This blog is going to be devoted to the absolute worst of professional basketball. We'd call it NBAwful, but the NBA won't even let you talk about a game without their express written consent, and so I doubt they'd let us use that title. I'd hate for David Stern to try and lock us in the same cage he's keeping Ron Artest in.

Yes, we'll cover about everything, from Uwe Blab to the 1991 Denver Nuggets, as well as the many ridiculous things our "favorite" players have said (Kobe: "I told Karl [Malone] I was going to f*** him up!") and done (Charles Barkley spitting on a 12-year old girl).

- The Basketbawful Staff
Anonymous runtmc91 said...
5 and a half years later...FIRST!!!

Anonymous MJinOZ said...

and this is how a legend starts; mentioning Ron Artest =)