The Detroit Pistons bid for the best start in NBA history was derailed seven games early, thanks to the 37-point drubbing put on them by the Dallas Mavericks.

I understand why sports writers need to get all excited about things like an 8-0 start, considering the fact that there are fewer than 10 NBA fans left in the country (or about two or three more fans than the NHL has). But seriously, I told you guys last week that you were wrong, that there was no way the Pistons would win their first 15 or 16 games. And thankfully, they proved me right in the most extreme way possible: by getting absolutely obliterated. Thank you Pistons. You can truly be basketbawful.

Dirk Diggler
"Gershen flurken gepoopensiet!"
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Your just made becausethe Mavericks suck and the pistons rock they are going all the way to the Finals this year. PISTONS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!