Thanksgiving is a time to, well, give thanks for all the wonderful things you and your family have to eat. It's the true spirit of the holiday, and that's exactly what Abraham Lincoln died fighting the Nazis for. But for some families, Thanksgiving isn't a happy time. Case in point: The sad, sad story of Latrell Fontaine Sprewell.

Would you be thankful if your family was starving?

In happier, more innocent times, Sprewell was merely known as the zany, fun-loving guy who nearly choked his coach to death. But although Spree bravely and dramatically fought past this repression to sign a 100 million dollar contract, he later turned down an extension that would have paid him 10 million a year over three years. The reason - and you'd better grab a big pile of Keenex before reading any further - was simple, yet stupid: "I've got a family to feed," said Spree. And if that didn't move you to tears, then thank you for reading this blog, Bruce Willis.

Faster than you could say "Fuck you," Sprewell was out of the league and unemployed. Amazingly, no one wanted the combination of Latrell's 12 PPG, 41 percent shooting, mad people skills, and 14 million dollar price tag. But don't cry for Spree. The real victims here are his family. His hungry, starving family.

Turkey dinner 2
The Sprewells are going hungry, you selfish bastards.

This Thanksgiving, say a special prayer for the Sprewells.