The Lakers apparently have a rookie named Von Wafer on their roster. At first I thought "Von Wafer" was some kind of German pastry, but Phil Jackson seems to think it's a a wild horse.

Whether food or animal, Jackson chose not to start the kid in place of the suspended Kobe Bryant in last night's 98-94 loss to the Utah Jazz. To reach that difficult conclusion, Jackson said he had to decide "Whether we want to be down by 20 right away with him in there, or up by 20 accidentally because the Lord strikes him with lightning or something."

Thanks for the confidence, coach. And this coming from a guy who can be hired as a motivational speaker. Of course, this is also the same forward-thinking Zen Master who wrote a book trashing his star player, returned to a team he said he'd never return to, and, before the season began, said the NBA was full of stupid thugs in prison garb.

Phil headdress