Miami Heat point guard Jason Williams was one of the first NBA players legally declared "retarded" by the world's leading Zoologists. But while it's obvious that he's an idiot, what has been less clear is why. Basketbawful research assistants have been working around the clock on this one, and we are proud to present our findings.

J-Will was kicked out of Florida University. Not too surprising, I know. But what is mildly shocking (although, at this point, it probably shouldn't be) is how he feels about his time at the U. A reporter recently asked him to reflect on his time as a Gator. This is what he had to say:

I cherished getting kicked out of school. It was a great thing. I became a millionaire.
This is why it's dangerous to give stupid people lots of money.

J Will - Idiot
Kids, this is what happens when you get kicked out of college.