It looks like we'll get to enjoy another season-long ego-ectomy for Kobe Bryant.

Kobe egoectomy

Phil Jackson was supposed to change all this. Under the Zen Master's tutelage, Kobe was going to cast aside his selfish ways, rededicate himself to the team game, and finally learn how to make his teammates better.


The Lakers are 4-5 and looking up out of the basement of their own division at the Clippers. The Clippers!! Meanwhile, Kobe has been so focused on getting his teammates the ball that he's averaging 31.9 PPG on 28.7 shot attempts, while shooting a frigid 44 percent from the field (including 12.5 percent from beyond the arc). Oh, and his assists are down by two a game from last year.

Lakers basketball
There's only one set of prints on this ball.