Large" it's been great start to finish.

Also came across this tonight and thought it may interest you.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...
We are waiting. Frustration leaves bitter aftertaste. Call me daddy, and I'll make you sweat like piggy. I love you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
How much longer are we going to have to wait? It's been TEN days since you apologized for the delay!