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This just in: RJ White, Editor of The City Desk, pointed out in an email that the Philadelphia 76ers have convinced Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell to sign a proclamation renaming Philly's Schuylkill Expressway in the team's honor.

According to the proclamation: "The Philadelphia 76ers need the rallying support of everyone in the Greater Philadelphia Region as the team faces the Detroit Pistons in the final round of the Eastern Conference. To raise awareness of the Philadelphia 76ers quest to 'Run With Us' in the postseason, I, Edward G. Rendell, Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, do hearby proclaim I-76 (a.k.a. the Schuykill Express) as 'I-76ers' for the time the Philadelphia 76ers are competing in the National Baskeball Association post season."

So, okay, it's only for a few games. But still. Also, Governor Rendell obviously doesn't know much about the NBA. I mean, "as the team faces the Detroit Pistons in the final round of the Eastern Conference." Not only is that wrong, it doesn't make much sense. Oh well. Just goes to prove that politics and playoffs don't mix.

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" Edward G. Rendell went on to say, 'With Allen Iverson on our team, how can we lose?? .....Wait what?' "

Anonymous Farfa said...
Congrats bawful! You just won a handful of awards over at HP.

I, for one, I am happy to be (slightly) part of the community that tilt-a-whirls around this blog... which (apart from TrueHoop) is as good as any read about NBA. Thanks for being harsh, unpolite, kinda homophobic (but in the "man love" funny way, you know, I'm liberal!), unpolitically correct and overall awful.

Congrats from Italy, and thousands of these WOTN.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Also, if you are getting all symbolic, isn't an expressway kind of something you don't want your team to be? I mean, we are the expressway for the pistons to get to the finals, not to cool.

Anonymous Riley said...
Well, as far as Philly's concerned, this is the final round of the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Anonymous Rob S. said...
Don't know if you've seen this yet...


I guess it could be a Best/Worst of the night, depending on how you feel about the Mavs and/or lawsuits.

Rob, BigDiction.net

Anonymous Anonymous said...
It doesn't say final round... it says first round